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Chapter 1005:

The Whereabouts of Feng Zun-zhe


The mouse tide sonic wave that came from all directions completely scattered. Finally, they spread all over the place in a chaotic fas.h.i.+on. In an instant, the forest around the rock stairs suffered. The sonic wave were just like blades which completely cut the many trees right through the middle amid ‘swash swash’ sounds.

Xiao Yan looked at the mouse tide sonic wave that faced a total defeat from the sky. He was also a little stunned. His heart clearly understood that the reason he was able to achieve such an effect was likely because of the thread of dragon aura he had obtained from the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill. Otherwise, with just the level of the Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar, it was definitely impossible to achieve such a shocking effect even if it could fight against such a great sonic wave.

“I have never discovered such a benefit during my fight with humans. This dragon aura seems to pose greater harm to Magical Beasts.” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the surroundings of the rock stairs. He had begun to tremble upon discovering the countless numbers of Gold Swallowing Mouse. The fierceness from earlier had completely disappeared. Clearly, that roar had caused them significant harm.

Xiao Yan hugged Nalan Yanran’s narrow waist. He hesitated for a moment before finally moving. After which, he rushed to the top of the mountain without any hinderance. Only then did he gently set her down.

At this moment, the platform and the mountain top were completely silent. No one expected that Xiao Yan would choose the fiercest method to breakthrough the checkpoint. Moreover, the thing that really caused everyone to be speechless was that he had actually really managed to successfully destroy that mouse tide sound array that was formed by a countless number of Gold Swallowing Mouse. It was likely that very few people present could achieve this.

“This fellow is indeed an abnormal being…” Quite a number of people muttered in their hearts as a strange look appeared in their eyes.

“*Cough*…” Beside the rock stairs, Jin s.h.i.+, who was stunned for a moment, had finally recovered. He looked at the weary Gold Swallowing Mouse and involuntarily laughed. It was unexpected that this fellow possessed such a technique. Now that he had done this, the strength of the mouse tide sound array would definitely have been reduced. This will end up giving those after him an advantage.

Jin s.h.i.+ sighed helplessly. He waved his hand and said, “The challenge is a success. Next. You have less than half an hour.”

A human figure hurriedly walked forward upon hearing Jin s.h.i.+’s words. After which, he swiftly walked to the rock stairs…


On the mountain top, Xiao Yan took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring, handed it to Nalan Yanran and inquired, “Are you alright?”

Nalan Yanran shook her head gently after receiving the medicinal pill. She softly replied, “I’m fine… thank you.”

Xiao Yan smiled. Only then did he turn his gaze and sweep it across the top of the mountain. This Heaven Eye Mountain’s peak was quite large. Moreover, it was filled with potholes. Rocks were scattered all over it. The spot where the four others were located was coincidentally a flat stone platform that was cut from an enormous rock. However, he did not see the Heaven Eye Blood Pool. It was likely located in some other place.

Xiao Yan made a brief observation of his surroundings before turning his gaze to Feng Qing Er and the three others. At this moment, these four people were also throwing their gazes to him. Tang Ying’s and Mu Qing Luan’s gazes were still alright. However, Feng Qing Er’s and w.a.n.g Chen’s gazes were somewhat unfriendly.

“Congratulations.” Tang Ying’s cold face revealed a smile as he cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan.

“Thank you.” Xiao Yan smiled. He did not have any ill feelings toward Tang Ying. Hence, he was quite courteous to him. He completely ignored Feng Qing Er and w.a.n.g Chen by the side. This kind of complete disregard also caused the chill in their eyes to become denser.

The eyes of Mu Qing Luan by the side looked toward the next challenger on the rock stairs before turning her gaze away after seeing that there was little suspense. She observed Xiao Yan with some interest and saucily asked, “What level of mastery has your Three Thousand Lightning Movement reached?”

Mu Qing Luan had actually asked such a question in front of Feng Qing Er. Clearly, Mu Qing Luan’s intention was to make her feel unhappy. As expected, Feng Qing Er’s face became even colder upon hearing these words. She faintly said, “Mu Qing Luan, taking the opportunity to gain advantage with your tongue now does not show that you have any ability. I will test and see if your strength has improved during these four years in the Four Pavilion Grand Meeting three months from now.”

Mu Qing Luan lifted the corner of her mouth and smiled as she replied, “I am rather looking forward to it. I wonder if the luck from the last round will appear on you again?”

