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Arifureta After III School Festival First Part


AN: It has been a long time. Forgive me for the long wait.

I almost forgot the flow of the after story, so I’m returning to the starting point……well not really but I tried writing the story about the beginning when they just returned.

This was a story when Hajime and others the returnees when it hadn’t been really long since they started attending school once more.

As always, the people who were watching Yue while she was going to school were getting into man-made disasters, the insolent people were hammered with bullets of bloodl.u.s.t like moth being lured into fly trap, Hajime himself almost becoming a victim of self-made disaster from getting distracted by the radiant Yue-san in uniform, etc. Like that Hajime who travelled the amusing road to the school entered into the cla.s.sroom.



「Fu, fuguh」


The cla.s.smates simultaneously averted their face. They clung on their desk with their body trembling all over.

「Oi, if you guys got something to say then say it.」

It was a phenomenon that was already changing into the morning custom since they started resuming coming to school. A pressure was released from Hajime.

Ryutaro answered as the representative.

「Nagumo, wearing uniform! It ain’t fitting at all-」

‘Puhah’ Tamai and others snorted.

“Nagumo Hajime before summoning” was already beyond faraway in the memory of the cla.s.smates.

White hair, eye patch, metal prosthetic arm, black coat. Large revolver on his thigh. That was “Nagumo Hajime”. That was everyone’s one and only “demon king-sama”.

This man who would kill even G.o.d if they became his enemy and saved the world while he was at it was……wearing school uniform now. Although his appearance had returned to look like normal human, it was just too surreal that everyone found it hard every morning to hold back their laughter.

The demon king who diligently went to school every day without even getting late……that was certainly surreal.

Although, as expected they were laughing too much. Kouki who seemed to think so spoke remonstrating words.

「O, oi, everyone. You all are laughing too much. Certainly, it doesn’t suit him at a――」

*Pshew* A stifled gunshot rang. By destroying an ultra-small treasure warehouse that was inserted into the bullet itself using the firing hammer, the compressed air was released and using that while it was a revolver, it made a silenced rubber bullet into reality.

In a civilized society――especially in this j.a.pan that was a const.i.tutional state, firing silently was important. He mustn’t cause trouble for the surrounding.

Because it was such quality product of Hajime, the “embodiment of consideration bullet”, brain matter wasn’t scattered from Kouki’s head. He was only falling from his chair.

「Why did you shoot!? Or rather, why me!?」

The demon king-sama completely ignored Kouki’s only natural protest and his gaze lorded over the cla.s.sroom. His eyes explained it more eloquently than anything.

His eyes said, 「You all, want to get shot?」.

「……Nn, Hajime. Restrain, restrain.」

「Hajime-sa~n, aren’t you going to become an exemplary j.a.panese person? Or perhaps, making tsukkomi with bullet is actually the culture of j.a.pan?」

「Hajime-kun, Shia is going to misunderstand so let’s keep that gun away okay?」

「It’s not just a problem of misunderstanding. Or rather, Kaori. Kouki is writhing around so go heal him. Look, his back is bending like a bridge from the pain. That’s a beautiful back bending posture.」

Hajime who was persuaded (?) repeated to himself 「Oops I can’t do this. I’m a j.a.panese. A virtuous and model j.a.panese」 while transferring Donner back to the treasure warehouse.

A while after that the bell rang to inform the beginning of the first period of the cla.s.s. The one who arrived then was the math teacher. His name was Asada Ichiro (32 years old). His trait was his eyes that were like fox, his hair that was properly combed down, and then the way he talked that vaguely sounded obstinate.

The gaze of Teacher Asada who was standing at the teacher podium flowed toward Yue and Shia while the students were giving a bow and sitting back. And then, his gaze moved to Hajime at the end and his fox eyes narrowed further into a slit. This too was a daily happening.

The cla.s.s started and everyone dispa.s.sionately went through the content of their textbook. And then, as expected Hajime was named to solve a strangely difficult problem just as usual.

