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Does Yaoyao Sis Suit Your Taste?

“Of course, I’ll use acupuncture treatment to force the toxin out, but I need your cooperation.” Lin Yi said.

“How should I cooperate?” Mengyao asked.

“Take off your clothes. Otherwise, I can’t do it.” Lin Yi said.

“Ah! No way!” Mengyao flinched and sub-consciously rejected.

Take off her clothes? Her face reddened. How could she agree on that? At the very least, she couldn’t accept that.

This was related to her purity. A girl’s body, how could she just allow any random man to see it?

“You can imagine me as a doctor here.” Lin Yi knew that the Miss would react this way, not willing to take off her clothes in front of him that. Previously, she had just drunk a sip of his drink and she made a big fuss out of it. She was very different from Yushu in this matter. The Miss viewed this as something significantly more important. This was also the reason why Lin Yi didn’t dare to take off her clothes before getting her agreement. He didn’t want the Miss to have a knot in her heart.

Mengyao frowned, and Lin Yi was right. He was now taking the role of a doctor, but how could she just imagine him as a doctor? Wasn’t she just deceiving herself? If her naked body were to be seen by Lin Yi, just how was she supposed to face him in the future? How could they just stay under the same roof after this? How awkward would that be?

Besides, she still had to get married someday, hadn’t she? Lin Yi’s a.s.sumption was right; Mengyao was a person who took this matter seriously. She wanted to keep her body as pure as possible for her future husband.

Lin Yi shrugged and looked at Yushu. It was her job to persuade the Miss now. Since Mengyao had just woken up and wouldn’t faint any time soon, Lin Yi moved himself to the corner and sat on a chair, quietly waiting.

“Yaoyao sis, you’ve to take off your clothes, and be a good girl!” Yushu knew that she had to work her hardest in persuading Mengyao now.

“Hehee.” Mengyao couldn’t hold back her laughter when she saw Yushu acting like a “Little senior”, advising her. Normally, things were in the opposite. She was the one telling Yushu to be a good girl and behave properly, “Shu, you’ve to know, a girl’s body, shouldn’t simply be seen by any man!”

“It’s not simply, and only Shield bro will have a glance of it. It doesn’t matter at all!” Yushu said.

“No means no, I can only allow my future husband to see!” Mengyao continued, “A girl’s chast.i.ty is of utmost importance. We should rather die than show it to others!”

“Is that so!” Yushu turned her eyeb.a.l.l.s around, but her expression was sorrowful.

“Yeah, I say. Lin Yi can only treat me with my clothes on. Even if he fails to bring me back to recovery, I won’t blame him for that.” Mengyao smiled and patted Yushu’s head.

“I’ll take your clothes off for you!” Yushu said as she moved her hands.

“Shu!” Mengyao couldn’t believe that Yushu didn’t listen to what she said just now. Why couldn’t her soulmate just understand her? She quickly stopped her, “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you? A girl’s body is priceless. You can only show it to your future husband….”

“You are right. Shield bro has seen my body before meaning that I’ve to marry him now as his concubine! Since I’m the second wife, you must be Shield bro’s main wife so he is your legal future husband now. So it shouldn’t be a problem. Just show it to him earlier. He’s going to see everything anyway in the future, am I right?” Yushu a.s.serted eloquently.

“Ah?” Mengyao widened her eyes. Yushu’s claim made her angry and want to laugh at the same time, but there was no doubt that what Yushu said was all true. Lin Yi had really seen Shu shirtless. He had even touched her b.o.o.bs and kissed her before. They were pretty intimate….

However, Mengyao still couldn’t accept Yushu’s theory about the main wife and the second wife. Wasn’t that theory too far-fetched and implausible? Suddenly, Mengyao remembered what she promised Yushu. She promised to stay forever with Yushu and be sisters for the rest of her life. She felt that her head was getting heavier. Thinking too hard had taken a toll on her, and she collapsed once again.

“Oh, since Yaoyao sis is not answering, I a.s.sume that you are too shy to agree, kay!” Yushu rubbed her hands, getting excited to take off Mengyao’s clothes. Not long, Mengyao’s clothes were all peeled off and a white sheep was presented.

Although Lin Yi didn’t go near them, the surgery room wasn’t big in the first place and with his impressive listening ability, he was able to hear the whole conversation. However, he chose not to stick his head into it and pretended not to hear a thing. What made Lin Yi want to laugh was that Yushu took advantage of Mengyao when she lost her consciousness. Lin Yi didn’t stop Yushu because he could hear the difference in the Miss’s concern. She had softened at the end of the conversation. They couldn’t persuade her completely with the short of time, but since Yushu had peeled off her clothes, then Mengyao would have to accept now.

“Shield bro, come over now. I’ve removed Yaoyao sis’s clothes!” Yushu shouted to Lin Yi excitedly. After knowing that Lin Yi had found a way to heal Mengyao, she wasn’t worried anymore.

Lin Yi wanted to laugh at how Yushu sounded. She made him look like a huge tyrant and she was her accomplice, aiding him to take advantage of Mengyao!

Lin Yi strolled towards them, and his breath was surprisingly unstable. Even though he had put in a lot of effort in restraining himself and he was now taking a role as a doctor, he tried his hardest not to think in a dirty direction. However, the person right in front of him was the Miss. How could he not have a bee in his bonnet?

To say that Lin Yi had no feelings for the Miss was impossible. He had been interacting with the Miss and Yushu day and night, and it made Lin Yi grow quite fond of them. His thoughts should remain as thoughts. He couldn’t really just do anything inappropriate to them, could he?

Mengyao’s skin was crystal white. After Lin Yi landed his gaze on top, he couldn’t afford to move down anymore. This was his first experience enjoying a girl’s body openly, after all. Although he had seen Yushu’s before, the situation was rather awkward, so he didn’t get to feast his eyes on it clearly. With Song Lingshan, he didn’t dare to peek at that time. But, it was different now. He could enjoy the scene as much as he wanted….

“Shield bro, does Yaoyao sis suit your taste?” Yushu sensed the difference in Lin Yi as she asked.

“…..” Lin Yi was no idiot like An Jianwen who’d fall into these cheap tricks. He didn’t say anything and took a deep breath in to clear his thoughts, “Let’s start.”

“Oh!” Yushu was a little disappointed when she saw that her trick didn’t work, but she was over the moon at the fact that Shield bro wasn’t as stupid as An Jianwen because Mengyao would never fall in love with someone that stupid.

Lin Yi grasped onto Mengyao’s wrist, activated the Art of Dragon Mastery, and channelled the energy into Mengyao’s body. Once again, Mengyao slowly became conscious.


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