“You know best in your heart whether it was good luck.” Feng Qing Er raised her pretty eyes gently. Her calm voice had a kind of provoking aura.

Xiao Yan was also stunned when he saw the two clas.h.i.+ng. It seemed that the four pavilions were not as harmonious as he had thought. However, he also felt quite pleased at being able to see Feng Qing Er suffer a loss. Perhaps it was due to her ident.i.ty, but this woman gave him a terrible impression right from the start.

“Miss Mu, may I know if I can have a private word with you?” Xiao Yan asked. He did not wish to intervene in the mutual criticism between these two women. However, the current him was anxiously wis.h.i.+ng to obtain some news.

Mu Qing Luan was also startled when she heard this. This was the first time she had met Xiao Yan, and they could not be considered to be familiar with one another. However, thinking about how Xiao Yan had caused the Wind Lightning Pavilion to lose a great amount of face during this period of time had caused her to have quite a good impression of him. She did not reject him. Instead, her heart contained a little doubt as she nodded her head and gently drifted to one side.

“Don’t move around randomly. Wait for me.” Xiao Yan instructed Nalan Yanran. After which, he swiftly rushed away and slowly landed beside Mu Qing Luan.

“Is there a matter?” Mu Qing Luan’s delicate hand parted the black hair on her forehead as she turned around and laughed with a hand over her mouth.

Looking at Mu Qing Luan from a close proximity, she appeared to be an extremely young girl. However, Xiao Yan knew that this girl was strong. He hesitated for a moment before finally inquiring, “May I inquire if Feng zun-zhe is Miss Mu’s teacher?”

“Yes. Quite a number of people know about this. Don’t tell me that you want to ask this?” Mu Qing Luan raised her thin eyebrows gently as she replied.

“In that case, does Miss Mu know about the whereabouts of elder Feng?” Xiao Yan courteously asked.

“Who exactly are you? Why are you searching for teacher?” Mu Qing Luan narrowed her eyes as she spoke with some caution.

Xiao Yan could only bitterly laugh when he saw the cautious manner of Mu Qing Luan. He hesitated for a moment before relying, “A disciple of an old friend. On orders from my teacher, I have come to look for elder Feng.”

“A disciple of an old friend? Which old friend?” Mu Qing Luan was startled when she heard this. Her gaze carefully observed Xiao Yan before asking.

“This… Miss Feng will be aware of this in the future. However, it is not convenient to talk about it now.” Xiao Yan shook his head and spoke somewhat apologetically. He had never met Feng zun-zhe and was unaware of what his strength was like. Although he had absolute trust in what Yao Lao had said, he was currently no longer that naive little fellow from back then. Acting cautiously was something that had long been deeply imprinted in his bones.

Mu Qing Luan involuntarily curled her mouth when she heard this. Feng zun-zhe had a wide social circle and many friends. This reason was clearly insufficient. However, she did not want to make things even more difficult. With Feng zun-zhe’s strength, it was likely that Xiao Yan would be able to accomplish nothing even if he held ill intent within his heart. Mu Qing Luan immediately waved her hand and said, “Teacher loves to travel. It is difficult to meet him on an ordinary day. However, if you really wish to look for him, you can head to the Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion three months from now.”

“Wind Lightning Pavilion?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard these words. His face was immediately covered with a bitter smile. His relations.h.i.+p with the Wind Lightning Pavilion had already turned to such a state. How could he head to their headquarters? Just a single Fei Tian had already managed to chase him until such a manner. The Wind Lightning Eastern Pavilion was where the headquarters were located. There would definitely be many experts there. It was likely that he would not be able to return after heading there.

“The location of the Four Pavilions Grand Meeting three months from now will be held at the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Being one of the parties partic.i.p.ating in it, my Falling Star Pavilion will naturally be present. At that time, teacher will also head there. If you wish to find him, you can only do so at that time. It is not that I am purposefully playing with you.” Mu Qing Luan spoke in a lovely voice. She covered her mouth and laughed when she saw the bitter smile on Xiao Yan’s face.

“Three months later huh…”

Xiao Yan fell into deep thought after he let out a bitter smile. He finally nodded and said, “Thank you for your information Miss Feng.”

“You aren’t really planning on heading there, are you? Not only will Fei Tian be present in the Four Pavilions Grand Meeting. Even the other two pavilion chiefs will be present. Moreover, there is also the eastern pavilion chief Lei zun-zhe there. You are really seeking death if you head there.” Mu Qing Luan widened her beautiful watery eyes as she stared at Xiao Yan. That appearance was as though she was looking at a fool. From the way she saw it, this action of Xiao Yan was no different from allowing himself to be caught.

