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Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Activity of the Misty Cloud Sect

There were three human figures sitting in a heavily guarded hall in the enormous mansion of the Primer clan situated in the capital of the Jia Ma Empire. The atmosphere there was somewhat heavy.

“Ya Fei, has something happened for you to call us all here so anxiously?” An old man who was wearing a pale-blue robe in the lower part of the hall knit his brows slightly and looked at the beautiful lady seated on the leader’s seat before taking the lead to speak.

“Ke ke, that’s right. Ya Fei xiao-jie, we have coincidentally received an a.s.signment today and we are in a rush.” A man was seated in a wheelchair on the other side of the hall. His gaze was also looking at the lady seated on the leader’s seat as he smiled and spoke
TL: xiao-jie – a form of address to a lady (daughter) of a rich and powerful family

“Big brother Xiao Ding, you can just call me Ya Fei. This form of address of yours appear much too stranger like.” The lady in the leader’s seat had a jade-like face and picture like eyes. The smiling arc that was lifted on the corner of her sleek red mouth easily filled her with a mature and enchanting style, appearing extremely eye-catching. This familiar face was naturally Ya Fei, who had quite a good relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Yan.

Hearing the way she addressed the man, he was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s big brother, Xiao Ding!

“The main reason for me to hurriedly summon Old Hai and Xiao Ding over is because I have received some bad news.” Ya Fei delicate finger pressed softly on the table as she knit her eyebrows slightly and said, “According to the information, the Misty Cloud Sect is currently having quite the big activity. The last time the Misty Cloud Sect had any activity was when it attacked the Xiao clan. It is the same this time around. I think their aim is quite big.”

While she mentioned the part about attacking the Xiao clan, Ya Fei’s gaze also gently drifted toward Xiao Ding who was seated in a wheelchair. However, the latter did not show the slightest movement. He still maintained the spring like smile. That manner was as though the issue of the Xiao clan being nearly exterminated back then had not the slightest relations.h.i.+p with him.

“There is movement in the Misty Cloud Sect again?” Hai Bodong by his side frowned intently when he heard this. He said, “What do they wish to do this time around?”

“I am temporarily unaware of their motive. Moreover, their activity is extremely secretive. If my current information network had not already extended into the Misty Cloud Sect, it is likely that I would have difficulty sensing it.” Ya Fei shook her head as she opened her red lips slightly to speak.

“Don’t tell me that they are targeting us? How did they discover that the remnant members of the Xiao clan are protected by our Primer clan?” Hai Bodong frowned intently and spoke in a deep voice.

“This is only still a guess. All the activities of the Misty Cloud Sect these years are increasingly unlike the old sect which maintained an aloof status. I think that even the imperial family has also been studying each and every action of theirs. However, Yun Shan’s strength is really too strong. Hence, even the imperial family doesn’t dare make any unusual movements in fear of provoking this enormous being, which is in such close proximity, creating a situation which they will have difficulty resolving.” Ya Fei voiced her thoughts.

“The Primer clan is one of the three large clans of the Jia Ma Empire with an enormous implication, completely unlike our Xiao clan back then. If the Misty Cloud Sect wishes to act against you, it would definitely result in instability within the empire. The other factions are unl

ikely to just sit there and allow the Primer clan to be destroyed by the Misty Cloud Sect. Of course, there is an exception to everything. It is just as all of you have said. The Misty Cloud Sect is originally the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire. Now, with the addition of an expert like Yun Shan, the other factions would be a little afraid even if they desired to help.” Xiao Ding, who was seated in the wheelchair, crossed his ten fingers in front of him and slowly spoke.

“These words have some logic to them. However, we should always be careful. Xiao Ding, you should get your clan members to avoid going out as much as possible during this period of time. The Primer clan also needs to quietly become alert. Should the Misty Cloud Sect really start any activity, we would at least not be caught off-guard.” Hai Bodong paced up and down the hall for awhile before speaking in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Xiao Ding nodded his head slightly. He watched the tight frown on Hai Bodong’s old face and sighed softly, “Old Hai, I’m really sorry. It is all because of our Xiao clan. We have actually implicated your Primer clan.”

“Why are you still saying this now?” Hai Bodong waved his hand toward Xiao Ding. He spoke with a faint smile, “Moreover, we are not really helping you without reason. You can treat it as the old me is using my old life and the Primer clan as stakes in a bet.”

“Old Hai is betting that my third brother will be able to return and defeat the Misty Cloud Sect? If that is the case, that is indeed a very bold gamble.” Xiao Ding laughed softly as he replied.

“In that case, do you believe that the little fellow will return and turn the tide?” Hai Bodong grinned and returned the question.

Xiao Ding rubbed his nose and smiled. He softly said, “I naturally believe so. Moreover, I can even sense that this day might not be too far away…”

“The old me also share your thoughts. Ha ha.”

A smile also rose on Ya Fei’s lips as she watched the two smiling figures. A black-robed, young man with a pair of dark-black eyes slowly surfaced in her head.

“Little fellow, I also believe that you will return to the Jia Ma Empire as a strong person!”

