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Chapter 1322: Xiaoxiao’s Birthday

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1321 – Xiaoxiao’s Birthday

 “Alright then, we’ll talk about it after some time!” Yutian nodded- this was Lingshan’s private affair, after all. He couldn’t just keep asking. He was just giving suggestions as a friend.

 “Yutian Bro, I asked you here this time to discuss the plans in the following days- I actually have a piece of good news,” Lingshan shook her head, pushing the whole annoyance with Yu Feng to the back of her head.

 “Oh? Good news?” Yutian paused. “Lin Yi didn’t say yes, did he?”

 “You’re right, good guess.” Lingshan nodded. “With Lin Yi joining us, this operation will be a lot easier!”

 “Yeah- we’re both golden cla.s.s, and you’re even late phase peak, but I was still worried that something might go wrong with those merciless graverobbers!” Yutian nodded.

 “But, now it’ll have to be Lin Yi and me pretending to be the graverobber couple, you’ll have to take the role of the follower…” Lingshan said, embarra.s.sed.

 “Of course. Don’t worry; I won’t think about anything like that- I’ve accepted it already.” Yutian smiled. “I support you and Lin Yi, although those emotions are still here, I’ve let go of them.”

 “That’s good- alright, it’s decided then. It’ll be Lin Yi, you, and me,” Lingshan said. “According to the details, this couple operated on their own, not bringing too many followers- sometimes only one helper! In truth, graverobbing works better the fewer people involved, especially with the traps in the tombs. Those traps would kill you. A normal group of followers was a burden!”

 “You’re right!” Yutian said. “When are we leaving?”

 “I’ve already gotten into contact with the other graverobbers. You should follow up a bit on Liu Bojia’s matters- I can’t do much there. He told us all he knew. But I feel like there’s still something he didn’t say.” Lingshan shrugged. “This person is tight-lipped and other than what we’ve already said to him, I don’t know how to get him to speak, even with my subtle conversation methods of getting him to spill something. Nothing works!”

 “He’s too secured up- but he’s a master scholar in the first place, it’s normal for him to be more intelligent than normal thugs,” Yutian said. “But you don’t have to worry too much. I feel that the things he didn’t say to you, he’s said to Lin Yi. It’s probably about the tomb of Zhang Liju, but the medicine books and all that don’t really have to do with us.”

 “It’s possible,” Lingshan remembered that Bojia had something good he wanted to give Lin Yi. Something that would be considered a benefit to Lin Yi would only be money or medicinal books- the guy didn’t know Lin Yi, and he only knew that he was a very good doctor, so those were the only two possibilities.

 Afterward, Lingshan and Yutian started researching the details of the mission, although, most of it was just in theory. n.o.body knew what the tomb would actually look like, or how dangerous it would be. They were simply just taking some precautions.

 Today was Xiaoxiao’s birthday, and Mengyao had already gone to the market with Shu to buy a lot of fresh fruits, preparing to make a fruit cake!

 Tang Yun’s house, on the other hand, was making the cake billet, while Lin Yi asked Xiaobo to go buy cream.

 The Miss had all the equipment they needed at home, and Lin Yi was thinking of personally making a cake for Xiaoxiao! This was nothing difficult for Lin Yi since there hadn’t been any cake stores in Starwest Village- he always made his own cakes when celebrating with Old Lin.

 Lin Yi stayed by Xiaoxiao’s side, watching her make a thick jacket, her face blank. Lin Yi sighed. “Xiaoxiao, don’t worry so much- Didn’t I tell you? Uncle Feng will make an ice container for you, sealing you like your mom- I’ll find the Fire Spirit’s Fruit for sure!”

 “Yeah… I believe you… I’m not worried, just… Cold… and Tired…” Xiaoxiao said weakly. “Actually, I’m really happy today…”

 Lin Yi nodded. After Xiaoxiao woke up that day, she continued in this state- it was because she was supposed to be a dead person already, but Lin Yi just forced her out of that fate for two more days. Of course, she wouldn’t be energetic.

 “Alright, it’s your birthday, stop working on that knitting- rest for a day.” Lin Yi said as he looked at Xiaoxiao, continuing the knitting.

 “Let me knit… I’m worried that I won’t have enough time, who knows if I’ll be alive tomorrow?” Xiaoxiao shook her head, not stopping.

 “Didn’t I say that you won’t die for sure?” Lin Yi said. “You can do it after you come back.”

 “No, I have to do it now…” Xiaoxiao said. “Who knows how long would’ve pa.s.sed when I wake up again…”

 Lin Yi didn’t stop her anymore- he got up and went to help Tang Yun make the cake.

 The doorbell rang- Tang Yun went to get the door, to see Xu Shihan standing there!

 Lin Yi had called her, inviting her to Xiaoxiao’s birthday party. She had already bought a ticket for today but delayed it for Xiaoxiao.

 “Han, you came!” Tang Yun didn’t expect her to actually come.

 “Yeah! Where’s Xiaoxiao, I bought her a gift!” Shihan took out a package.

 “In the living room. Han, you spend some time with Xiaoxiao first. I’m making a cake with Lin Yi in the kitchen!” Tang Yun showed her flour-covered hands to her.

 “Alright, go make the cake then. Oh, do you need help?” Shihan asked.

 “Nope, just be with Xiaoxiao.” Tang Yun shook her head.

 “Han, you came…” Xiaoxaio said weakly…

 “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong? Why do you look so sick? Wearing winter clothes in the house?” Shihan’s eyes were wide with surprise.

 “It’s nothing… Haha… Maybe because I’m dead soon?” Xiaoxaio laughed.

 “Ah? Dead soon?” Shihan couldn’t help but cry out. “You…”



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