“Ke ke, I know my limits.” Xiao Yan grinned and replied. If it was really as Yao Lao had said, Feng zun-zhe would definitely be able to provide him with quite a great amount of help. Should he lend a hand, the chances of successfully rescuing Yao Lao would be much higher. After all, he really did not have many people that could help in the Central Plains.

Mu Qing Luan did not say anything more when she saw Xiao Yan’s insistence. She waved her hands and said, “Since you persist on going, you should not blame me. However, if it is really as you say and you are a disciple of teacher’s old friend, his elderly self might help plead on your behalf and get the Wind Lightning Pavilion to let you off. Even that Lei zun-zhe must give him some face.”

Xiao Yan beamed and nodded. He once again thanked Mu Qing Luan. Immediately, he heard some noise being emitted from the rock platform. He lifted his eyes and saw that there were another two figures who had successfully broke through the mouse tide sonic wave.

“Let’s go, the time is about to be up.” Mu Qing Luan swept over the rock platform before waving her hand. She had just turned around when she hesitated for a moment. Finally, she said, “That’s right. I’ll give you a reminder. Be careful of Feng Qing Er and w.a.n.g Chen.”

Mu Qing Luan’s toes pressed gently on the ground after her words sounded. After which, her body gently drifted forward before landing on a rock.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he looked at Mu Qing Luan’s figure. His gaze immediately flickered over Feng Qing Er and w.a.n.g Chen without leaving any trace. There was a faint cold glint flas.h.i.+ng within his eyes. It would be fine if they did not meddle with him. Should they really choose to be foolish, he would let them know that he, Xiao Yan, was not someone whom others could randomly manipulate!

Chapter 1006:



The attempt to breakthrough the sonic wave checkpoint had gradually reached the end by the time Xiao Yan returned to the rock platform. The thing that caused him to be stunned was that three people had successfully reached the mountain top during this short period of time. Thus, there were nine people on the rock platform. However, after putting aside the two spots for the Gold Swallowing Mouse, there were only eight spots for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool remaining. In other words, there was one person among the nine of them who would lose the opportunity to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Xiao Yan looked at the person who was the last to charge through the checkpoint after landing on the rock platform. After which, he sensed the strength of the sonic wave and involuntarily frowned. It seemed that the current sonic wave was much weaker than before.

Xiao Yan’s heart contained some doubt as he fell deep into thought. A moment later, he looked at the somewhat weary-looking Gold Swallowing Mouse and immediately understood the reason. He let out a bitter laugh. It was unexpected that the people behind him had gained such a great advantage after he had used the Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar.

According to the strength of the mouse tide sound array earlier, at least one of the three people who had succeeded in crossing the checkpoint would have difficulty pa.s.sing through it. The other two might not have had such an easy time crossing it. Xiao Yan had unintentionally helped create a pa.s.sing condition for those fellows behind.

Of course, even though these people possessed such a good condition to cross the checkpoint, they still needed to possess some strength. Those three people earlier all had the strength of a seven star Dou Huang and could not be considered weak.

Xiao Yan sighed helplessly in his heart. Xiao Yan’s gaze turned to a figure that was miserably flas.h.i.+ng on the rock stairs. He shook his head slightly. This person’s strength was only around that of a six star Dou Huang. His chance of success of pa.s.sing through this mouse tide sound array was not very high.

As Xiao Yan had expected, this figure’s Dou Qi was finally exhausted just as he was about a couple dozens of meters from the mountain top. His face turned white and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. After which, his body miserably shot back and finally landed heavily on the platform. His face was one that was not resigned to the situation.

Those people on the platform, who had failed before, also sighed when they saw that this person’s efforts were futile. Their gazes bitterly looked at the mountain top. There were already more than eight people there. In other words, they no longer had the chance to ascend to the peak.

“The challenge is over. For those who failed, there will be someone to send you off the Heaven Eye Mountain.” Jin s.h.i.+ glanced at those unwilling people on the platform while his faint voice announced their fate.

The faces of quite a number of people became much paler when they heard Jin s.h.i.+’s words. However, he ignored them. He waved his hand and a couple of strong people with human bodies and mouse heads walked out, sealing off the rock stairs. After which, Jin s.h.i.+’s body flashed and appeared at the top of the mountain in a ghost-like manner before looking down at Xiao Yan’s group from a higher spot.