「Nagumo, answer it.」

「Yes, sensei.」

‘Bufuh’, several sounds of snort were……

Looking at the direction of the snorts, there was Ryutaro prostrating on his desk. Kaori was averting her gaze, while even Shizuku was looking down while shaking.

「~~~~And that’s the answer, sensei.」

‘Puhih!’ A laughter that sounded like a pig resounded. It was Shinji. It seemed he couldn’t hold it down anymore. Beside him Yoshiki was trembling too much his desk was rattling.

「Again-, you guys! Just what in the world is funny-」

Teacher Asada got into a bad mood. ‘Today is the day I’m running out of patience!’ The angry voice he raised sounded like that.

This always happened, but when he a.s.signed Hajime a question, there would be laughter leaking out every time, so perhaps the teacher was feeling like it was him who was getting laughed at.

「Sorry, sensei. I’ll tell them later how bad their att.i.tude is.」

‘Pupah!!’ Nana spouted. On the seat beside her Taeko was holding her stomach. Yuuka was pinching the back of her own hand until she got teary eyed.

Atsushi was holding his laughter too much that his thought slipped out with trembling voice.

「Na, Nagumo using polite language……it totally doesn’t suit him……」

That was the mutual sentiment of the cla.s.smates.

「It’s only obvious to use polite language when talking with teacher!」

「It’s exactly as you say, sensei. These guys are idiots. We will do something about it by ourselves. Really I apologize for them.」

‘Stop it alreadyyy~~’ The voices from the girls that sounded like a scream were raised.

No matter what, it seemed Hajime talking with polite language was “absurd” for the cla.s.smates.

He was more or less talking using polite language to Tio’s grandfather and the family of Kaori and others, so this wasn’t their first time seeing this, but for some reason the cla.s.smates couldn’t hold back when Hajime was using polite language to people other than the ones mentioned above.

They still reacted like this even after getting quite used to hear it but……it looked like they would still need some more time until they got completely used to it.

While the cla.s.smates were shaking from the strange occurrence of the demon king’s laudable att.i.tude that would pa.s.s straight being a laughing matter and caused a pandemonium instead if they were in Tortus, Teacher Asada narrowed his eyes that it looked like they were completely closed already.

And then, he snorted in ridicule.

「Nagumo, I’ll teach you something important. The thing called “trust” you see, it’s something created from someone’s daily behavior.」

In other words, Hajime’s daily behavior wasn’t something praiseworthy, therefore, he couldn’t be trusted. It seemed that the teacher wanted to say that.

‘As an educator, telling a student 「You can’t be trusted」 is just……’. Making that kind of tsukkomi would just create more problem, so Hajime held back.

He was an exemplary and virtuous j.a.panese person!

Perhaps thanks to that patience, the cla.s.sroom fell completely silent. Looking closer, half of the cla.s.s were looking at Teacher Asada as though they were watching a stylish suicide applicant, while the remaining half was looking at Hajime like they were watching a nuclear bomb that was going to explode.

It was something greatly unexpected for Hajime-san! Was it thanks to his daily behavior?

Teacher Asada didn’t even notice the atmosphere of the cla.s.s and continued with a sarcastic tone.

「All of you are called returnees as it is and the society are looking coldly. I’m worried about the future of you who are in the center of that. Even the nonsense of fighting in another world was also thought up by you right? Even if you’re making fun of adults there is limit to it.」

「I’m sorry, I’ll keep that in mind.」

「Do you really mean that? It doesn’t really seem so. Try looking up the word modesty in dictionary. If you do that, then even people like you all who are making a ruckus in the society will surely have a little feeling of grat.i.tude toward the school that would accept you back welling up inside.」

This “special cla.s.sroom” that was set up at the fringe of the school building wasn’t really because of the good will of the school’s side. They reluctantly set it up only after there was a notice from the government about social decency or whatever.

Although, retorting with that and making this talk devolved into an argument would be problematic. Hajime had no intention to purposefully cause that. He nodded with an obedient expression.

