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Chapter 758: Situation

Xiao Yan felt it was comical as he looked at this shocked and dull manner of Yue Mei. He said, “Has Commander Yue Mei recalled it?”

Yue Mei slowly recovered from her shock when she heard this. Her face alternated between green and white. She would never have thought that this strong person, who could kill two Dou w.a.n.gs by lifting his hand, would actually be that young man who had fled in a miserable fas.h.i.+on while being chased by her.

She recalled that Xiao Yan was merely a Dou s.h.i.+ when she had met him back then. Now, however… how was it possible for him to reach this stage within a short few years?

Yue Mei’s face was volatile. While an astonishment toward this smiling black-robed, young man rose within her heart, her body involuntarily took two steps back. Her voice carried caution as she said, “What are you planning to do?”

Back then, Xiao Yan was chased by her until he became extremely miserable. If he had not met Gu He’s group along the way, it was likely that she would have captured him. Hence, Yue Mei was also somewhat worried that Xiao Yan was planning on taking revenge on her by appearing and helping her.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Yue Mei’s cautious and uncertain manner. He waved his hand and said, “Relax, Commander Yue Mei. Xiao Yan is not an unforgiving person. I have long forgotten about those matters back then.”

Yue Mei only quietly sighed in relief when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. Immediately, she was shocked as she cried out involuntarily, “Xiao Yan? You say that your name is Xiao Yan?” Her eyes were filled with doubt as they swept over the former after a surprised voice escaped her mouth. After having fought shoulder to shoulder beside the Yan Alliance for such a long time, she naturally knew that the young chief of the ‘Yan Alliance’ was named this!

“The chief of the Yan Alliance?” Yue Mei involuntarily cried out again as she blinked her eyelashes and quickly asked a question.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

Yue Mei was startled when she watched Xiao Yan nod his head. It was a moment later before Yue Mei muttered, “It is indeed you… how unexpected, the small Dou s.h.i.+ from a few years ago is actually the owner of the most powerful faction within the Jia Ma Empire.” Yue Mei’s heart could not resist sighing as she said these words. The little fellow whom she could knead as she pleased back then was now able to knead her as he pleased. This kind of extreme change really caused Yue Mei to feel that things were unreal.

“I cannot be called its owner. It is just that I have brought some factions within the empire together.” Xiao Yan laughed and casually replied.

Yue Mei smiled bitterly upon hearing this. These words might be spoken with ease but the difficulty of getting those significantly strong faction to willingly join an alliance was not any less difficult than destroying them all. She also gradually calmed her heart when her gaze glanced at Xiao Yan. She frowned and said, “However, you are really acting extremely irresponsibly for an alliance chief. You did not appear even though such big trouble befell the Yan Alliance. If not for Her Majesty advancing to the Dou Zong cla.s.s, it is likely that the Yan Alliance would have long been eliminated from the Jia Ma Empire by the three sects.”

Xiao Yan also laughed bitterly and sighed when he saw Yue Mei’s expression. “I was undertaking a retreat this time around. By the time I came out, such an important and big thing had unexpectedly happen. That’s right, what is the situation like recently?” Xiao Yan’s expression was stern when he reached the end of his sentence as he asked with a serious face.

“Very bad…” Yue Mei’s face also gradually became gloomy when she mentioned this. She said, “Not long ago, Her Majesty exchanged blows with that Sect Leader of the Poison Sect once. Both parties were injured. That Sect Leader from the Poison Sect quietly went into hiding after that and seems to be recuperating from the injuries. Her Majesty might also have suffered some injuries but she did not have much time to recuperate. The people from the three sects eyed this opportunity and began attacking. The pressure of the Black Mountain Fortress at the front soared. Although the Sect Leader from the Poison Sect did not partic.i.p.ate this time around, there is Yan Luo Tian from the Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley’s three Elders who practiced the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ who joined hands and attacked. They are existences who could contend with an elite Dou Zong. This time around… Her Majesty is injured and will likely have difficulty blocking their combined attack.”

Xiao Yan’s heart also sank a little when he heard the situation was even worse than what Yan Cheng had described. Medusa was currently the strongest person on the Jia Ma Empire’s side. If she were to be defeated, it would undoubtedly cause their morale to greatly fall. Some of the originally uncertain people might even begin fleeing. At that time, the Jia Ma Empire would really be finished…

“Other than the peak level experts, we have also fallen into a disadvantage in terms of the Dou Huang and the Dou w.a.n.g cla.s.s. After all, the other party is the strongest sects from the three empires. However, overall speaking, we can still barely block them. Hence, the most crucial point in this big fight is the decisive battle among the peak experts of both sides.” Yue Mei spoke in a solemn manner.