In a remote hall at the back mountain of the Misty Cloud Sect.

The empty hall was completely silent. There was an extremely beautiful and striking white-clothed woman located in the middle of the hall. She quietly sat on the futon and had her eyes tightly shut.


The sound of a door being opened suddenly sounded within the s.p.a.cious large hall. Immediately, the tightly shut door was slowly opened and a thread of moonlight followed the gap and spread into the hall. Finally, it wrapped around the white-clothed woman, much like a faint, silver, yarn layer, causing the latter to be like a fairy in the sky who was filled with a n.o.bility and ethereal feeling that was difficult to describe.

An old figure slowly walked in after the door opened. Finally, his footsteps halted at a spot not far from the white-clothed woman. He spoke with a faint smile, “Yun-er, are you still angry with teacher?”

The white-clothed woman slowly opened her tightly shut eyes when she heard the old voice. Those gem-like pupils revealed an unusual charm under the reflection of the moonlight, setting off that n.o.ble, ethereal, indifferent, pretty face, causing one to feel humbled. This familiar face was surprisingly the Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect back then, Yun Yun!

The three years did not leave behind the slightest trace on her face. Instead, her n.o.ble aura became increasingly richer as it was brewed by time. However, under the n.o.bility hid a little coldness that she did not possess back then.

“Teacher, why are you free to come to this ‘Forbidden Hall’?” The white-clothed woman glanced at the old man in front of her but she did not stand up. Her voice contained some self-mocking.

“Ugh, Yun-er, you still possessed such a temper. You have forgotten how your teacher has trained you because of a Xiao clan that is completely unrelated to you?” The old man sighed as he spoke in a manner that was a little resentful that she did not meet his expectations.

“Yun Yun naturally remembered teacher’s education deep within my heart.” Yun Yun’s pretty face was somewhat bitter. A moment later, she muttered softly, “However, why do you need to treat a little Xiao clan in this manner? By doing this, you and Xiao… there will be a point where neither of you will rest until the other die.”

“So be it. He is but a younger generation who thinks that he has some talent. Can he really cause I, Yun Shan, to be afraid?” The old man’s face immediately became ugly when he heard Yun Yun mention that person once again. He swung his sleeves and spoke with a cold smile, “That fellow was chased out of the Jia Ma Empire three years ago. However, there are no news of that fellow from the few neighboring countries during these three years. He might have already died somewhere.”

Yun Yun shook her head when she heard Yun Shan’s words and ceased speaking.

“Alright, I am not here to discuss that fellow with you. As long as you forget about that brat, I will once again let you ascend to the position of sect leader. However, looking at it now, you are still unable to forget him.” Yun Shan studied the atmosphere with a little frustration. He also frowned and spoke in a dark, cold voice, “I will definitely not let off that Xiao clan. I have already received information that the remnant members of the Xiao clan should be protected by the Primer clan. That old fellow Hai Bodong has been hindering my Misty Cloud Sect time and time again. Does he really think that the old me cannot finish him off? This time around, I will let the Xiao clan be completely eliminated from the Jia Ma Empire!”

“You want to act against the Primer clan?” Yun Yun was immediately startled when she heard this. There was some involuntary anger in her tone, “The Primer clan is one of the three large clans within the Jia Ma Empire. If the Misty Cloud Sect acts against them, we will definitely arouse the displeasure of many factions. Does teacher want to place the Misty Cloud Sect in a position that opposes everyone in the Jia Ma Empire?”

“They are but a bunch of dancing clowns.” Disdain flashed across Yun Shan’s old face as he coldly laughed, “If they really want to intervene, then it’s just as well. The Jia Ma Empire has been peaceful for too long. It is considered not bad for our Misty Cloud Sect to give it a good wash.”

Yun Yun was shocked as she observed Yun Shan whose character had changed drastically from before. She really felt a great disbelief. The teacher whom she had respected the most back then had actually turned into this manner.

“Teacher, if you continue to remain unrepentant, the Misty Cloud Sect will sooner or later be ruined in your hands!” Yun Yun clenched her silver teeth and spoke furiously.

“Yun Yun, you are becoming bolder and bolder now! You actually dare to speak to me in this manner!” Yun Shan’s expression turned cold as he reprimanded. He immediately swung his sleeves, turned around, and walked out of the hall, “The Misty Cloud Sect will not be destroyed in my hands. Instead, I will lead it to a height that never existed in the past. That level is something that none of the previous sect leaders of the Misty Cloud Sect ever reached!”

Yun Shan paused just as he was about to exit the hall. He coldly said, “Additionally, it is best that you forget about that brat. Don’t hold the wishful thinking that he will still return to the Jia Ma Empire. Even if he did return, the first thing the old me would do is take his little life. Moreover, the Misty Cloud Sect will destroy his entire clan. You, being the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, means that you and him is an impossibility!”

Yun Shan stepped forward after saying this and walked out of the hall. He waved his sleeves and the large, thick door shut tightly with a bang.

Yun Yun clenched her fist tightly as she watched the tightly shut door. A moment later, some emotional pain and dejection surfaced on her brilliantly beautiful face…


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