Besides, it also wasn’t really a lie that he had a feeling of grat.i.tude.

(……Hajime. This guy, should I strangle him?)

(Stop it. He is more or less a teacher who was teaching us from the beginning you know?)

Teacher Asada continued talking with a lot of sarcasm enveloped in his words. Yue sent Hajime a telepathy with a dangerous gaze. Her eyes were thinking 「Should I give him “Divine Statement”……」. Hajime admonished Yue to not do that.

Just as Hajime said, actually, after they resumed attending school, if they were asked if there was full lesson for the special cla.s.s, then the answer would be “no”.

Due to fear, bewilderment, and suspicion toward the returnees, and then because of the protest toward the forceful demand from the government, there were teachers who refused to give them lesson, teachers who resigned because they got tired of the questioning from the ma.s.s media and parents that were like machine gun everyday, or teachers who transferred to other school.

It wasn’t unreasonable. The incident was far removed from being just a disappearance case. The time period of their disappearance, and then even their returning time too. Although they were teacher they weren’t saint. It was only natural that they were shaken.

Because of that, for Hajime, although Teacher Asada would be somewhat sarcastic like this, he was thankful to him for his willingness to teach them right from the start.

「Besides, Nagumo. It seems your att.i.tude toward girls is really slovenly isn’t it?」

Teacher Asada’s gaze moved toward Yue and Shia once more. His gaze also moved toward Kaori and Shizuku, but as expected his gaze then returned to the former two. Especially at Shia.

Shia twisted her body in discomfort.

The sermon of Teacher Asada regarding illicit s.e.xual relationship began.

Certainly, having relationship with multiple girls was normally worthy to be a target of criticism from the perspective of common sense. And so Hajime resigned himself to listen to Teacher Asada’s words even while feeling dubious at the gaze he made. But,

(Hajime-san, Hajime-san)

(Hm? What, Shia?)

(You see, I intend to ignore it right from the start so I forgot to say but……actually, Asada-sensei has been telling me various things from some time ago about my relationship with Hajime-san.)

(What? What kind of words?)

(If I’m going out with Hajime-san then break up that relationship, that kind of talk.)

At first Hajime thought that perhaps it was only a warning that a teacher would naturally make. From Hajime and Yue’s special atmosphere, the teacher must be thinking that he was only playing around with Shia, so he couldn’t overlook that as a teacher.

However, when he asked Kaori and Shizuku weren’t told anything like that by Teacher Asada.

(And also, before this he told me that he would give me consultation, so come to the student counseling room.)


(At that time it was my turn to prepare dinner so I refused and went home right away. But, even after that there were times when I was called after school. I refused all of them because I had things to do but……)

It seemed that Shia was also called for after school today. Furthermore it seemed the teacher was asking really strongly.

(If it’ll be just a normal counseling then, well, it’s not really a problem. But his gaze, it’s a little bit……)

(Enough, I get it.)

Hajime-san’s expression changed from obedience into a smile.

The eyes of the cla.s.smates now looked like they were watching a bomb that was approaching the countdown. Kouki was sweating like a waterfall while pleading 「Sensei! Asada-sensei! We should resume the cla.s.s soon!」 but……

「Besides you are, everyday――」

「Sensei, I know really well that my way of living isn’t something praiseworthy.」

Teacher Asada scowled in displeasure that his words were interrupted. Hajime kept smiling while making suggestion to such Teacher Asada.

「I’m thinking to correct that using this chance. And so, can I receive your guidance by any means? After school, in the counseling room.」

「……The necessity for that」

「There is no way it’s not necessary isn’t it? Yes, according to sensei, it seems that I’m a really problematic child. However, what is it that I should fix and how should I do it……I don’t understand it. Please sensei, give me your advice to help this student by all means.」

Hajime-san grasped his chest as though he was mourning himself and sent a gaze looking for help.

It was actually really difficult to refuse a student that was saying something like this, especially when in front of the eyes of other students. As the result, Teacher Asada said 「……Very well. Come to the student counseling room after school today」 and stopped his preaching before resuming the lesson.

