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Chapter 397: The reason behind the Mo’s List!

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The changes that happened in this duel were too interesting! His opponent had completely changed Eddie’s perception with his extraordinary strength! Eddie had initially a.s.sumed that there would be no one in the CHF other than those figures on the Mo’s List that were able to force him to use his full strength. However, at this very moment, the person before him possessed the adequate qualifications for him to do so!

Tilting his waist slightly, a blood red, oddly shaped short knife appeared in Eddie’s hand.

“You’re the first opponent that’s worthy to be its target!”

The appearance of the short knife in Eddie’s hand was too strange and weird looking. It was slightly longer than a dagger, yet had only one sharp edge/ However, there were many multi-sized holes on its surface, with even more on its handle. If one takes a cursory glance, it would appear like a crude, shoddy and broken toy. However, if one were to take a close look, one would feel that those messily placed holes and openings gave of a perfect cadence and rhythm that would make one’s heart palpitate. Fusing with the dark red splendour of the knife, they gave an illusion of flowing light radiating out from it towards all directions!

After a few moments of doubt, the Skylink shows signs of a chat-xplosion once again. What’s that broken knife? Was that a failed product of the Brooks Family?

“Regardless of who you are, today’s the day you’ll fall.” all of a sudden, Eddie voice rang out in a what seemed like a demonic tone, appearing melodious and dreamlike. People with slightly less resolute and firm minds felt as though they could see waves of music radiating out of him as he spoke. “Experience the strength of the Musical Soul Blade, and you’ll regret resisting all the way to this point!”

Soul Power visible to the naked eye started to surge out from him, appearing just like a heat haze of the desert that enveloped his entire body!

With a slight twitch of the left hand, he slowly raised it up, causing the dark red short knife in his hand to draw a perfect half circle in the air. The heat haze formed by his Soul Power started to merge with the surrounding air, which was funnelled into the holes present throughout the knife. As they exited from its various openings, various kinds of strange and weird sounds were made. As those noises fused together, they sounded ear-piercing, melodious, hurried, extensive at the same time. However, for those who were unable to identify the intertwining tones, all of them had felt a slightly peculiar feeling appearing within their hearts.


Bierlia City has always been the most famous cultural hotspot of the Federation, and was nicknamed as the flouris.h.i.+ng ground for arts, the city of music and capital of romance. During the dark era, it had seemingly gathered all of the creativity of mankind, causing countless artists and musicians to be born within it.

Zac Brooks was born in Bierlia City, and possessed the purest bloodline of this family of a.s.sa.s.sins. At the age of 3, he had already awakened his Soul Power, while his nimble and deft fingers were akin to the hands of G.o.ds. At the age of 8, he was already able to master the Blade Art, 4 Blade Stream! He was recognized to be the most outstanding genius of the Brooks Family, with the nickname of G.o.d’s Hand!

However, it was a pity that he did not use his talents for the “right track”. Perhaps due to being born in the city of music, the capital of romance, Zac wasn’t enthusiastic about killing people. Instead, he was infatuated by music, and had even sunk into the river of love with a beautiful music teacher. The talent of G.o.d’s Hands was utilised by him on a piano, quickly causing his name to be universally known by those of the music community. If an ordinary person were able to become a music grandmaster like Zac, one would definitely be considered to be fortunate to have led a glorious life. However, Zac was no ordinary person. Being the successor of a family of a.s.sa.s.sins, the high hopes of his family were pinned on him. Yet, he had squandered his talents on something as senseless as music. To his family, the 10 fingers fluttering about on the keys of the piano had become their greatest source of shame and embarra.s.sment!

After countless failed attempts to advise and change his decision, the Brooks Family’s antic.i.p.ation and hopes had turned in to disappointment, before reach despair and infuriation. This coward the only wants to play with music was the shame and embarra.s.sment for an aristocratic a.s.sa.s.sin family!

Therefore, Zac’s status within his family dropped by a landslide, and was sent to till the fields in a desolated part of the wilderness, all until his wife pa.s.sed away.