“However… only Her Majesty on our side is an elite Dou Zong. The other party, on the other hand, has three… ugh, if Her Majesty is able to successfully block Yan Luo Tian and the three Elders from the Mulan Valley today, we will still be able to endure for a period of time. If she cannot… we will be completely finished.” Yue Mei’s expression became darker by the time she spoke until the end. Currently, their Snake-People Race had already been tied with the Jia Ma Empire on the same boat. If the Jia Ma Empire were to be defeated, their Snake-People Race would definitely be unable to block the three sect alliance. Yue Mei’s fist tightened when she thought of how a countless number of her race would be captured as slaves once the Snake-People Race was defeated. That kind of miserable ending was even worse than death.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. He faced the sky and let out a long breath. This situation was indeed quite bad. Three Dou Zongs…

“Bring me to the Black Mountain Fortress.” Xiao Yan lowered his head and suddenly spoke in a deep voice a moment later.

Xue Mei was not surprised when she heard this. She nodded slightly and sighed, “Follow me. However, it might make no difference even if you go. Even an expert Dou Huang like you would likely not be able to intervene in a battle between the Dou Zong cla.s.s. Unless you are able to practice a combined fighting Qi Method like the three Elders from Mulan Valley.” From the way she saw it, despite Xiao Yan being an elite Dou Huang, he and the Dou Zong cla.s.s were still separated by a gully that was difficult to cross, much like the difference between a Dou w.a.n.g and a Dou Huang.

Xiao Yan quietly smiled when he heard Yue Mei’s words. He did not voice any retort. He raised his head to the sky and laughed, “Little girl, aren’t you coming down?”

Yue Mei was startled when she saw this action of Xiao Yan. She did not sense the aura of anyone else present in this place.

A lovely little figure suddenly flashed down from high in the sky while Yue Mei was feeling uncertain. The latter focused her eyes and discovered that the other party was only a little girl. She was immediately somewhat at a loss. However, when her gaze saw the pair of Dou Qi wings on the little girl’s back, her loss transformed into a dullness. She involuntarily cried out, “She is also an expert Dou w.a.n.g?”

If it was said that Xiao Yan’s ability to reach the Dou Huang cla.s.s at his age caused Yue Mei to be somewhat astonished, Zi Yan in front of her caused her to suddenly feel uncertain about whether practicing Dou Qi was becoming easier.

This thought of hers was confirmed during Zi Yan’s next sentence.

Zi Yan’s body was suspended in mid-air as she looked down at the ignorant from a high vantage point. She curled her small lips and said, “I have just advanced to the Dou Huang cla.s.s a few days ago, thank you…”

Xiao Yan could not help but smile and shake his head when he saw Yue Mei’s eyes become completely dull because of these words from Zi Yan. He said, “This girl’s original form is a Magical Beast. Hence, she is not as small as how she appears. Alright, we should hurry. The situation at the Black Mountain Fortress is not optimistic.”

Yue Mei only gradually recovered from her dull state when she heard this. She let out a heavy sigh of relief within her heart. Fortunately… if this little girl had really become an elite Dou Huang at such an age, would she not die of embarra.s.sment for still being in the Dou w.a.n.g cla.s.s after training for so many years?

“However, other than consuming a ‘Body Transformation Pill’, did a Magical Beast not need to reach rank 7 in order to transform into a human form?” Yue Mei’s heart was still somewhat doubtful as she muttered to herself. However, she did not dare to delay any longer. She had recovered some Dou Qi from the medicinal pill that Xiao Yan had given her earlier, enabling her to summon Dou Qi wings. After which, she led the way at the front and flew toward the Black Mountain Fortress.

Xiao Yan’s body followed close behind Yue Mei. His eyes looked into the distance and he clenched his fist. He muttered, “Cai Lin, endure for a little longer. I will be there soon…”

The Black Mountain Fortress sat on the northeastern border of the Jia Ma Empire. It was the grandest fortress within a five hundred kilometer radius. Ever since it was built, it had stood for a century without falling. During this period of time, it had experienced a couple of big battles, but they were unable to leave behind many scars on this enormous fortress. From this, it could be seen just how solid it was.

Currently, the Black Mountain Fortress had become the place where the most intense fights between the Yan Alliance, Snake-People Race and the three sects occurred. A couple of crucial battles that could decide the result of the fight had erupted in this place.

Today, a big battle that was even more alarming than any other instance was about to erupt in this place. A countless number of gazes were thrown at a specific spot. This was because everyone knew that if Medusa was able to remain undefeated in the face of the joined attack by Yan Luo Tian from the Gold Geese Sect and the three Elders of the Mulan Valley, the Jia Ma Empire might have a chance of catching its breath. If she was defeated… the Jia Ma Empire, Yan Alliance and the Snake-People Race would be eliminated from this piece of land!

Hence, the big battle today decided whether the Jia Ma Empire would perish or remain!


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