(Yue, come with me after school. We’ll search the inside of Asada-sensei’s heart.)

(……Nn-. Divine Statement ready to fire! He’ll confess everything.)

The cla.s.smates thought when seeing the motivated Yue.

‘The student counseling room after school will change into the interrogation room of the demon king and his first wife huh.’

What things were lurking inside the heart of this Teacher Asada……

After that he would say things like 「Boss-, while presumptuous please allow me to start the lesson for today-」 with a tone like a military officer toward Haijme. It could be easily guessed from that.

Putting that aside.

After that, they absorbed the lessons favorably and the English lesson for the fourth period was over. Right away, the English teacher――Yanagi Kazuko-sensei (45 years old) rushed out in a flash.

It wasn’t like she was bullied by Hajime and co.

Rather, the students were really diligent. Even when Hajime used polite language, the cla.s.smates didn’t laugh anymore. It wasn’t because Hajime told them 「The next time anyone laugh, everyone will get pile bunker into their a.s.s」 or anything. It was simply because laughing during lesson wasn’t a good thing even if they weren’t laughing at the teacher!

Then, why did Kazuko-sensei left the cla.s.sroom as though she was escaping?

There was one reason.

「As expected, Language Comprehension is just a cheat huh.」

「I think it’s fine to thank Ehito just for this.」

Just as Shinji and Yoshiki earnestly said, the cause was the cheat power of “Language Comprehension”.

After all, thanks to this everyone was like native speaker. Rather, they were even more skilled than Kazuko-sensei!

Because of that Kazuko-sensei would feel nervous and feel like running away every time she was giving lesson. Every time she would leave the cla.s.sroom as though running away.

「How should I say it, the teachers refusing to teach our cla.s.s also feel like our own doing……」

「Even the cla.s.sic language or kanji are easy to understand……somehow the guilt is……」

Shizuku smiled wryly. Kaori too was making a troubled expression.

「Everyone is thinking that we’re abnormal because of things like this isn’t it……」

「Even though we haven’t study for a year, our knowledge improved instead, of course people will be like ‘what the h.e.l.l!’.」

「But, it’s difficult to hide it.」

Yuuka made a bitter expression. Nana was staring at the door where Kazuko-sensei left from with an apologetic expression, while Taeko had a complicated look.

It seemed that it wasn’t just Hajime that was trying to get used to the life on earth.

In any case, the morning lessons were finished. It was afternoon break. The time for lunch.

Normally, there would be some who went to the school canteen to purchase lunch but……

Everyone took out their boxed lunch without exception. No one tried to go out of their cla.s.s.

Far from that, *tatatatatata-* the sound of running resounded from the corridor. Right after that, *bam* the door was opened loudly. No sooner than that, a small silhouette rushed into the cla.s.sroom.

「Ai-chan-sensei, so today you’re eating in the cla.s.sroom again.」

「Tha, that’s right. For some reason, yes, for some reason……」

Aiko-sensei’s gaze wandered around for a bit while the bag that was filled with her boxed lunch was swaying.

Since they went back into school, she would come at lunch without fail. With a rushing speed at that.

It was already something common, so Yue immediately gave up her seat and moved on Hajime’s lap herself.

At the same time, an anxious voice echoed.

「No, no good. I forget my lunch……」

It was Nomura Kentaro. His chair clattered and he stood still in place from the shock. His shoulders dropped down in dejection just because he forgot his lunch. His face looked like it was already decided that for today he would go without lunch.

「Kentaro, I’ll share you mine a bit.」

「Juugo, my bad.」

「I’ll give you mine too.」

「……Kousuke, so you’re here.」

「Since the morning.」

Kentaro’s expression slightly relaxed with Juugo and Kousuke sharing their boxed lunch with him while he sat back down.

「No, just go to the canteen to buy.」

A tsukkomi came from Hajime.

