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Chapter 562: How did All Mouthy King came into existence

Translator: Radiant Translations Editor: Radiant Translations

Like a flicker, his figure appeared right before Gui Hao like a bolt of lightning! A heavy fist came smas.h.i.+ng out!

However, the incomparably swift speed that w.a.n.g Zhong travelled with was no different from an ordinary move in Gui Hao’s eyes. The quant.i.tative increase in Soul Power would bring about transformations in all aspects. Bluntly speaking, those with the Firmament Soul Power talent would be able to maintain their suppression within their realm, and to suppress their era!

It was merely at this speed!

A sneer appeared on Gui Hao’s face. “Too slow…”

Before his voice rang out.


A fist had already come imprinting onto his chest!

A surge of Soul Power gushed out before his chest, instantly dispelling the force of w.a.n.g Zhong’s punch. However, Gui Hao’s face turned considerably ugly in response!

He was actually unable to avoid that punch?!

He believed that he could see through it, yet he was struck in the chest by that punch?!

It was just a sliver of shock, before his left hand proceeded to turn numb!

However, it wasn’t the chest that w.a.n.g Zhong’s goal was, but to s.n.a.t.c.h Gui Hao’s sword!

Turning into a claw, w.a.n.g Zhong’s left hand instantly came grabbing onto the wrist of Gui Hao’s sword-wielding hand. Pinching the pressure point, he gave it a hard twist! Arm lock!

“Weapon steal!”

Joint lockin bare-handed weapon disarm! A flurry of actions that dazed everyone to see. Starting from the sudden advance as well as that peculiar punch to Gui Hao’s chest, everything was just a feint!

Only an instant of negligence was needed for the entire situation to turn and result in Gui Hao’s runic sword being stolen away.

Gui Hao was shocked and furious. If his sword was really s.n.a.t.c.hed away by w.a.n.g Zhong using such a move, he wouldn’t have to face to continue living even if he was to kill the latter!

Moving so fast that his movements were faster than the sound waves made by them, Gui Hao raised his right hand furiously in response.

How would his Gui Family be afraid of close combat techniques!

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!

Their hands moved exceedingly quickly as they did various capturing moves, moving at such speeds that people could only catch a fleeting glance before they were already unleas.h.i.+ng the next move! Just seeing them was enough to send people into dizziness!

Not only were they trying to take over the rhythm of the fight, they were also struggling to gain control over that runic sword. However, if Gui Hao wants to use his sword, he would have 1 less hand contending against w.a.n.g Zhong’s grappling moves! With the runic sword being grasped by both of them, the 2 exchanged over a dozen exchanges in the blink of an eye.


A dragon-like roar rang out from the sword, before it simultaneously left their hands. Shooting out from the surges of their Soul Power, it embedded itself into the ground a dozen metres away, leaving only its hilt visible above the ground!

However, at this moment, both of them didn’t even spare a glance for it, their hands continuing to move as exchanged moves right next to each other.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa!

All of a sudden, the loud sound of ma.s.sive forces colliding into each other rang out, as their grappling changed into attacks, with fists striking against each other!


The over 300 Gra.s.sos of Soul Power was unexpectedly unable to give Gui Hao any advantage in the exchange. Both of them simultaneously retreated back, both of them have used 2nd drive in their punches, yet there was no distinction in their attacks!

Everyone watching in the stadium was already dazed by what they saw.

“How’s that possible!”

There were quite a few experts present in the stadium, and more than a handful of them could recognize the usage of 2nd drive in the punches.

“Both of them are using 2nd drive, so the 300 Gra.s.sos should result in an insta-kill!”

“No! Gui Hao’s using 2nd drive! However, w.a.n.g Zhong’s using Oscillating 2nd drive!” red blushes of excitement appeared on Laura’s face as she exclaimed out in amazement. Unknowingly she had already started feeling happy and sorrow for w.a.n.g Zhong: “He’s using the compounding effect of fused combat techniques to compensate for the disparity between their Soul Power!”

It appears that everyone had forgotten about a matter.

How did All Mouthy King make his name?

During the greater half of this year, didn’t he rely on only 50 Gra.s.sos of Soul Power to dominate the OP, with him having a Soul Power disparity of over 1.5 times from his opponents?! How could the current situation be any worse than those he had faced then???

Perhaps, the average brother King fan might not possess the same acuteness as Laura. However, they were definitely all too familiar about brother King’s history!

Using a higher level of Soul Power to bully our brother King?! You must be motherf.u.c.king sleeping!

“I’ve finally understood the secret to brother King’s usage of 50 Gra.s.sos in his fights!”