Eddie Brooks!

He possessed a more eye-catching level of talent and obstinate nature than his father! After Eddie’s fame and reputation had emerged, he had re-entered the sights of the Brooks Family. Nonetheless, the journey wasn’t smooth sailing, as needed to endure for the “wrongdoings” that his father had committed. This was the reason why the Brooks Family had always nurtured and propped Yingren up. To them, Eddie could only be the training partner and shadow for Yingren.

Perhaps it was due to the influence of his childhood, being born in the capital of romance, or even due to him wanting to clear his father’s name, Zac’s talent and strong attachment to music were preserved in Eddie.

The Brooks Family was incomparably worried before that this son would eventually walk down the same path as his father. However, such thoughts and worry were quickly tossed down the drain. Unlike the “weak and cowardly” Zac, Eddie was able to fuse killing people, music, the way of an a.s.sa.s.sin and art together. At this instant he had created his Musical Soul Blade, he had changed his destiny, walking out of the shadows to become the captain of the CHF Bierlia Academy squadron.

At this moment, he would use this unique dagger of his to start the open his path to glory and honour. It wasn’t for the Brooks Family, but for his exceptionally gifted father. For the sake of his mother, his father had given up on fighting and everything else to be a wife-protecting husband. Being their son, he wanted to wash away all the shame and embarra.s.sment his father had suffered.

No one will be able to obstruct his path!

As the Musical Soul blade was waved around in the Soul Power infused surroundings, a bewitching tone rang out across the entire stage. The sound appeared illusionary and dreamlike, causing a feeling of intoxication akin to be in a paradise. Even those people watching from afar and via the Skylink could feel themselves been entranced.

“Bewitching dance! Soul Subduing Region!”

Like an evil demon living in the depths of the abyss, Eddie’s originally gentle and soothing voice had abruptly turned sharp, incisive and ear-piercing!

Countless people watching via the Skylink were caught unprepared, as their faces contorted from the sharp sounds that pierced their ears!

Regardless of them being considerably far away from the stage, the surrounding audience watching from the compet.i.tion grounds were extremely ill-prepared to deal with Eddie’s voices. Quite a few of those seated closer to the stage were stunned by the abrupt change in the fluctuations caused by his voice, while their ears were pierced so hard that they temporarily turned deaf. All of them clutched their heads in agony, and all of these reactions were due to the remnants of sound waves coming from the stage.

At the same time, the sound wave visible to the naked wave shot out like a supersonic large calibre bullet, sending sonic booms out as it broke the sound barrier on its way to w.a.n.g Zhong!

Such an attack was absolutely unable to be predicted! Although it was visible, it’s already too late by the time you’ve noticed it! Although you’ll be able to hear the ear-piercing sonic booms, the attack would have long piercing through your body by the time you’ve caught wind of it! This was an attack that travelled faster than the speed of sound! With the reaction speeds of Casted Soul Stage experts, that were speeds that they would be utterly unable to react to!

The only thing they could rely on was precognition!

Entirely relying on his instinctual evasion to danger, w.a.n.g Zhong had already started to forcefully twist his head to a side at the instant the attack was launched. However, the terrifying attack had still managed to land on its target, its powerful pressure causing a red welt on w.a.n.g Zhong’s face. One could imagine the damage if it had landed squarely!

Such a talent was truly too, too…strange!!!

Cold sweat erupted from w.a.n.g Zhong’s back from the shock he had received, as he noticed a faint evil smile curling up from the corner of Eddie’s mouth.

Once the Soul Subduing Music has been played, no one could remain standing!

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Humm! Humm! Humm! Humm! Humm!

The Musical Soul Blade in Eddie’s hand was swung at increasing speeds, causing the sound waves shooting out of it to dominate the entire stage as they traversed out!

If people were to concentrate and focus their eyes, they would be able to see w.a.n.g Zhong’s body fluttering about like a leaf in a gale. Moving in a dream-like manner, his feet movements were executing the strange and unique rhythm of the ghostly steps!

However, that was still not enough!