Since they started going to school, the cla.s.smates wouldn’t leave the cla.s.sroom only when it was lunch break. Hajime finally got really curious with that and spoke out. He thought that perhaps it was only because the other cla.s.smates just didn’t like getting stared at with curiosity, but their action was too obstinate if it was just because of that.

Kentaro diverted his gaze away from that dubious gaze of Hajime.

And then, he muttered in a low voice.

「……I don’t want to get away from Nagumo.」

「Do, don’t suddenly said such disgusting thing.」

Hajime was creeped out. Kentaro hurriedly said 「Wro, wrong! That’s not what I mean!」 and gave his excuse.

「Because, you! What am I gonna do if another summoning happen again huh! Whether I get left behind or get summoned by myself, I absolutely don’t want either! The safe area at lunch break is at Nagumo’s side!」


‘What is this guy saying……’, Hajime stared like he was looking at an idiot, but when he looked around, everyone quickly averted their gaze.

「Se, seriously? Ah, could it be, Aiko came to the cla.s.sroom each time it’s lunch break is also」

「A, ahaha……」

Looking really close, there were countless small magic reactions in Aiko’s pocket. Most likely, they were seed. By combining Aiko’s power and soul magic, she would be able to use them to instantly create imitation Treant. So that she would be fine even if she fell into an unexpected situation anytime, her combat preparation was flawless! It seemed to be something like that.

「You guys……so you guys are completely traumatized by the lunch break huh.」

The cla.s.smates all showed a bitter smile. They obstinately wouldn’t leave the cla.s.sroom was as expected, because no one wanted to leave the demon king-sama’s side.

Aiko changed the topic to dodge this matter.

「Tha, that’s right. Everyone, it will be the school festival soon. There will be other time for us to talk about it, but please start thinking of what do you want to do there from now.」

Suzu chewed *mokyu mokyu* on her salmon boxed lunch while nodding with 「Aah」.

「My friend from other cla.s.s told me. It looks like there’re cla.s.ses that has decided it already but……everyone apparently are curious of what our cla.s.s is going to do.」

「The students are full of “curiosity” but……from the teacher’s side are they “filled with trepidation”?」

Shizuku lowered her eyebrows with a troubled look while asking Aiko. Aiko’s expression became the same while she nodded. And then, she clenched both her fists to fire up herself and,

「So it’s decided, the theme of our performance will be “Completely safe and secure! There’s nothing to fear! Let’s get along!”, there!」

She said that with a rough huff. ‘Let’s clear up the suspicion “they might be dangerous kids” toward the returnees!’ That seemed to be her intention.

There, Shinji said 「Here!」 and raised his hand.

「Yes, Nakano-kun!」

「Sensei! I think that target shooting will be good! Nagumo have guns after all!」

「Safety safety-, something not scary-! Not scary!」

It was refused.

‘A performance that’ll give favorable impression!’ Aiko yelled while glaring at Shinji. Shinji dejectedly backed away and bit into his sweetened bun. Choco cornet was delicious……

Next Atsushi expressed his idea full of confidence.

「As expected, here we should go with the simple approach, a maid café!」

「You just want to see girls in maid uniform.」

A gaze of absolute zero was thrown from Yuuka. But, the boys were getting spirited. Starting from Aikawa n.o.boru and Nimura Akito, Shinji and Yoshiki also raised their voice to somehow make the idea a reality. But,

「……Are you telling me, to call somebody else other than Hajime goshujin-sama?」

The cla.s.sroom froze for real, not just in metaphor. Frost was forming on the window, while the floor and wall were freezing white with creaking sound.

「……Something like maid café is a heresy!」

「Yeah, for sure!」

「Your ulterior motive is transparent! Restrain yourself Atsushi!」

「This pervert-! I’m embarra.s.sed as your friend!」

「Yo, you guys, turning your back so easily on me……」

The maid café was also rejected. Spring arrived inside the cla.s.sroom, melting the snow. It was war~m.

「On the contrary, won’t a butler café be better I wonder! I wonder!」

‘I got some kind of a good idea!’ Kaori strongly insisted with that kind of look. Shizuku who would see through everything if it was about Kaori got a deadpan stare.

