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Make Him Give Up

“If that’s the case, the situation is more complex…” Chen Yutian frowned, “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor can’t do anything…” Song Lingshan shook her head.

Chen Yutian wasn’t stupid, and he seemed to understand something in her words. Although the doctor couldn’t do anything, from her tone of voice, someone else could heal Liu Bojia, “Lingshan, is there another way?”

“Call me Song Lingshan or Officer Song,” Song Lingshan was unhappy with his way of calling her.

“Alright, Song Lingshan, is there another way?”

“I can’t do anything, but someone can…” Song Lingshan’s head hurts at the thought of Lin Yi. Did she have to beg Lin Yi for Chen Yutian? It was fine if it was for her own sake, but it was for Chen Yutian… She didn’t want to owe Lin Yi multiple favors. It wasn’t good to pretend to be brainless all the time. What if Lin Yi became sick of it?

However, Song Lingshan couldn’t neglect it since it was business. After all, armed police and Songshan police had to work together, and she was involved in it too. Without considering her private relationship with Chen Yutian, it will be a great accomplishment for her too! Although it was teamwork, no one can deny their contribution.

“Is it too much trouble?” Chen Yutian asked carefully.

“Not too much… Let me make a call first,” Song Lingshan sighed as calling Lin Yi was the only way. If she asked Chen Yutian to ask his sister to ask Lin Yi, it might work, but it would take too much effort. After all, she asked Lin Yi for a favor first. If she told Chen Yutian to intervene, it would be bad if Lin Yi thought she used Chen Yutian to pressure him through Chen Yushu!

“Ok,” Chen Yutian nodded.

Song Lingshan called Lin Yi nervously. When the call went through, she began to regret it. She shouldn’t have called in front of Chen Yutian. Wouldn’t she have to act cute if Lin Yi didn’t agree? What would happen if Chen Yutian heard it?

She had always been a tough girl and never did something like this before. If others heard about it, she would lose all her dignity!

However, Lin Yi picked up the call before she could think through it thoroughly. Lin Yi was on the way of driving Tang Yun back to the hospital, “h.e.l.lo?”

“It’s Song Lingshan. You agreed to have a look at Liu Bojia last time, will you do it?” Song Lingshan asked carefully.

“Who’s Liu Bojia?” Song Lingshan guessed correctly. Lin Yi already forgot who Liu Bojia was. Song Lingshan didn’t mention it since then, and Lin Yi didn’t bother to keep it in his mind.

“The man who was attacked by a killer in the hospital…” Song Lingshan explained.

“That person? His situation is complicated. Leave it for now. I’m busy right now,” Lin Yi hung up and parked the car at the hospital, saying goodbye to Tang Yun.

Lin Yi wasn’t sure that he could save Liu Bojia as he was harmed severely. But after Feng Xiaoxiao and Chu Mengyao, as well as healing his own injuries, he realized that he could cure his own and others’ injuries rapidly using his inner energy.

Liu Bojia’s injuries were severe, and it will definitely consume a large amount of his energy. There was no point for him to drop level for him. Although he could recover over one night, why would he waste so much effort into saving a stranger?

Song Lingshan was frustrated when Lin Yi hung up on her. However, she figured out that there was still hope for Liu Bojia since Lin Yi didn’t say that he couldn’t save him.

Song Lingshan hesitated for a while and called again.

Chen Yutian didn’t think it was inappropriate to call again since all capable men had tempers. One call wasn’t enough to beg him for a favor.

Lin Yi didn’t expect Song Lingshan to call again after he sent Tang Yun back. Lin Yi didn’t sit back in the car and picked up the call outside, “What else?”

“Please help me…” Song Lingshan abruptly recalled that Chen Yutian was right next to her. She was in a rush! However, she realized that she could use this time to make Chen Yutian give up on her. That would be a big problem solved! When she thought of it this way, she no longer felt anxious. “Miss Brainless needs your help. Will you please save him? I’ll repay back by making delicious food for you!”

Chen Yutian widened his eyes in shock! Was this really Song Lingshan? Was he looking at the wrong person? Since when did Song Lingshan act like this? If he wasn’t sitting right in front of him, he would’ve thought that a girl was acting cute to her boyfriend!

How is that possible? Chen Yutian rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Song Lingshan had always been a tough girl. Why was she acting like that?

Was it a girl picking up the call? It didn’t seem so since she looked like she was talking to a man. And she called herself “Miss Brainless”? Chen Yutian’s heart almost exploded.

It was a shock that she addressed herself like that. The nickname seemed… to be a nickname between lovers?

Lin Yi was speechless at Song Lingshan’s request, but his heart softened, “Alright, I’ll go and have a look tomorrow if I’m free…”

“That’s great! Thank you so much!” Song Lingshan tried to make her voice sound as sweet and cute as possible…

“You are welcome, I’m hanging up,” Lin Yi hung up and got back inside the car.

Song Lingshan sighed in relief. It’s done! As expected, Lin Yi will compromise when she acted cutely. When she was feeling pleased with herself, her expressions froze when she remembered Chen Yutian was sitting opposite her.

“Song Lingshan… You…” Chen Yutian looked at Song Lingshan in disbelief.

“What? Anything wrong?” Song Lingshan’s expressions became natural again. She wanted to make him give up.

“Just then… That person you called…” Chen Yutian couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s my privacy,” Song Lingshan replied indifferently, “It has nothing to do with the case, does it?”

“… Of course…” Chen Yutian smiled bitterly and looked down. Song Lingshan has a boyfriend?

“Tomorrow, my friend will come and bring Liu Bojia back. Ask Liu Bojia if you have more questions,” Song Lingshan said, “I will take part in the operation when it happens.”


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