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Chapter 1221 – Who Turned On The Light?

“Why don’t you switch to your other face before you speak to me?” Tianming seriously asked.

“This little fish doesn’t have another face.” She lowered her head dejectedly.

“Are you referring to yourself? Not the fish?” Tianming pointed at his own eye.

She nodded, her expression evoking pity.

“Bro, what do you mean? I’m so confused. Do we know each other?” Tianming asked.

“We don’t, but Little Fish has been waiting for you.” She plucked up the courage to stare at Tianming.

“Why were you waiting for me?” Tianming asked doubtfully.

“To save me,” said Weisheng Moran.

Tianming frowned. This person was either insane or deliberately playing with him. So he said, “What’s the matter with you? Irregular menstrual cycle?”

She was startled at first, but soon smiled, her cheeks rosy. Her sweet smile transcended the natural world.

“Bro, are you shy?” Tianming was a little dizzy. What the h.e.l.l was going on?

“I’m not talking to you, you meanie!” Weisheng Moran pursed her lips. She seemed happy as she turned around and skipped away.

Tianming watched the beauty leave, feeling somewhat fl.u.s.tered.

“What does she mean? Did you two share a magical encounter? Or perhaps you were lovers in your previous life, but by some unfortunate stroke of fate, she became who she is and missed a beautiful marriage?” Ying Huo peeked out from his lifebound s.p.a.ce.

“f.u.c.k off!” Tianming shouted. When he looked into his lifebound s.p.a.ce, he found Xian Xian’s spiritform carving words into its leafless trunk.

“What is it doing?” Tianming asked.

“Cursing you. It’s your fault for letting it starve. It’s also recording your conversations with other women throughout Ling’er’s slumber so it can complain to her when she wakes up,” Ying Huo explained.

“f.u.c.k….” Tianming was a mess.


The enormous Imperialdragon Palace could accommodate at least tens of thousands of people and their lifebound beasts. At this moment, more than two hundred warG.o.deans were still occupying the place. For more than a month, they had tried everything, not letting go of even a single brick in the palace, but they had yet to figure out a way to uncover the secrets of the palace.

Midway through, the warG.o.deans began fighting when Long Longlong arrived. Relying on their large numbers, they pushed the disciples of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect out of the palace. However, there were too many pa.s.sages around. Long Longlong hadn’t left, but there was nothing Zhan Yuance could do about that.

These Xuanyuan Dragon Sect disciples were all at least third-level constelliers. Long Longlong couldn’t be bothered to fight Zhan Yuance, but the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect disciples might not necessarily lose if the two sides actually came to battle. After all, they ranked second on the myriad sect ranking. The palace was so enormous that it was impossible for Zhan Yuance to stop them from exploring its mysteries.


As time went by, neither side found anything. In the meantime, Long Longlong left to destroy dragon golems and other imperial star formations. When he returned, the situation was just as he had expected; the warG.o.deans headed by Zhan Yuance were still clueless.

“Zhan Yuance, maybe this palace has always been empty. So how much time are you going to waste? Six months? A year?” Long Longlong calmly stood at the entrance of the pa.s.sage, though a trace of ridicule flashed in those dark eyes.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. You and I both know that this place is the key. When its secrets surface, the tomb will be sealed again,” said Zhan Yuance.

In fact, there were treasures all over the tomb, but the best ones were hidden in the palaces. Other disciples had found treasures in the pa.s.sages. Casting aside the ordinary treasures to remain in the Imperialdragon Palace for more than a month only proved Zhan Yuance’s determination.

“You said that the Azuresoul Palace disciples obtained several treasures from the palaces?” Long Longlong narrowed his gaze.

“Yes, they got the Lifesteal Silverdragon, Dragonblood Desecration, and the grandpath fiend pill.” Zhan Yuance glanced at Long Longlong and grinned as he added, “It looks like your ancestor doesn’t care about you. Instead, he’s recognized an Azuresoul Palace disciple as his descendant.”

“Shut up. Longlong got the—”

As soon as the girl dressed in blue started speaking, Long Longlong interrupted her. The girl stopped talking and whispered an apology.

“Oh? Did you gain something as well? Take it out so we can all have a look,” said Zhan Yuance.

Without a word, Long Longlong indifferently glanced at him, choosing to focus on the palace instead. His response caused dissatisfaction among the warG.o.deans.