Xiao Yan’s group hurriedly bowed when they saw Jin s.h.i.+ appeared. They clearly knew that regardless of who it was, whoever offended the people from the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe would likely end up suffering for it.

Jin s.h.i.+ nodded. He slowly landed on the ground before walking toward the deep parts of the mountain peak. “Follow me.”

Xiao Yan and the others did not dare to slight Jin s.h.i.+ after hearing this. All of them swiftly followed at his pace.

A strange rock forest was at the peak of Heaven Eye Mountain. If one raised one’s head in this place, one would coincidentally be able to see the fluctuations of the extremely dense energy tide. The energy pressure that vaguely spread from it caused one’s heart to involuntarily feel a chill.

The colorful energy tide was just like a wave as it spread out again and again, an extremely majestic scene.

Xiao Yan’s group swiftly jumped through the strange rocks while they endured the energy wave in the sky. This continued for awhile, their footsteps followed Jin s.h.i.+ before gradually coming to a stop.

All of them slowly climbed a steep slope. The scene that appeared in front of them immediately caused them to inhale a breath of cool air.

In front of Xiao Yan’s group was an extremely s.p.a.cious volcano. Wisps of hot fog, that contained fire poison, were repeatedly spat out. In the middle of the volcano was a small pool which was around ten feet in diameter. At this moment, the pool was almost empty. One could vaguely see a fiery-red lava-like substance in it.

“That is the Heaven Eye Blood Pool. However, now is not the time when the energy tide is at its peak. When it reaches the peak, the entire mountain range’s energy will gather at this volcano. At that time, the blood pool will also overflow. All of you only need to enter it at that time.” Jin s.h.i.+ pointed at the pool at the middle of the volcano and faintly spoke.

Everyone’s heart involuntarily leaped when they heard this. Their eyes also became a lot hotter when they looked at the pool. If they could soak in it, they would be able to save an unknown number of years of tough training.

“All of you need to remember that the interior of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool contains an extremely dense fire poison. Hence, you cannot stay in it for too long. All of you must come out after at most three days. Otherwise, if the fire poison enters your body, it is likely that it will be difficult to expel even if your teachers do it personally. The fire poison has acc.u.mulated over a countless number of years. Once it enters your body, it will be just like maggots in one’s bones. Other than some high tier alchemists, it is likely that no one can remove it.” Jin s.h.i.+ spoke with a deep voice.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed a little upon hearing these words. It was unexpected that there was such a danger within this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over Jin s.h.i.+. His heart suddenly understood something. No wonder Xiao Yan felt that he had acc.u.mulated an injury. From the looks of it, the injury should be related to this fire poison.

“Additionally, there are nine of you presently here. In other words, one of you will not be able to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. You will have to decide who cannot enter.” Jin s.h.i.+ raised his eyelids and slowly said.

The atmosphere became mysterious after these words sounded. With the exception of Feng Qing Er and the three others, those other individuals by themselves began to slowly step back a little. There was a little more caution within their eyes as they looked around them.

Jin s.h.i.+ was unconcerned about their reaction. He had just turned around when his footsteps suddenly paused. His eyes turned to Xiao Yan and said, “Follow me.”

Everyone present, including Xiao Yan, was startled when they heard this. Immediately, they threw some unusual gazes at him.

Being the party involved, Xiao Yan hesitated a moment and was just about to speak when he saw Jin s.h.i.+ slowly walked toward the entrance to the volcano. He headed to another peak where a rock pavilion was located. Seeing this, Xiao Yan could only nod his head. He said something to Nalan Yanran and swiftly followed.

Jin s.h.i.+ was already standing with his hands behind his back when he saw Xiao Yan arrived at the rock pavilion. His gaze looked to the colorful energy tide in the sky. He was even able to see that gray-clothed, old man whom he had meet at the maze earlier within the rock pavilion.

Jin s.h.i.+ smiled toward Xiao Yan when he saw him arrive. He glanced at Jin Gu before speaking, “Little fellow, do you know why I have called you over?

Xiao Yan was quiet for a moment when he heard this. After which, he immediately asked, “Because of elder Jin s.h.i.+’s internal injury?”

Xiao Yan clearly sensed Jin s.h.i.+’s body tremble slightly the moment he spoke. Jin Gu, on the other hand, laughed out loud and said, “See, I already said that this fellow is not an ordinary alchemist.”

