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Chapter 441-442

Chapter 441 – Unlucky Feng Xiaoxiao

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“Please welcome our female lead today, school beauty Chu Mengyao! Next is our male lead! Let’s have him express his burning love for her by lighting the fireworks!!” Xiaofu announced like a master of ceremonies . He seemed to have gotten himself a loudspeaker, the type you’d see a street vendor use .

Mengyao frowned- this was one of the things that annoyed her the most! Pinliang would always think up some ridiculous things to try and woo her, like that letter of blood, for example… It made Mengyao quite speechless . How did this person manage to be dumber than Shu?

And he was actually stupid, too; Yushu was just faking it .

Xiaoxiao pretended to brush by Lin Yi inadvertently, and as she did so, she picked up a line of firecrackers on the ground to hook on Lin Yi’s pants . Without even a brief pause, she walked away and left .

“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled slightly . So this was what that girl was planning, she wanted to blast him with firecrackers! She sure was optimistic .

But Lin Yi didn’t expose her right away- he acted as if nothing had happened, keeping his eyes on Mengyao and Yushu .

 Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, felt her heart pounding with intensity as she walked away . After all, Lin Yi wasn’t normal, so what if he’d noticed? It was pretty noisy on the field right now, but it wasn’t like Lin Yi’s awareness was low .

But Xiaoxiao didn’t see any special reaction from Lin Yi after she’d hung the firecrackers on his b.u.t.t . She breathed out in relief, thinking that Lin Yi must not have been paying attention to other things as he was focused on Mengyao and Yushu .

Pinliang prepared to light the fireworks on the tree up as Xiaoxiao sneaked around some distance away behind Lin Yi, lighter in her hand . She’d swiftly light the firecrackers on Lin Yi as Pinliang lit the fireworks up…

That way, it’d look like Pinliang’s fireworks had gotten a little out of hand and got to the firecrackers here . If Lin Yi wanted to blame someone then he’d have to blame G.o.d for his bad positioning that caused his demise .

A spark sounded after Pinliang lit the fireworks up . They were custom-made fireworks that’d form the words ‘I love you Yao Yao’ in the night sky . They may seem like simple fireworks, but they had cost Pinliang quite a lot of money to get his hands on them .

At the same time, Xiaoxiao lit the firecrackers on Lin Yi’s b.u.t.t with her lighter before gleefully turning around to get away…

“Ha…” Lin Yi only smiled as he quickly removed the fireworks from his b.u.t.t and hung it on Xiaoxiao’s, tying a dead knot after hooking it up .

Tragically, Xiaoxiao was only focused on running away . She didn’t even realize what Lin Yi had done to her b.u.t.t until she noticed something dragging along after a couple of steps that kept hitting her leg . Curious, she turned her head to see something absolutely shocking… “Ahh!!!!”

Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe what was happening to her- didn’t she hang this on Lin Yi? Why was it on her?? She raised her head to look at Lin Yi, who actually nodded at her with an evil smile on his face .

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She was about to undo the firecrackers when she realized the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had tied a dead knot! She couldn’t get it off at all!

The lead was about to finish burning, and Xiaoxaio was really starting to panic . She couldn’t just take her pants off in front of the whole school, could she? That’d be so humiliating!

The lead finished burning just as Xiaoxiao was hesitating- the firecrackers started exploding, giving Xiaoxiao a fright . She ran over to Pinliang’s side, shouting all the while . “Help! Water! Is there any water!!”

Pinliang was pretty happy with his handiwork- he was waiting for the words ‘I love you Yao Yao’ to light up in the sky and stun the entire audience when Xiaoxiao’s cry for help reached him .

“Wha??” Pinliang’s eyes were wide open in disbelief as he looked at the exploding firecrackers behind Xiaoxiao’s b.u.t.t . Hadn’t she hooked those on Lin Yi? Why were they on her??

Xiaoxiao even gestured to him after she’d hung the firecrackers, telling him that the plan could proceed as planned… He’d lit up the fireworks because of that signal, so why were the firecrackers in a different place all of a sudden?

“Lil sis Xiaoxiao… What…” Pinliang looked at Xiaoxiao, confused .

