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Chapter 864: Messed With Once Again

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

As Kang Xiaobo was about to open his mouth to reject the offer, Lin Yi spoke up first.

“Three hundred thousand yuan, Xiaobo take the money. It is a gift from your cousin. There is no reason for you to reject his kind offer!” Lin Yi said as he got up to take the suitcase.

Kang Zhaoming was very happy. He was thinking that this Lin Yi wasn’t so unlikeable after all. At the moment of need, he came through to aid his cause. Lin Yi was definitely a greedy person, but that quality would make him predictable and easy to manipulate. Kang Zhaoming was also a greedy person. With Lin Yi as Kang Xiaobo’s boss, it made things a lot easier to negotiate!

“Yeah! It is as brother Lin has said. With this much money, there is no reason to reject it!” Kang Zhaoming smiled evilly. There was a second part to Kang Zhaoming’s sentence that he didn’t mention at all, it was that if you take the money of others then you have to help them solve their problems.

Kang Xiaobo was shocked by Lin Yi’s actions. Why would Lin Yi allow him to take the money? Wouldn’t that mean handing over the formula over to Kang Zhaoming? Kang Xiaobo was hesitating with his actions. He wanted to speak up and ask, but was even more afraid of s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g up Lin Yi’s plans.

“Xiaobo, it is just some formula? As Vice CEO, you should’ve had the chance to read memos on corporate secrets. Then you can just hand the formula over to your cousin, wouldn’t that work?” Lin Yi glanced at Kang Xiaobo. Then he continued to speak “As for the procurement of the raw material, I think that would be hard, but you should try anyway!”

“Yes, that is exactly it. Get me the formula first!” Kang Zhaoming insisted. As long as he had some sort of leverage, he could use it as evidence to report Kang Xiaobo for bribery charges. Once it got to that point, he could demand whatever information he wanted.

“Ah, formula? That wouldn’t be a problem!” Lin Yi promised with a fist to his chest. “Right, Kang Xiaobo?”

“That… wouldn’t be impossible…” Kang Xiaobo agreed, once he saw that Lin Yi had promised. What use would it be for him to reject? Even if he didn’t know Lin Yi’s intentions, he went along with the plan.

Kang Zhaoming didn’t think that his agenda would be reached so easily. After all the effort he had spent, he was so happy that he can just ask of it from Kang Xiaobo. After the dinner was over, they agreed to meet on a later date to meet when Kang Xiaobo had the formula in hand.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Kang Zhaoming and his henchmen left first. As for Kang Xiaobo, he was carrying a suitcase of money. Kang Xiaobo asked “Boss, what is the meaning of this? They want the formula, do we just give them the formula?”

“Oh, of course, we give it to them. Otherwise, they wasted three hundred thousand yuan for it,” Lin Yi smiled. “You don’t need to steal anything, I’ll just write it for you,”

The moment Lin Yi finished speaking, he went back into the restaurant to get a menu as a notepad to write on. On the empty white s.p.a.ces of the menu, he wrote Kang Xiaobo the formula. Then he said “Here you go, just phone Kang Zhaoming whenever you want”

“Oh? Is this the real formula?” Kang Xiaobo thought that it was unfathomable to have authentic Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine formula. To his knowledge, the formula was different from the one that Miracle Doctor Kang owned. Miracle Doctor Guan’s formula was cheaper to make and had better healing effects than Miracle Doctor Kang’s formula. How could Lin Yi just hand the formula over to Kang Zhaoming? Isn’t that the exact same thing as giving up the benefits to others?

“This is the real formula,” Lin Yi nodded while still smiling. “However, this formula is the House Kang’s Golden Creation formula. Weren’t they just suspecting of you knowing their formula? It is the perfect time to use this formula to mess with them.”

“Miracle Doctor Kang’s Golden Creation formula? Boss, how do you have it?” Kang Xiaobo had to repeat himself to make sure that he didn’t mishear it.

“I’ve seen Miracle Doctor Kang’s Golden Creation. It’s outdated because it uses a lot of rare and expensive raw materials to make. The expenses outweigh the cost of selling it, so I’ve improved the formula. My new formula is a lot cheaper and more effective,” Lin Yi shrugged. “I’m not giving them my new and improved formula, I’m just giving them back the formula that they already have, but they bought it for three hundred thousand. Isn’t that worth it?”

“It is very worth it!” Kang Xiaobo finally understood Lin Yi’s game plan. “Boss, you are so awesome! You easily gained three hundred thousand yuan from Kang Zhaoming! Very cool!”

Kang Xiaobo hated his cousin, Kang Zhaoming, and it was not a feeling that was formed overnight. If Lin Yi wasn’t there today, he wouldn’t even have sat at the same table with Kang Zhaoming! Kang Xiaobo knew that Lin Yi had a plan in mind, so he chose to follow along.

“I didn’t plan on tricking him, I just wanted to follow along to see what tricks he had up his sleeves,” Lin Yi bitterly smiled. “But, he couldn’t resist giving away three hundred thousand yuan, so there was no reason for me to reject his kindness”

“That is right! You just scared me. For a minute there, I thought that you really wanted to sell your formula away for three hundred thousand yuan. My heart nearly exploded!” Kang Xiaobo sighed in relief. “Boss, this money belongs to you. I have to go to shantytown to pick up Xiaofen to take her back to the company,”

These few weeks, Kang Xiaobo had been going back to the company to learn from Fatty Lai and Fatty Lai’s friends. During this time, Kang Xiaobo had absorbed a lot of theoretical knowledge; he didn’t have any opportunity to use it in practice. Kang Xiaobo treasured this valuable learning period, but he was looking forward to when he could put it to good use.

It was the same situation for Yu Xiaofen. Even if she couldn’t move around easily, she would accompany Kang Xiaobo every day. Yu Xiaofen’s house was demolished, and their new apartment wasn’t ready, so they rented an interim apartment nearby.

“This money, you can keep it. Get yourself a driver’s license and buy a car. That way you can drive Xiaofen around more conveniently and buy appliances for Xiaofen’s house,” Lin Yi didn’t care for the money in the suitcase. He didn’t feel like carrying a suitcase of cash back to the school.

“How… could I do that?” Kang Xiaobo said in a surprised tone. He never thought about taking the money. He was one of Lin Yi’s followers, but Kang Xiaobo was very self-conscious. The thought never crossed his mind, he was going to hand the suitcase back over before leaving for the company.

“It’s nothing big, just hold onto the money,” Lin Yi gave a solid pat on Kang Xiaobo’s shoulders.

Lin Yi was a clear-cut person, he treated his friends generously and his enemies poorly. So whenever his enemies approached him, he would burn them whenever he had the opportunity. Just like before, when Kang Zhaoming handed away the free money—three hundred thousand yuans.

Kang Xiaobo didn’t help Lin Yi with anything at all, but Lin Yi didn’t mind. Ever since Zhong Pinliang’s attack had been thwarted by Kang Xiaobo, Lin Yi knew that their friendship was worth more than gold. Friendship was not about asking each other for benefits, and Lin Yi wasn’t such a heartless person to forget about him.

“In that case… then I will graciously accept it! Thank you Boss!” Kang Xiaobo heard Lin Yi’s words and nodded as he clenched the heavy suitcase even tighter in his grasp.


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