The frightening aspects of the Soul Subduing Music weren’t only limited to its nigh invisible sonic attacks. Not only were they powerful, they were also fast and completely unpredictable. However, what’s more frightening was the Soul Subduing Music itself!

The ear-piercing shrieks that filled the stage sounded just like the cries of demons from the netherworld, shaking the air and penetrating right through your eardrums!

The agitated airwaves agitated by the music would confuse one’s vision and warp one’s field of view!

What you see was no longer real, while what you hear was no longer accurate!

However, what’s more frightening was that the eye-piercing demonic sounds would penetrate into one’s consciousness! With the invisible sonic fluctuations as its mode of transport, they would penetrate right into one’s mind! Closing your eyes or covering your ears were useless in the face of them!

It was only due to w.a.n.g Zhong’s spiritual soul being sufficiently strong that he managed to remained standing. If someone else with a slightly weaker spiritual soul was placed in his shoes, without even talking about the sonic wave attacks, the ear piercing sounds that would drone out one’s head was more than sufficient to cause one to go crazy!

However, even though the ear piercing sounds did not cause w.a.n.g Zhong to collapse instantaneously, it had still greatly hampered his judgment making abilities!

However, in the span of 3 seconds, he was still forced to a dead end. Although he was still subconsciously enacting the Ghostly Steps, his body had already been twisted to its limit!

After 3 sonic wave attacks, w.a.n.g Zhong had nowhere else to evade to!


The runic dagger in hand managed to defend against the incoming attack at a hair’s breadth away from him. However, doing such a close parry was already the limit he was able to achieve.

The violent impact sent w.a.n.g Zhong retreating once again, flipping 8 times in the air before landing on the ground.


After blocking the sonic wave attack, the dagger in his hand exploded apart, shattering into different pieces and scattering into all directions!

The terrifying sound waves were impossible for the exquisitely crafted runic dagger to full block, despite it being filled to the brim with Soul Power, causing it to break apart!

As the dagger shattered apart, the emotions and antic.i.p.ation of the countless worried Tianjing supporters sank down all the way to the bottom!

Even a runic weapon wasn’t able to defend against a single blow of the sonic wave! w.a.n.g Zhong’s only weapon destroyed, while his opponent’s attack being invisible and formless, unpredictable, and possessed that might strength! How could w.a.n.g Zhong continue to fight on?

“It’s over!”

Due to w.a.n.g Zhong’s performance, there were many people that have turned crazy and fanatical by what they had seen. However, regardless of how unwilling they were, the majority of the Tianjing supporter could not help but utter those 2 words out.

Within the stage, Eddie was just like a prince of demonic music, with his Musical Soul Blade in his hand having seemingly all control over the entire world. This was the reason why he had become one of the 5 great a.s.sa.s.sins on the Mo’s List.

On the other end of the Skylink broadcast, Mo Xingchen was holding up her chin as she watched. Eddie’s talent was incredibly unique, to be able to control sound waves. The unrestricted radius of attack via this special ability was terrifying, and would be even more so once he ignites his Heroic Soul Stage. However, this person’s path to strength was slightly obscure compared to others. Although the demonic sounds possessed terrifying killing power, they weren’t the true path of the king. Naturally, though, it was instrumental and practical in this current situation. Other than a handful of people, everyone partic.i.p.ating in the CHF would have an extreme headache if forced to deal with him. However, that person w.a.n.g Zhong is so strange and peculiar. He’s too interesting! She had initially a.s.sumed that he was only good in his theoretical knowledge. However, never did she expect that he was on such a standard with his combat strength. From the point of foundation for an a.s.sa.s.sin, his skills and techniques a were slightly weaker than Eddie. However, he possessed more than ample toughness to back that up, forcing Eddie to the point of actually needing to pull his Musical Soul Blade out on the 1st round of the final compet.i.tion. Nevertheless, this was as far as w.a.n.g Zhong would go. Only her senior brother Mo When would be able to suppress Eddie, as his Heart Eye was something that had no fear towards those demonic sounds.


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