“We’ll talk about that later! Get me water, hurry and stop the firecrackers!” Xiaoxiao was in full panic- she didn’t have time to be explaining anything to Pinliang, the firecrackers were getting to her pants already! It was about to reach her b.u.t.t…

“Water… Water…” Pinliang looked around, but there wasn’t any water around! He did get some buckets of water for tree planting earlier, but he’d poured it into the soil already…

Pinliang was hesitating when the firecrackers reached her b.u.t.t, burning a couple of holes on her…

Xiaoxiao held back from crying as she threw her image away and tumbled around on the ground, rolling a couple of rounds before finally extinguishing the firecrackers . The cloth on her b.u.t.t, however, was now destroyed and exposed a full view of her a.s.s .

Xiaoxiao believed that even her underwear was showing- she didn’t even dare stand up, lying down with teary eyes, very upset . She gritted her teeth, and managed to hold herself back from crying .

She was Feng Xiaoxiao, she couldn’t cry! She didn’t need compa.s.sion, or pity- those were the expressions for the weak! Xiaoxiao took in a deep breath before sitting up, her eyes on Pinliang . “Take off your shirt and give it to me!”

“What? My shirt?” Poinliang blinked .  

“Hurry! Stop wasting time!” Xiaoxiao frowned .

“Alright…” Pinliang couldn’t risk p.i.s.sing Xiaoxiao off, be it her background or Xiaoxiao herself . They were both out of his league, and since Xiaoxiao had asked for it, Pinliang didn’t have much choice but to take his shirt off for Xiaoxiao .

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Xiaoxiao took the shirt and wrapped it around her waist before walking away from the crowd . She was heading in the school gate’s direction…

Xiaoxiao was as upset as one got- it was supposed to be Lin Yi experiencing this humiliation, so why was it her?! She didn’t notice if the students watching were laughing at her, but she was definitely a joke now…

Getting her a.s.s blasted open like that- she was a girl! It was absolutely embarra.s.sing, as embarra.s.sing as it got!!

“Lin Yi… I’m going to eat you!!!” Xiaoxiao was going insane . She got in her car and gritted her teeth, ramming the steering wheel as hard as she could, treating it as if it were Lin Yi . It took a while before it barely eased her rage…

But after venting that rage her b.u.t.t started to sting and hurt- she hadn’t felt that earlier, but now that she’d calmed down she couldn’t even sit properly from the pain . Half-lifting her b.u.t.t up, she started her car and quickly drove home to get some rest . . .

Chapter 442 – Remedying

It was summer, so Pinliang wasn’t wearing much- he only had a casual shirt on before he took it off for Xiaoxiao . He was currently half-naked, and it wasn’t quite appropriate for the romantic setting he’d set for his confession today… It got the students snickering and giggling, much to Pinliang’s irritance and rage . “What’re you laughing at?! Never seen someone with muscles?”

Pinliang’s words only made the crowd laugh even harder, especially when Pinliang’s power held no sway over these people right now . After all, he wouldn’t be able to tell who was and wasn’t laughing under the night sky- Pinliang couldn’t really do anything to them, and there was no fear because of that .

“Yao Yao, let me use fireworks to express my love for you… Huh?” Pinliang raised his head to point at the fireworks in the sky for his confession when he realized it had ended already . The moment had pa.s.sed, and while it’d been happening everyone was looking at Xiaoxiao as she asked him for his shirt- everyone had missed the words ‘I love you Yao Yao’ in the sky, including Pinliang! His efforts had been wasted!

The fireworks were gone, it was over! Pinliang didn’t know what to say anymore- what was he supposed to say now that the fireworks had ended?

“Go check the fireworks, see if there’s any more!” Pinliang instructed to Xiaofu, his face solemn .

Xiaofu quickly ran over to check the firework canisters at the Eskimo tree- but it seemed to have been used up already . They didn’t have any more fireworks .

Unwilling to give up, Xiaofu got his lighter out to light up the used fireworks, but it was really dark and hard to see- he actually lit up a branch thinking it was a fuse and burned the whole tree .

Pinliang didn’t catch on at first- he thought that Xiaofu was getting the fireworks starting, but it felt very out of place . Why were the fireworks burning the tree instead of flying up into the sky?

“Liang Bro! I messed up, I set the tree on fire!” Xiaofu started panicking after failing to stop the fire . He started crying out to Pinliang loudly . “Liang Bro! Come help!!”

“Hahaha…” Xiaofu’s actions started a round of laughter- Pinliang’s confession night had turned into a comedy .

“Stop the fire! Somebody get some water!” Pinliang ran over, his face dark as he looked at his precious Eskimo burning- it pained him .