Jin s.h.i.+ slowly turned around. His originally calm eyes had become exceptionally sharp at this moment. He stared at Xiao Yan and asked somewhat doubtfully, “You are able to tell that I am suffering from internal injuries?” One could not fault him for doubting. It should be known that even some top tier 6 alchemist did not reach this level. Could this young man in front of him, who was twenty plus years old, be at a higher tier than this?

“Aye, I am able to see a little.” Xiao Yan slightly nodded.

“Are you confident you can treat it?” Jin s.h.i.+ took two steps forward and inquired in a deep voice.

“I can take a look.” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment and unceremoniously sat down in front of a rock table. After which, he pointed at the rock chair beside him. Jin s.h.i.+’s mouth twitched upon seeing this, but he could only obey and sit down.

Xiao Yan grabbed Jin s.h.i.+’s arm. His eyes narrowed while a thread of Spiritual Strength swiftly entered his body.

Jin s.h.i.+ and Jin Gu exchanged glances after seeing Xiao Yan shut his eyes. They did not interrupt him by saying anything. Most alchemists were eccentric in nature. Back then, they had suffered a lot just to find an alchemist to help take a look. Xiao Yan was many times better when compared to them.

Xiao Yan continued his probing for awhile before he finally slowly opened his eyes. The expression in them was somewhat solemn.

“How is it?” Jin Gu by the side hurriedly asked.

“The fire poison has entered the body and seeped deep into the bones. This is the first time that I have seen such deep-seated fire poison. It is extremely difficult to expel it.” Xiao Yan withdrew his hand and shook his head. His gaze involuntarily contained some pity when looking at Jin s.h.i.+. Were it not because of this fellow’s great strength, it was likely that he would have turned to ashes from this fire poison.

The expressions of Jin s.h.i.+ and Jin Gu became much gloomier when they heard Xiao Yan uttering a similar observation as some other high tier alchemists.

Xiao Yan rubbed his finger gently over the table when he saw the appearance of these two. A moment later, he finally said, “Although it is extremely difficult to expel, it is not completely without a solution…”


The rock table in front of Jin s.h.i.+ immediately formed some cracks the moment these words sounded. His eyes were heated as he raised his head and stared intently at Xiao Yan. His voice had finally become anxious, “You… mister Xiao Yan is able to expel the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison in my body?”

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not reply. His gaze slide to the area outside of the rock pavilion, appearing unformatable.

Jin s.h.i.+ and Jin Gu were startled when they saw this. They immediately seemed to have understood something. Jin s.h.i.+ hesitated a moment before finally clenching his teeth as he softly said, “As long as you can completely expel the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison in my body, I will give you an opportunity that will guarantee your successful advancement to a Dou Zong!”


The gaze that was looking away from the rock pavilion seemed to have instantly turned back. Xiao Yan’s eyes had also become extremely heated at this moment. He did not hesitate as a heavy word was uttered from his mouth!


Chapter 1007:

Bottom Of The Blood Pool


Jin s.h.i.+ heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. He exchanged glances with Jin Gu by the side. He hesitated for a moment before he slowly uttered, “The Heaven Blood Mountain Pool does indeed possess some miraculous effect of aiding one to breakthrough the bottleneck. However, the chances of this occurring are not very great. Moreover, it is only effective to some experts who have remained at the peak of the Dou Huang cla.s.s for some time. However, looking at your strength, it is likely that it has only been a short period of time since you advanced to a nine star Dou Huang. Hence, even if you enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it would be quite difficult for you if you intend to rely on it to breakthrough to the Dou Zong cla.s.s.”

Xiao Yan nodded. He also felt some doubt within his heart. He valued this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Otherwise, he would not have taken the risk of being captured by the Wind Lightning Pavilion to head over to this place.

“What method does elder Jin s.h.i.+ have in mind?” Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped on the rock table. He suppressed the earlier turbulence in his heart as he softly inquired.

“The mouth of the Heaven Eye Mountain peak volcano is the place with the densest energy within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool is also formed from this enormous amount of energy. However, this is not the most exquisite part of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.” Jin s.h.i.+’s eyes were thrown toward the enormous volcano mouth as he said in a deep voice, “Although most of the energy will agglomerate in the red-colored liquid in that enormous volcano mouth each time an energy tide is formed, a small portion of it will sink down and seep into the deepest portion of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Although it contains only a small amount of energy, it is exceptionally pure, perhaps because it is formed over a long period of time… unfortunately, that place, which possesses a great treasure, is also where the fire poison is the densest.”