“He’s just a little kid. What’s with all that posturing?” Zhan Yingying said dismissively. “Big Brother, you’re already a fifth-level constellier. You can easily crush him. Why don’t we force them out of the game so we have one less compet.i.tor?”

“Stop messing around. He’s no weakling,” Zhan Yuance replied. He knew very well that no matter what advantages he had, the warG.o.deans were only fourth on the myriad sect ranking. The Dreamless Celestial Nation, Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, and Voidword Shrine were more powerful than the warG.o.deans. The young disciples they cultivated, whether they were Weisheng Moran, Long Longlong, or that mysterious one who had never appeared before, were the ones he feared.

Just as he thought of those people, the sound of light footsteps sounded from the opposite pa.s.sage. Someone was beating a black war drum. Their ears perked up.

One by one, they rose to their feet, staring in the direction of the sound. A young woman with long, dark green hair appeared at the entrance of the pa.s.sage. She stood on the raised floor as she swept her gaze across the disciples on both sides. Her ethereal eyes held the deepest indifference. Both Zhan Yuance and Long Longlong noticed the black war drum in her hand.

“If you include Li Tianming’s drum, this is the fourth black war drum.”

Zhan Yuance examined the young woman, his gaze deepening. This was the most famous disciple before the start of the battle. Most people believed that she was the strongest. Neither Zhan Yuance nor Long Longlong would treat her as a woman.

The warG.o.deans were grouped together, while Long Longlong had three elite disciples for helpers. Meanwhile, Weisheng Moran was alone. From the number of people they had with them, one could tell their level of confidence in themselves. The fewer the helpers, the stronger their spirit. Even though Zhan Yuance had caught up, he didn’t want to be on his own. Deep down, he categorized himself as weak. Because of that, his first thought when Weisheng Moran entered his field of vision wasn’t to defeat her or drive her away. Instead, he frowned as if he was facing a great enemy. Thus, three forces now occupied the Imperialdragon Palace.

With her green paper umbrella, the girl descended, her long dress spreading out like lotus leaves. Her long, slender legs that were faintly visible provoked the imagination.

All Zhan Yuance could do was close his eyes. In fact, he found her attractive, much like Tianming. But at the thought of her gender, there was resistance despite the few short moments of indulging in her beauty.

Long Longlong wasn’t into her type at all, so he didn’t feel anything. “Weisheng, don’t waste your time. Zhan Yuance and I have been trying to figure it out for an entire month. There’s nothing here.”

This time, Weisheng Moran didn’t respond. She stared at the war drum in her hand, then scanned the palace. “Try all three.” Her feminine voice echoed throughout the huge palace.

“Her voice is even softer than mine….” The girl in pink standing next to Long Longlong couldn’t help but stick out her tongue.

However, Zhan Yuance and Long Longlong seemed to think of something upon hearing Weisheng Moran’s suggestion. Glancing at each other, they pulled out a black war drum from their spatial rings.

“We’ve searched the Imperialdragon Palace, so the only thing that may trigger its secrets could be more war drums. Will three be enough?”

With such thoughts, they exchanged a meaningful look, holding the drums tightly in their hands. Then they moved toward each other.

There was movement. The tops of the drums vibrated on their own. Zhan Yuance’s eyes brightened. He had been contemplating for more than a month, but he never imagined that the way to unlock the secret would be to gather the war drums.

As the drums got closer, the vibrations grew stronger and the sound louder. The sound waves produced a storm out of thin air, causing their hair and clothes to fly up. The enormous palace began shaking. When they were about ten meters apart, the sound spread out far beyond the palace, deafening everyone inside.

Zhan Yuance had eight ears and possessed the best hearing in the world, so the sound caused his ears to bleed. The stinging sensation was so bad it almost felt good. The sound of the drums became loud booms. As the palace shook, the warG.o.deans stood unsteadily amidst the thunderous drumming and vibrations.

The three black war drums suddenly expanded to about two meters in diameter as the drumming grew louder and the entire tomb violently shook. A light beam shot out from each of the drums, converging at the top. The most intense vibration transformed into a light wave and swept across the s.p.a.ce. The three people in the center of the collision were sent flying away.

The light above seemed to change. In the light, the outline of a huge figure was faintly discernible.


“Meow, it’s so noisy. Who turned on the light?” Still sleepy, Meow Meow squinted its eyes, its body unsteady as if it had suffered a serious injury. Swaying for a moment, it fell down once more, its feet pointing toward the ceiling. “Never mind. This fish smells so good. I’ll continue savoring it….”


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