“I feel that I’ve risen to the next level! I’ve finally understood the secret to becoming stronger!” large waves of tears instantly appeared on the Skylink chat, as countless seedlings of hope were born, igniting within the hearts o people, causing the entire Skylink to be bathed in what seemed like their holy radiance!

All of a sudden, the newbies that have experienced pain and suffering in the hands of cross wheels came to a realisation, causing them to tremble and shudder in fear as they shouted out crazily: “Get ready! Get ready! A large wave of 50 gra.s.sos is about to descend into the OP!”

“Those going for group battles please take note! These are rules to using 50 Gra.s.sos! 1: I want to get stronger! 2: I’ve understood the true secret! 3: I’ll emulate brother King! 4: I’ll go all out!”


The lively Skylink and stadium instantly descended into chaos, while the atmosphere within the stadium surged up, all of them appearing to cheer w.a.n.g Zhong on!

That’s right. So what about 300 Gra.s.sos! Do All Mouthy King need to rely on Soul Power to pwn noobs?!

As this happened, the 2 on stage rushed at each other once again!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Gui Hao’s anger was already showing through his eyes and the cracks of his mouth.

His sword has been forcefully removed from his hand, despite it ending in a draw!

However, there has never been anyone that dared to do that to him, nor was there anyone who could do so! Without talking about a mere w.a.n.g Zhong, even Mo Wen was unable to do that!

Gui Hao was already using his 300 over Gra.s.sos of Soul Power to the very limit!

Be it speed or strength, Gui Hao had superiority in all aspects. However, he was unable to overcome his opponent’s defence!

Without even talking about his overcoming his opponent’s defence, he could even faintly feel himself being counter suppressed!

That was due to the technique, experience, as well as detail!

A tiny bit of change, a small tweak in the moves. Those movements appeared to be useless, yet would always be a counter towards the rhythm of his movements. Even someone as powerful as Gui Hao started to feel that he wasn’t able to connect his moves together. In fact, he was occasionally forced to follow in the direction that his opponent had led him too!

These small moves were utterly shameless! The made him feel like vomiting blood!

If it was any other people fighting against w.a.n.g Zhong, the shamelessly sinister little things had done in the exchange would be enough to cause them to question their lives!

The longer they fought, the more depressed he felt, the greater the frustration, and the greater the irritation!

Not only did those feelings start to grow from the peculiar little tricks w.a.n.g Zhong had used, but also the earthshattering roars coming from his surroundings!

Some of those words have clearly provoked him.

There are actually people that dared to compare him with the noobs that have been destroyed by his opponent in the OP?!

Gui Hao instantly felt a feeling as though all of the 36 thousand pores across his entire body had been completely blocked!

What the h.e.l.l was that!

Gui Hao’s eyes turned red with fury, while a fire that was hard to restrain burst out from his heart, causing him to turn reckless with anger!

Bang Bang!

Going deranged, he gave up on defence, and decided for a mutual exchange!

Gui Hao has more Soul Power, while w.a.n.g Zhong has more technique!

Their punches landed on each other chest’s at the same time, with the rampaging impact sending both of them flying back.

Pa Pa!

The 2 landed on the ground at the same time, resulting in a 20 to 30-metre distance between them as they exchanged glances. Yet again, there was no distinction between their attacks!

w.a.n.g Zhong’s calm expression and the indistinct faint smile was continuously irritating Gui Hao, who had a sinister look brewing on his face. It was hard for him to control, to express his anger into speech!

“Gui Hao’s unable to bear it anymore.” said Vladimir with a faint smile. Knowing all too well about this fellow, he knew that his ego was his greatest shortcoming.

That’s right, within the younger generation, Gui Hao was the undisputed number one in terms of self-ego!

However, while the onlookers could see the whole picture, the person on the ground continued to be confused. There really was nothing to say about one’s face when b.u.mping into a person like w.a.n.g Zhong, as he had already treated the latter as his greatest enemy from the very beginning. Therefore, it was better to be more realistic.

Suddenly, gusts of wind started to rise around Gui Hao’s body!

He activated his Wind attribute special ability!

This was a Wind attribute special ability powered by 350 Gra.s.sos of Soul Power! In the blink of an eye, the stage appeared to have turned into the surface of Mars, with rampaging waves instantly from all around! The speed of eruption was truly unmatched!

It was said that Gui Hao’s wind wall could block all attacks, be it physical or those created through special abilities. Frankly speaking, the spectacle forming had caused regret to form in quite a few people, regret that w.a.n.g Zhong had not chosen to use Cross Wheels. They truly wanted to see the strongest s.h.i.+eld match up against the strongest spear.

However, was Gui Hao planning to use his winds to deal with w.a.n.g Zhong?


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