The bitterness in Jin s.h.i.+’s face had become quite a lot denser when his words reached the end.

“Could it be that the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison within elder Jin s.h.i.+ was obtained from that place?” Xiao Yan’s expression gradually changed as he asked.

Jin s.h.i.+ sighed and nodded.

“Even with elder Jin s.h.i.+’s strength, you were unable to withstand the corrosion of the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison. Xiao Yan has only the strength of a nine star Dou Huang. How will I be able to endure it?” Xiao Yan involuntarily frowned as he spoke.

“Other people will naturally not dare to enter the bottom of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. However, for you, who possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ it will not be too difficult. Although the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison is like maggots in one’s bones, it will still have no way of dealing with a ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Jin s.h.i.+ smiled as he replied.

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows were involuntarily lifted when he heard this. Ever since he had entered the Heaven Eye Mountain, he had never revealed the ‘Heavenly Flame.’ How did this Jin s.h.i.+ know that he possessed one?

“The noses of our Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe are extremely sharp. We also have an ability that can sense the energy within one’s body. It is not the first time that I have seen a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ and it is only natural that I am aware of the frightening scent of this thing.” Jin s.h.i.+ grinned as he replied, aware of the doubt in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan came to a sudden understanding as he said, “Does elder Jin intend on getting me to head to the bottom of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool and borrow the energy there to break through the Dou Huang cla.s.s?”

Jin s.h.i.+ slightly tilted his head. He glanced at Xiao Yan and said, “That place is an area originally discovered by us, the Gold Swallowing Mouse. In order to open up that place, quite a number of Gold Swallowing Mice have ended up dying. Hence, that place can be considered a secret location to our Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe. Even Feng Qing Er and the others are not aware of it. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan crossed his ten fingers. He mused for a moment. Only then did he raise his eyes and look at Jin s.h.i.+. He said, “Alright, but I will only help elder expel the poison after I successfully come out from the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.”

Jin s.h.i.+ narrowed his eyes and slowly said, “It is not that I do not trust you. However, there is no evidence in a verbal agreement. I cannot just rely on a sentence of yours to confirm that you can really help me expel the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison from my body, can I?”

“This is the Heaven Eye Mountain, the territory of the Gold Swallowing Mice. With elders Jin Gu and Jin s.h.i.+ present in this place, you will not need to worry about the little me fleeing, do you?” Xiao Yan chuckled.

Jin s.h.i.+ turned his head slightly upon hearing this. He exchanged looks with Jin Gu. It was a long while later before he finally nodded. He faintly said, “In that case, I will trust you once. Hopefully, you will do as you promised. If you fail to meet the requirements of this transaction at that time, you should not blame the old me…”

There was a faint threat at the end of his words. However, Xiao Yan merely grinned. Although the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison in Jin s.h.i.+’s body was serious, it was not completely impossible to expel it…

Jin s.h.i.+ waved his hand when he saw that Xiao Yan did not object. A gold light flashed to Xiao Yan.

“There is a spatial barrier that is placed by my Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe at the bottom of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. You must rely on this thing in order to enter it.” Jin s.h.i.+ said.

Xiao Yan grabbed the object and glanced at it. It was a dark-golden-colored mouse skull. Xiao Yan nodded, stored it in his storage ring and laughed, “In that case, I will thank elder Jin s.h.i.+. If I am really able to breakthrough the Dou Huang cla.s.s in this place, you can leave the treatment of the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison in your body to me.”

“This is the best… you should return first. The peak of the energy tide will be arriving soon. At that time, the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool will swiftly fill up. All you need to do is enter it at the most opportune time.” Jin s.h.i.+ said.

Xiao Yan also beamed when he heard this. He stood up and cupped his hands to the two before turning around, walking out of the rock pavilion. He headed toward the volcano’s mouth.

Jin s.h.i.+ involuntarily sighed when he saw Xiao Yan’s distant back. He said, “The bottom of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool is a place that our Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe had discovered with much difficulty. If that place did not possess fire poison, it would have allowed our Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe’s strength to soar. Unfortunately, an outsider will be the first who will enjoy its benefits.”

