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Chapter 857: Probe

The forest shrouded by a strange atmosphere suddenly stiffened. And the reason why the atmosphere stiffened was because of the ten plus shadow faced figures that appeared behind everyone. They slowly walked out and the vicious aura that leaked out of their body made them realize that these people were savage characters willing to go to their death for money.

The large group of people who had been following behind Old Ying Shan slowed their footsteps and came to a stop in the face of these ten plus human figures who had suddenly appeared. Their gazes immediately contained various emotions as they looked at the back of these ten plus people. In this kind of strange atmosphere, the little rational thought that remained in these people, after being seared by greed, would be completely incinerated should someone spur them on.

These ten plus shadowy-faced human figures appeared to be a small group. However, the strength of this group was not weak. The leader, a man with somewhat pale-white hair, was clearly an expert Dou w.a.n.g. The remaining people were also not ordinary people. Although one’s eyes must brighten in a chaotic place like the ‘Black-Corner Region’, everything, including their lives, could be tossed aside in the face of the temptation of absolute profit. This was the source that caused the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to be so chaotic.

Hence, despite many people knowing that the old man whom they were following was a genuine elite Dou Zong, the greed in their hearts still drove them to trail him. Some of the bolder people had already failed to endure the grilling of the greed in their hearts. They took the lead to act.

These ten plus men with fierce auras around them were people belonging to this group. Being newcomers who had only fought in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for a couple of years, they did not possess deep knowledge of the matters regarding Old Ying Shan. Someone who belonged to the old-fas.h.i.+oned older generation. The only thing that they currently knew was that if they were able to s.n.a.t.c.h the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from Old Ying Shan’s hand, they would have the chance to become the peak experts in the world. At that time, forget about a mere ‘Black-Corner Region’, it was likely that the entire Dou Qi continent would shake because of them.

Although these ten plus people were exceptionally greedy, they clearly did possess some ability. The bodies of the group shook when they left the big crowd of people. They strangely merged into the shadows within the forest, quietly forming a formation as they surrounded Old Ying Shan.

Quite a number of factions within the mountain forest immediately paused. Their gazes were filled with pity as they looked at the shadows of the forest. A group of small clowns who were jumping off a plank. They really did not know just how to write the word ‘death’. A treasure might be good but that was only if one had the life to grab it…

The ten plus human figures swiftly borrowed the dark environment and appeared around Old Ying Shan in front of the many gazes both under the sunlight and in the shadows. A hand signal was quietly extended and the ten plus human figures suddenly rushed forward. They did not reveal the slightest noise, but the sharp weapons in their hands held a cold glint. They carried a dense killing intent that transformed into glowing blades that shot toward every single fatal spot of Old Ying Shan.


The blade glow fell from the sky and immediately pa.s.sed through Old Ying Shan’s body in a strange and illusionary manner. After which, that ten plus human figures quietly landed on the ground with stiffened bodies.

Old Ying Shan paused for a moment because of this. Immediately, he lifted his feet and slowly walked toward the mountain forest without even turning his head around. The ten plus human figures strangely collapsed when his feet stepped forward. Life had swiftly disappeared from their eyes.

The ten plus people who were quite strong had died in an unclear manner within the blink of an eye. The large group of people behind emitted sounds of them inhaling a cold breath. Now that they possessed a clear understanding of the frightening strength of this Old Ying Shan, an unusual pressuring and depressing manner covered this entire mountain forest.


The sounds of a twig cracking suddenly rang out within the forest and broke this stiff atmosphere. Immediately, a countless number of gazes once again shot toward the old back who was slowly walking forward. A crazy greed slowly surfaced deep within their eyes.


Waves of sharp rus.h.i.+ng wind suddenly erupted from the mountain forest as greed surged. One could see a countless number of arrows that contained a shocking force being shot over in all directions from shadowed corners!

The dense arrows shot out like rain droplets. However, when they were still over ten feet from Old Ying Shan, all of the arrows stilled. They were driven by an unusual force as they slowly turned. All of them were shot back in the same manner amid the ‘Xiu Xiu’ sound that came from all directions. In an instant, miserable cries howled within this mountain forest.

“Kill him!”

“I will be able to obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva once I kill him!”

“With the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, I will be able to find the Bodhisattva Heart. At that time, I will become elite Dou Sheng. This ‘Black-Corner Region’ will belong to me!”

