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Chapter 146: Win and Lose

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nan Yao brought Zhuang Jingjing and Yu Xiaoting into the hall for the sponsors’ meeting.

Seeing that Nan Zhi had arrived, Nan Yao peered closely at Nan Zhi’s face and was very surprised to see that she did not have any rashes or allergies, her skin was as flawless as ever.

The powder that Nan Yao had given Bai Weiwei would give Nan Zhi skin allergies. According to the powder, Nan Zhi should have a face full of rashes right now!

Nan Yao looked around the hall, but could not find Bai Weiwei.

Could it be that Nan Zhi had set up Bai Weiwei in turn instead?

Nan Yao furrowed her eyebrows. She realized that Nan Zhi was a lot harder to deal with now than four years ago!

“Yaoyao, look. The Delicacy team only has Nan Zhi and Xia Xi here. Zhang Yijun isn’t here!” Yu Xiaoting pointed out.

Zhuang Jingjing hummed coldly as she pursed her lips in disdain. “Zhang Yijun knows his place at least. He merely sent two useless people here, knowing that no one would sponsor a flopped show. What a laugh. Let’s just wait to see them lose badly!”

Yu Xiaoting laughed as she nodded. “Nan Zhi is too overconfident to actually dare to make a bet with Yaoyao. I don’t think we even need to wait to compare the ratings. We will be able to tell who wins and loses with today’s sponsors’ meeting!”

Delicacy would be s.h.i.+fted to a midnight slot if they couldn’t get a sponsor. Who would want to watch a cooking show in the middle of the night? Their ratings would definitely suffer very badly!

Nan Yao felt that Nan Zhi was not as stupid and easy to deal with compared to four years ago. She did not dare to let her guard down. Half of the sponsors’ meeting had pa.s.sed already and it was time for the host of ‘Dreams Come True’ to speak. It was the one of the top hosts, Lin Wanyue’s, turn to go on stage.

Lin Wanyue was wearing a professional checkered suit with her hair combed back into an elegant bun. She looked like a queen in her high heels and fiery red lipstick.

” ‘Dreams’ will continue the style they had last season. It looks like they don’t have any new ideas. Even though Lin Wanyue is one of the top hosts, I still feel like it’s too boring. There’s nothing new or creative at all.” Xia Xi said softly as she leaned towards Nan Zhi’s ears.

Nan Zhi did not speak. Her thoughts were all on Yan Hua. No one picked up the phone when she called. Likewise, her messages had gone unanswered. Did something happen on their way here?

“Sister Zhi, it’s our turn now.” Xia Xi prodded Nan Zhi, who seemed unnaturally distracted.

As the host of the sponsors’ meeting, Han Mo put the thumb drive that ‘Delicacy’ had submitted into the computer. However, she found that it was completely blank without any files in the thumb drive. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi was about to go on stage. However, she paused when she saw the empty screen the moment she stood up. The advertis.e.m.e.nt film and creative proposal were all in the thumb drive, without it, they had nothing to show.

Nan Zhi received Han Mo’s questioning gaze and her heart trembled. Her head started to numb, the blankness threatening to swallow her up.

d.a.m.n it!

Bai Weiwei did not only want to poison and make her mute, she even switched out the thumb drive they gave to Han Mo.

Nan Zhi could not understand why Bai Weiwei wanted to ruin their show!

Could it be…

Nan Zhi bit her lips so hard her teeth sunk deeply into her lips, the pain making her brain leap into overdrive.

Xia Xi was anxious. Why was there nothing in the thumb drive? They had checked that morning and everything was perfect! How could this happen?

Would their show lose to Nan Yao and her company just like this?

Nan Yao was originally worried that Nan Zhi would have a back-up plan. However, she became carefree when she saw that their advertis.e.m.e.nt film and proposal had become a mere figment of their imagination.

Such was the sweet taste of revenge.

Nan Zhi and Xia Xi would definitely not consider that Bai Weiwei’s financier, Old Tan, was seduced by another female celebrity whom Nan Yao had introduced him to! Bai Weiwei was brainless and useless. If they did not have Old Tan, who would be willing to be her show’s exclusive sponsor?

Although Nan Yao did not know why Nan Zhi did not get the expected allergies, she was glad she played a trick on that stupid Bai Weiwei.

She was sure that Nan Zhi definitely would not feel good about losing before they had even gotten on the battlefield!


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