“Oh! Yao Yao, I see the firetree, but there’s no silverflower!” Yushu called out in surprise .

“Shu, we should stay away from people who do reckless stuff like this- a fire might start!” Mengyao was quite speechless at Pinliang’s chain of actions, and was especially confused at what Xiaoxiao was doing . What was up with her, exactly?

“Wait, Yao Yao, I need to give them a reminder!” Yushu then turned to shout at Pinliang to give him a kindly reminder . “Break the life support bottle, use the water to stop the fire!”

“Oh, oh! You’re right!” Pinliang nodded quickly and instructed Xiaofu to carry out the deed .

With a smile, Yushu left the scene with Mengyao .

“Shu, you’re getting so evil . The water in that is filled with drugs! It’ll never stop the fire… You’re messing with him so much…” Mengyao said .

“That’s his fault for believing! See, you wouldn’t fall for that, Yao Yao . This just means Zhong Pinliang’s a huge dummy!” Yushu said confidently .

Xiaoxiao didn’t come to school the other day, and the peace delighted Lin Yi, who was unaware that Xiaoxiao was currently in bed cursing his name . Lin Yi would be suffering many deaths if curses actually affected people .

“Lin Yi… You b.a.s.t.a.r.d… I’ll flush you down the toilet!!” Xiaoxiao couldn’t even sit on a toilet properly now- her b.u.t.t was still stinging with pain, red and white all around from the firecrackers! She’d applied Miracle Doctor Kang’s Golden Creation medicine already, but as effective as it was for outer injuries, the effects weren’t too prominent with burns .

“Darn liar, Miracle Doctor Kang! It’s not useful at all! What’s with that price, what a scam! I’ll burn his house to the d.a.m.n ground next time I see him!!” Xiaoxiao gritted hatefully…

Pinliang wasn’t looking very happy himself- everything he’d carefully planned yesterday ended up being a huge joke, and that gave him the sort of frustration that couldn’t be vent out . .  

It was Xiaoxiao who ruined the performance, but he didn’t dare say anything even if he had complaints .

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“What the h.e.l.l happened yesterday? Weren’t the firecrackers on Lin Yi, how come they were on Xiaoxiao?” Pinliang had gotten demerits from Zhifeng- he wasn’t the nephew of a shareholder anymore, and was now a regular paying student .

“Who knows? I only saw her sneak up behind Lin Yi . Not sure what happened after . ” Xiaofu shook his head .

“It was such a good chance, too- what a waste!” Pinliang held a fist, very p.i.s.sed off . He relaxed his hand after it tired him out . “We’re graduating soon… Will I even have a chance like that anymore?”

“Liang Bro, I think that you’ve conveyed your feelings, even with the whole thing getting ruined! Chu Mengyao probably felt it, too, so the process isn’t important, it’s the end result!” Xiaofu a.n.a.lyzed . “Maybe you should ask Chen Yushu and see if Chu Mengyao likes you now?”

“Yeah, I guess we could do that!” Pinliang nodded .

The first cla.s.s ended, and Pinliang sent Yushu a text, asking her out to the front of the cla.s.sroom .

“Liangy, you looking for me?” Yushu quickly went to meet him, since Pinliang wasn’t interested in romancing her . He just wanted to ask about Mengyao .

“Heh heh, yeah, Shu . Sorry about yesterday, I messed it up . So… What did Mengyao say?” Pinliang asked carefully .

“Yao Yao, huh? She didn’t say much, but she seemed a little disappointed . Maybe it wasn’t good enough?” Yushu said after some blinking and hesitating .

“Man… I knew it, it must’ve really disappointed her . But did she say anything about the things I could do to make it up?” Pinliang asked .

“Uh, I didn’t ask… Right, I wanna eat some night market fried mushrooms again!” Yushu stretched lazily . “I’ll go buy them during lunch, and I’ll help you ask later . Hope I don’t forget, though . “

“No, I’ll go buy it- it’s just some fried mushrooms, right? I’ll go!” Pinliang said quickly . “Shu, help me ask how I can remedy my mistake, okay?”

“Okay then…” Yushu nodded and walked back into clas .

Pinliang had served Yushu more times than he could count the last couple years, but he didn’t have a choice- Yushu was the closest person to Mengyao, after all, and if he didn’t please her enough it’d be impossible to get any info on Mengyao .

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