“Stop nagging. Even with your strength, you have also been injured by the Blood Pool, leaving you like this. It is likely that the other tribe members will die on the spot if they head down. Although it is a treasure ground, it is also a fatal place.” Jin Gu curled his mouth as he spoke.

“Although I ended up getting the fire poison all over my body, I advanced from a five star Dou Zong to a seven star Dou Zong within these short ten years. This speed is many times faster than in other places. I can be considered to have not lost out.” Jin s.h.i.+ smiled as he replied.

“If you didn’t meet Xiao Yan, it is likely that you would not have lived for three more years. Even if we are able to invite a tier 7 alchemist from the Central Plains over, it is likely that the price will be even higher than if we hire him…”

Jin s.h.i.+ smiled. He also stood up and his gaze turned to the volcano’s mouth. He said, “Originally, I was thinking of using the blood pool to groom the experts in my tribe. However, from the looks of it now, I will need to plan carefully…”

Jin s.h.i.+ sighed after saying those words. His sigh contained a little unwillingness. Guarding a treasure that they could not use. Such a feeling was the thing that really caused one to become miserable.

Eight figures were standing on a slope near the mouth of the volcano. An argument was occurring.

“All of you should stop arguing. There are only eight spots, yet there are nine of us here. I say that we should just allocate the spots based on the level of our strength. The one who is weakest should voluntarily withdraw. What do you say?” A white-clothed man, who had an evil appearance between his brow, swept his gaze over everyone before it finally landed on Nalan Yanran. He laughed.

The expressions of the other people changed upon hearing his words. However, they did not open their mouths. Being the person in question, Nalan Yanran bunched up her eyebrows. Her hand rubbed the white fox in her embrace as she replied in a calm voice, “It is quite difficult for me to reach this place with my strength. However, since he has brought me here with much difficulty, it is naturally impossible for me to take the initiative to quit. Xiao Yan can get me to quit, but you cannot.”

“All you did is borrow the strength of others. What ability do you have? Being someone else’s exclusive property and allowing others to play with you just for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool is not worthwhile.” The white-clothed man coldly laughed.

Feng Qing Er, Mu Qing Luan, and the two others did not join the present argument. With their strength, no one would dare point their eyes toward them. Hence, their gazes were all thrown to the mouth of the volcano.

Nalan Yanran’s pretty face turned frosty when she heard the mean words from the white-clothed man. Powerful Dou Qi swiftly surged out of her body. After which, fire seemed to rise from her pretty eyes as she stared at the former. Before she could attack, however, a hand gently landed on her shoulders. A laugh that caused her to relax was transmitted over.

“It seems that the discussion is not going smoothly?”

Upon hearing this voice, even Feng Qing Er and the three others swiftly turned their eyes over. They stared at Xiao Yan behind Nalan Yanran and their eyes contained unusual emotions.

“Allow me.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly to Nalan Yanran. After which, he slowly stepped forward, staring at the white-clothed man. An iciness was revealed in the smile on his face, “Do you think that it is better for her to withdraw?”

The expression of the white-clothed man became somewhat ugly when he saw Xiao Yan appear. However, he could not back down in front of everyone’s eyes. All he could do was toughen his skin and coldly laugh, “Originally, she would not have gotten here if she had relied on her own strength. Should she not give up this spot?”

“Is there anyone else who thinks this?” Xiao Yan turned his head. His gaze slowly swept over everyone as he softly inquired.

Feng Qing Er and the others did not say anything in the face of Xiao Yan’s eyes, which revealed dangerous aura. The remaining two did not dare to clash with Xiao Yan. Hence, no one ended up speaking.

“There are only eight spots, but there are nine of us here!” The corner of the white-clothed man’s mouth was pulled when he saw this before he finally cried out.

Xiao Yan tilted his head in agreement. He strode forward and the m.u.f.fled sound of thunder appeared. An afterimage surfaced and his body emerged in front of the white-clothed man in a ghost-like manner.

The white-clothed man had remained cautious while talking with Xiao Yan. Hence, his expression abruptly changed when the thunder sound appeared. His body swiftly withdrew, but he had just taken a step back when a figure followed close behind him like maggots in his bones. A thunder-like punch tore through the air and violently smashed into the chest of the white-clothed man.


A mouthful of crimson blood was spat out as the white-clothed man’s body flew backwards. It immediately collided with an enormous rock, that shattered into pieces!

“Now, there are only eight people left…”

Xiao Yan’s figure appeared. His looked at the collapsed man with indifferent eyes as he slowly spoke.


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