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Chapter 56: Jia Nan Academy

For the Primer Auction House, today was definitely the busiest day in the past half a year. Inside the expansive and s.p.a.cious reception lounge, many people were chattering away and moving about which made Xiao Yan’s group head hurt with all of the noise. It was as if a large buzzing insect was flying around in their ears and wouldn’t leave.

Looking at the crowd so densely packed together that even an ant couldn’t get through, Xiao Zhan shook his head helplessly. It would be for the best for the auction house security guards to help escort his group through the VIP entrance. That would be the best way to get in.

Inside the Auction House, although the number of people was definitely not too few, compared to the lounge outside, it was relatively peaceful. Xiao Zhan looked around the bustling floor as he walked along casually with Xiao Yan and some other clan members to find their seats.

Sitting on one of the edge seats, Xiao Yan looked around the hall with a bored expression while leaning back in his chair without a care in the world,

“Elder Sister, in another half a year, the enrollment period of Jia Nan Academy will start right?” Xiao Yan was leisurely sitting and almost fell asleep when his ears picked up the question Xiao Ning had asked. The mentioning of that special name caused his eyebrows to raise slightly in interest.

Jia Nan Academy, a famous Dou Qi Academy in the Dou Qi Mainland, was armed with a strength that wildly exceeds the common man’s imagination. It is said that one has to be about Da Dou s.h.i.+ level to become a teacher in Jia Nan Academy. And, even the famous Misty Cloud Faction cannot match up to the might of Jia Nan Academy.

In the Dou Qi Mainland, Academies are somewhat different from clans. If one joins a clan, he would not only be restricted by the clan but would also have to watch his every action as it would reflect back on the clan. An academy was different since all ties would be cut off after graduation!

Even though that is said, humans are not unfeeling animals. In an ivory tower like the academy, students become easily attached to the academy. After graduating, these faint feelings will become the reason why graduates are willing to support the academy to the best of their abilities.

One person’s help might not make much of a difference but if there were thousands or tens of thousands of people helping, that would be quite a scary force….. and this, was the aim of every academy.

Enrolling into an academy was also the best shortcut in obtaining Dou Techniques and Qi Methods. At an academy on the level of Jia Nan, if one’s performance was stellar, he might catch the eye of a teacher, which would open up doors to high level Qi Methods and Dou Techniques. With these two in hand, the distance to becoming a strong Dou Zhe would be shortened by quite a bit.

Qi Methods, Dou Techniques and Alchemy Pills are the three most sought after commodities in the Dou Qi Mainland. Jia Nan Academy dominates in two of these fields, thus people all over the mainland believe that if one were able to enter Jia Nan Academy, one would never again need to worry about their future. Everyone who graduates from Jia Nan Academy is a highly sought after talent with bright prospects.

Therefore, every year, countless youths from all over Jia Ma Country try all sorts of ideas in hopes of somehow getting into Jia Nan Academy.

Thus, Jia Nan Academy is definitely a great place, however it’s enrolment criterias are extremely strict: To reach the 9th Duan Dou Qi before the age of 18!

These requirements bar many of the less talented people and thus only the truly gifted are left to enter Jia Nan Academy.

Having heard Xiao Ning’s inquiry, Xiao Yu gave a slight nod. With a quick glance at Xiao Yan, she proudly replied: “Fret not, you have already fulfilled the criteria. Furthermore the one in charge of recruitment in Wu Tan City is my teacher, who is a 5 star Da Dou s.h.i.+. Together with the fact that I am here to put in a word for you, there is definitely no problem for you at all.”

“Haha, that’s great.” Having heard her reply, Xiao Ning’s face lit up like fireworks and nodded his head in excitement.

Hearing their conversation, Xiao Yan’s mouth slightly twitched. If it was before, he could only enter Jia Nan Academy in hopes of obtaining higher tier Dou Techinques and Qi Methods. But now, since he had Yao Lao, whose origins remained a mystery, as a teacher, Jia Nan Academy no longer interested him.

“Does Xiao Yan ge-ge not plan to take the entrance test for Jia Nan Academy in half a year?” Xun Er softly asked, having picked up Xiao Yan’s lack of interest.

At Xun Er’s question, Xiao Yu raised her brow and cast a gaze towards the two, she had already made up her mind that if the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was going to try to go to Jia Nan Academy, she would tell her teacher to make him suffer a bit.

Xiao Yan rubbed his nose and lazily replied: “Not interested. What could I possibly learn with a bunch of wimpy kids? If I wanted Dou Techniques, jumping off cliffs in search for hidden treasures would be more exhilarating.”

“Humph, what a boastful tone. Do you really think an Academy would beg for you to join? Don’t be so arrogant just because you’re blessed with a bit of talent; there are many in Jia Nan Academy who could easily match you. In fact, not entering would be better for you, given your hateful character, all you would find there is a world of beatings.” At Xiao Yan’s belittlement of the academy she was intensely proud of, Xiao Yu interjected icily as her expression turned frosty.

Xiao Yan turned his sight to sweep over the indignant Xiao Yu, the sides of his mouth slanted downwards, yet he could not be bothered with her. His promise with Nalan Yanran would need to be fulfilled in less than two years. The only goal he had now was to surpa.s.s that woman.

There was not much time left but the difference between them was still too vast. Xiao Yan did not believe that there was anyone in Jia Nan Academy who would be able to help him surpa.s.s Nalan Yanran in the two years left.

Since they could not help him, why would he bother to enroll into that lousy academy? Unless they could instruct him in the Alchemy Arts like Yao Lao? But even if they could, could they match up to Yao Lao’s skills?

Shaking his head, Xiao Yan decided not to debate with her about academies anymore. Taking a look around, he found that two other large clan’s members had also entered the auction.

After yet another crowd had pa.s.sed by, Xiao Yan suddenly felt a cold gaze. Briefly turning, he realised the owner of the gaze was the one he had clashed with in the marketplace: Jia Lie Ao.

Currently, the young master of the Jia Lie Clan was staring at him with malicious intent while occasionally sneaking l.u.s.tful glances at the exquisite figure of Xun Er beside him. This caused Xiao Yan to stare back, eliciting an evil smile from the young master.

Coolly staring at Jia Lie Ao whose mouth kept opening and closing, Xiao Yan was barely able to decipher his intentions: “Little useless trash from the Yan Clan, you have finally completed your Coming of Age ritual right? Better not let the young master see you in Wu Tan City or else….. heh heh!”

Slightly squinting at Jia Lie Ao who had burst out into laughter, Xiao Yan faintly smiled as a viscous light flashed in his eyes.


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