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Chapter 465 – A Real Shark

Lin Yi glanced at Yushu and ignored her.

Show Pinliang how it was done? Lin Yi had better things to do than that. He started roasting the clams.

“Lin Yi, you can start fires by drilling wood?” Mengyao had stayed silent, but Yushu’s words made her curious.

“Yes.” Lin Yi couldn’t just ignore the Miss when she spoke.

“Will you show us?” Mengyao didn’t want Lin Yi to get in trouble. From that look on Pinliang’s face, she was worried that he’d really call the cops! Lin Yi was her follower, and she didn’t want him getting hauled off by the police.

“Oh. Sure.” Lin Yi went and got two branches and got ready to start a fire.

“Wait a minute, why’re you so far away? If you can actually do it, then do it in front of me!” Pinliang stopped Lin Yi right away. The guy actually said yes to doing it again, much to his surprise. It took almost nothing to get him to agree, so Pinliang was worried that he had some way of cheating!

“In front of you?” Lin Yi thought that this guy could chase Mengyao all he wanted, but why go mess around with some solar powered grill? He had ignored him, but now Pinliang was aiming his spear at him! Lin Yi was feeling rather troubled. The guy was probably itching for another beating. Maybe he hit his head?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Pinliang would avoid confronting Lin Yi as much as he could, but it was different today. He’d booked the plane, and he’d organized the trip. So in a sense, he was the one responsible for this spring trip! Thinking about it that way, he did have authority to stop and scold Lin Yi if he did turn out to have brought fire hazards onto the plane. It justified Pinliang’s current actions.

He wouldn’t have been this angry if Lin Yi had just admitted to it nicely. He’d probably just let him off the hook with a bit of scolding and confiscating his firewood, but Lin Yi just had to go and claim he could start fires by drilling wood!

Pinliang had heard of the act before, but he’d never seen it done in real life! If it were really possible, professionals and explorers wouldn’t put so much emphasis on always having fire sources on them! They could always just get two pieces of wood together and start drilling!

“Yeah, now start drilling in my hands! Let me see if you can do it.” Pinliang was worried that Lin Yi had something up his sleeves. He decided to just ask to hold the other stick. He really couldn’t fathom Lin Yi starting a fire in such a cartoonish fashion.

“Ha. If you want to, then. Don’t blame me if it burns you.” Lin Yi had been thinking how he should punish the guy, but him actually asking for the fire to be started in his hands was beyond his expectations.

“Alright, I won’t! I’ll consider myself unlucky if that happens. Everybody’s here to prove it.” Pinliang snorted, unfazed. “I’m just worried you can’t do it in the first place.”

Lin Yi didn’t say anything. He put one stick in Pinliang’s hand and used the other one to lightly rub it.

“Hah! I thought you actually had a plan! You’re never gonna start a fire like that, not in a hundred years!” Pinliang started laughing at what Lin Yi was doing. “If you wanna embarra.s.s yourself, be my guest!”

Pinliang was feeling pretty happy right about now. He’d suffered his share of embarra.s.sments and humiliations for so long and it was finally Lin Yi’s turn! He was happily laughing when he heard a puff, followed by a burning sensation on his palms.

“Huh?” Pinliang realized that the stick in his hands had been lit. There was a coal burning! He quickly threw the stick aside and started crying out, “Hot! Hot!”

Pinliang had given the cla.s.s benefits during this trip, so they couldn’t really laugh at him, but not Yushu. She started laughing at the look on Pinliang’s face. Xiaobo was laughing as well.

Pinliang wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. He wanted to hide in the sea! He was looking for an excuse to leave when he saw a shark fin swimming around in the water!

It was a happy sight. Xiaofu’s timing was impeccable. He was being a shark again! He was doing it in the deep water area, too, so Yushu wouldn’t be able to hit him with a stone no matter how strong she was! Even an Olympic athlete couldn’t throw that far.

“Another shark attack!” Pinliang shouted, directing everybody’s attention. “Everybody, wait here. I’ll go take care of this shark!”

Pinliang knew what to say this time. He was going to slay this “shark,” not pull it onsh.o.r.e! This was because he wouldn’t be able to, since he only bought one frozen shark from the market. There was nothing to drag out.

But he could very well say that the shark was in deep water this time, he couldn’t pull it that far. They had a shark to eat already as well, so he didn’t need to pull it onto sh.o.r.e in the first place.

In order to wash himself clean of the awkwardness of the wood drilling, Pinliang charged as fast as he could into the sea and started swimming towards the shark.

“What a brave shark you are! I’ll show you what Liang Bro can do!” Yushu had stolen his thunder earlier, but Pinliang wasn’t going to give her that chance this time. He needed to end the shark quickly!

 “Pfft.” Lin Yi almost burst out laughing at how enthusiastic Pinliang was. The shark… was an actual shark! Pinliang’s bravery did manage to impress him a little, swimming at the shark like that.

“Liang Bro, what’re you…” Xiaofu watched Pinliang charge and froze. That shark wasn’t him, so… A scary possibility came to Xiaofu.

But Pinliang was already too far gone. Pinliang couldn’t hear Xiaofu shouting at him at all, overwhelmed by pa.s.sion as he closed in on the shark… and stared.

Because the shark had its jaws wide open!

“Wha?” Pinliang froze. “Xiaofu?”

The shark didn’t say anything, but the jaws did get closer.

This shark had been attracted here by the scent of blood, the blood from Xiaofu’s forehead and the blood of the shark the boys had been cutting and cleaning. The shark had swum through the hole Pinliang made in the safety separator.

“Mother of G.o.d!” Pinliang finally realized this was not Xiaofu. This was a real shark!

Pinliang was terrified. He screamed and swam back, leaving a stream of urine behind him as he exerted the strength he’d gathered from when he fed on breastmilk! It was a frenzied swim, but the humiliation was nowhere near as important as his life!

Xiaoxiao was panicking as well. She had been hunting for clams when she saw her bracelet missing from her wrist! This was the gift her mother had given her before she pa.s.sed away! She dived down and carefully looked for her bracelet, abandoning the clams she’d been hunting.


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