The miserable sharp howls did not cause the human crowd, whose rational thought had been overcome by greed, to withdraw even a little. Instead, the fresh bright-red blood stirred the ferocity in the hearts of many people. Numerous roars of fury immediately sounded. The mountain forest had turned into a complete chaos. A countless number of people grasped their weapons as they wildly charged toward Old Ying Shan. Their bright-red eyes appeared just like a wild beast that had lost its reasoning.

Old Ying Shan did not display the slightest panic in the face of this attack by a mob. A shocking Dou Qi pillar shot out as he raised his hand. Anyone who was struck by this Dou Qi pillar would immediately spit out blood and lose their lives unless one was an expert at the Dou Huang cla.s.s. An elite Dou Zong was actually this strong!

Xiao Yan’s gaze was indifferent as he looked down at the chaotic situation that had erupted in the mountain forest below from the top of a hill. This kind of situation was not at all interesting since it was a one-sided ma.s.sacre. Some of the factions who had some strength did not attack at this moment. Those that acted were mostly some roaming worriers. These kinds of people were no different from ants in Old Ying Shan’s hands. The only thing different was whether it was a single ant or a group of ants…

Xiao Yan’s gaze did not s.h.i.+ft away because of the bloodiness that permeated the air. From the start until the end, his gaze was firmly locked onto Old Ying Shan’s body. Although he did not know the reason, his heart faintly felt that there was something not quite right…

“This Old Ying Shan really has a good temper. Isn’t he tired from this killing?” Xiao Li studied the forest dyed red by the fresh blood before he involuntarily frowned and questioned.

Xiao Yan also knit his brows when he heard Xiao Li’s words. The Old Ying Shan today was indeed acting a little too strangely. However, it was clear that his aura was the same as the one he had seen at the auction back then. In other words, the Old Ying Shan below was not some replacement that he had specifically sought.

“Something is not quite right. If one carefully senses his aura, it seems to lack the purity of an elite Dou Zong…” The Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before she suddenly gave her input.

Xiao Yan was initially startled when he heard this before his expression immediately changed. The Spiritual Perception strength within his body spread out like floodwater from between his brows without holding back. Within a short instant, it completely wrapped around the entire mountain forest.

Everything in front of Xiao Yan’s eyes had changed after being wrapped by his Spiritual Perception. Everyone’s appearance after the great transformation was no longer the shape of a human body. Instead, every single human body was filled with different colored energy. Some of these energies were as hot as fire or as cold as ice. It was the method in which the Dou Qi in these people’s bodies displayed itself.

With the help from the scanning by his Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan also discovered some traces of the experts hidden around him. Coincidentally, the group from the Demon Flame Valley had also been discovered by him. However, before he could carefully investigate, a cold snort suddenly sounded from within the Demon Flame Valley’s group. A cold, powerful spiritual ripple suddenly spread out and violently collided with Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception.


An invisible spiritual ripple spread from the collision, carrying a wave of invisible wind as it did so.

Xiao Yan suddenly emitted a m.u.f.fled groan on the hilltop. Immediately, his eyes turned cold as he looked at a hidden spot not far away. That place was where the people from the Demon Flame Valley were hiding. The frigid snort as well as the chilly spiritual ripple should have originated from that mysterious gray-robed person.

“What is it?” The Little Fairy Doctor and the others by his side hurriedly asked when they heard Xiao Yan m.u.f.fled groan.

“I’m fine.” Xiao Yan waved his hand. His gaze once again turned to the mountain forest below. At this moment, his Spiritual Perception had gathered on Old Ying Shan.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception was firmly locked onto Old Ying Shan. Perhaps it was because his Spiritual Perception was isolated by the energy from the gray robe, but he could only sense a dusky existence when his Spiritual Perception scanned the area. Even Xiao Yan was unable to sense just what was hidden within that dusky existence.

This situation caused Xiao Yan to frown. He immediately clenched his teeth and his Spiritual Perception intensity suddenly soared!

Following the intense surging of the Spiritual Strength within Xiao Yan’s body, a piercing pain began to be transmitted from his head. However, Xiao Yan did not pause because of this. His Spiritual Perception was just like an awl that wildly drilled into the layer of energy that was wrapped around Old Ying Shan’s body.

This drilling action continued for around two minutes. Just when Xiao Yan was unable to endure the piercing pain in his head and was about to give up, he heard a slight ‘chi chi’ sound. The Spiritual Strength that had been blocked suddenly rushed in and immediately broke the layer of invisible energy wrapped around Old Ying Shan’s body.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception swiftly swept across Old Ying Shan after that invisible energy had been broken. His expression suddenly became gloomy.

“This old fellow… is indeed crafty!”


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