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Chapter 1411: News

Cen Xi had no news on her side and Nan Zhi had nothing as well.

If Qiao Yanze really wanted to hide himself, they would not be able to find him for a while. Unwittingly, Cen Xi was becoming more worried and angry.

She was worried that she would not be able to find him. And she was angry because she was bearing all the pain alone.

But she was more angry at herself. If she did not provoke him first, he would not have a weakness and end up being harmed by Young Master Li.

It had been two nights since Cen Xi slept. It was another fruitless day of search. Leaning her forehead against the window, she looked out of the window with empty eyes.

At night, people’s hearts would become fragile and lonely. He must be in pain and suffering at this time!

How determined was he to let go of his family, lover and everything?

As Cen Xi thought about it, her tears fell.

Da Zuo glanced at Cen Xi through the rearview mirror. The past few days, he had seen her worry and care for Young Master. He used to think that she was not worthy of Young Master, but he was wrong. She was a good girl to be cherished!

Wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, Cen Xi raised her head to look at Da Zuo. “I don’t quite understand. Why did Second Young Master Qiao take away the power of the head of the family as soon as he came back?”

Even if Qiao Yanze agreed to hand it over, the Queen was also part of the Qiao family. She should be on her Uncle’s side!

Da Zuo sighed. “I heard that Madam left a blood letter behind. If the Qiao family was destroyed in the hands of Young Master, she would not acknowledge Young Master and would kick him out of the Qiao family and let Second Young Master take charge of everything in the Qiao family.”

Cen Xi pursed her lips tightly

So, it seemed like the last straw that overwhelmed Qiao Yanze was not only his body, but also his mother’s blood letter.

Madam Qiao…

Suddenly, a place appeared in Cen Xi’s mind.

“Da Zuo, there’s still one place we haven’t looked.”

Da Zuo looked at Cen Xi doubtfully. “Where?”

“The place before Madam Qiao’s grave was moved.”

Da Zuo hit his head hard. “That’s right, why didn’t I think of it!”

Without any delay, they turned the car around and sped away without having time to go back and pack. Instinctively, Cen Xi could faintly feel that Qiao Yanze was there.

The two of them arrived at their destination at one in the morning.

Cen Xi’s mood felt different from the last time she was here after seeing that four-story villa with high walls surrounding it. There were no lights turned on in the villa and it was dark all around.

Da Zuo got out of the car and went to knock on the door. After a while, the light in the villa came on. The woman looking after the villa opened the door.

Cen Xi also got out of the car.

Qiao Yanze had brought Cen Xi over once and the woman recognized Cen Xi.

“Miss Cen? Why are you here?” The woman looked behind Cen Xi. “Young Master didn’t come with you?”

Hearing the woman’s words, Cen Xi’s hope that was ignited, suddenly seemed to be extinguished by a basin of cold water. The woman’s expression and tone showed that Qiao Yanze had never been here.

Da Zuo asked anxiously, “Auntie, you didn’t see Young Master?”

“No, the last time I saw Young Master was when Madam’s grave was being moved.

Da Zuo fell silent.

It was enough to imagine how bad it felt to be disappointed after having hope!

It was already late. As Da Zuo was tired as well and it was not safe for him to drive, the woman invited Cen Xi and Da Zuo to the villa to rest and they did not refuse the offer.

The next day.

Cen Xi woke up at the first glimmer of dawn. Da Zuo also woke up early. After having breakfast in the villa, they thanked the woman and drove away.

The weather was not that good recently and often rained heavily. The road in the mountain area was not easy to navigate and Da Zuo drove very slowly.

Both of them were extremely silent as they did not find Qiao Yanze and there was an oppressive atmosphere in the car. Cen Xi’s chest was a little stuffy. She lowered the car window and took a deep breath of the fresh air outside.

A little boy and little girl were walking on the side of the road.

The little boy piped up, “Didn’t your mother say it’s useless for girls to study, so she didn’t let you? You’re going to school today. Won’t your mother hit you when you get home?”

The girl pouted her lips. “Yesterday, Masked Teacher came to find my mother and told my mother a lot of things. My mother has agreed to let me continue studying last night!”

“Wow, Masked Teacher is amazing.”

“Yes, I admire him so much! He’s the best!”

The car pa.s.sed by the little boy and girl and Cen Xi could not hear their conversation. She looked down thoughtfully. “Stop the car.”

Da Zuo did not understand. “Miss Cen, what’s the matter?”

Cen Xi did not answer. As soon as the car stopped, she hurried out of the car.

Da Zuo put his head out of the window and saw Cen Xi crouching in front of the little boy and girl, saying something to them with a gentle expression.

After a while, Cen Xi walked over.

She did not get into the car and stood in front of the driver’s window. “Da Zuo, I want to go to their school. They mentioned a Masked Teacher. I have a feeling that it might be your Young Master.”

The blood in Da Zuo’s body surged up when he heard this.

The road of the school in the mountain was not easy to navigate and the car could not go over. Cen Xi and Da Zuo followed the two children and walked up. The road was muddy and Cen Xi’s shoes and the leg of her pants were dirty, but she did not care.

The closer she got to the school. The faster her heart beated.

With Qiao Yanze’s guilt towards Madam Qiao, he must have wanted to go back to his childhood at the end of his life. At the same time, he also wanted to pa.s.s on his love to those innocent and pure children!

Of course, this was only what Cen Xi was guessing.

She could not imagine what she was going to do if she had guessed wrongly again.

The school in the mountain could not be compared to those in the city. The two-story building had shabby walls and a small field. But the sounds of students reading aloud in the cla.s.sroom could be heard from some distance away.

Cen Xi and Da Zuo found the princ.i.p.al.

After explaining their intention here, Da Zuo took out a picture of Qiao Yanze. The princ.i.p.al looked at it and shook his head. “I haven’t seen this person before.”

Cen Xi bit her lip. “Princ.i.p.al, I heard that there is a Masked Teacher in the school. How long has he been in the school?”

“Not long, about half a month.”

Cen Xi and Da Zuo saw a glimmer of hope.

“Can we see this Masked Teacher?”

“He is visiting the parents who didn’t want their children to come to school. He might be back late.”

“Can we wait for him here?”

“Of course.”

While waiting for the Masked Teacher, Cen Xi gave Da Zuo a sum of money and asked him to go to the city to buy some stationery, which she gave to the children in the mountain for free.

The Masked Teacher did not appear when school had ended.

It started to rain heavily and the sound of the rain made Cen Xi feel more anxious. The time spent waiting was long and full of dread.

Just when Cen Xi was unable to sit still, the voice of the princ.i.p.al came from outside. “Ah, Masked Teacher, you’re back. A young lady has been waiting for you for a long time.”


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