「You just want to make Hajime a butler and got treated like a n.o.ble lady right?」

「!? The, the-the, there’s no such thing you know?」

「Then, Kaori. If Kouki is the one who become a butler to serve the guests then it’ll be okay isn’t it?」

「I won’t accept anyone other than Hajime-kun.」

Kaori-san was faithful on her own desire. And then, Kouki spouted out his rolled omelet saying 「Shizuku! Why are you dragging me into this!?」, and then he got a faraway look due to Kaori’s instant reply. It seemed his soul was flying to somewhere. Ryutaro’s gentle pat on his shoulder was pervading deep inside……

「Shi, Shizuku-chan said that but you yourself!」

「Wha, what?」

「Even though you want to be pampered by Hajime-kun dressed as butler!」

「I’m not thinking anything like――」

Shizuku-chan glanced at Hajime, imagined something, then her cheeks boiled red. It seemed she was thinking it. She wanted to be pampered by butler Hajime.

「……But, that doesn’t sound bad. Getting treated like n.o.ble lady by the demon king. Right! Yuuka-chi!」

「Why are you turning the question to me!?」

Nana who was making a considering look grinned and said that. Everyone’s attention was turned toward Yuuka hearing that. The gaze of the fl.u.s.tered Yuuka met with Hajime’s.

「Wha, what! You want to have a go!?」

「Are you a delinquent from somewhere huh.」

For some reason Yuuka growled ‘garururu-‘ threateningly at Hajime. The atmosphere of the cla.s.sroom turned lukewarm seeing them.

At the same time, the majority of the female camp seemed to get ideas from Nana’s words. Their gaze seemed to wander around in a daze. That “demon king” would, act kind to them……treating them gently like a n.o.ble lady……


「It’s nice……」

Voices like those were coming from here and there.

「Rejected-! Firm rejection! We won’t allow that kind of idea that will put a great burden to our dear friend no matter what!」

Shinji stood up from his chair and protested with bloodshot eyes. Yoshiki held up his chopstick like a mike and asked.

「Your true feeling?」

「Nagumo is going to be the only winner like that-. Do you want your school festival memory get dyed with the single color of defeat!? Don’t screw around-, I’ll cry out blood!」

The girls crowding around the demon king butler……certainly, from the perspective of Shinji who spent his days wandering around the city looking for girl, it was an idea that he would firmly refuse. Atsushi and others also seemed to have the same feeling inside their heart.

Taeko half smiled feeling that it was somewhat troublesome while giving a suggestion.

「Then, isn’t it fine to just make a normal café? Something like Yuuka’s Wisteria.」

「Ah, now that you mentioned it Son.o.be-san’s family has a western restaurant isn’t it?」

Aiko’s words made the cla.s.smates who didn’t know to say 「Hee」 while their attention gathered on Yuuka once more.

「So Yuuka-san’s family is managing a cooking business. I’m interested with that!」

Shia was interested. As expected from a cooking lover who had continuously added the cooking of various countries into her repertory since coming to earth.

「Yeah. Rather than telling me to be a butler, it’ll be far better to get teach by Son.o.be how to cook and work at the back.」

「Eh? I, is that so?」

Yuuka’s gaze was wandering. At the thought of it, her gaze was turned to empty air.

――Both of them cooking side by side

――Her teaching Hajime the taste of her family

――Two hands overlapping in order to correct his hand movement

For some reason the scene changed,

――Her and Hajime standing side by side in the kitchen of Wisteria

――Both of them managing the restaurant, the regular customers jeering at their relationship……

――After the restaurant closed, the two of them would snuggle close to each other while drinking the coffee that she brewed

――And then……



The owner of the monotone voice was Kaori-san who was staring at her with lightless eyes. Beside her, there was also Yue-sama whose default deadpan stare was becoming even moo~~~rre deadpan.

At her wit’s end Yuuka-chan glared fiercely at Hajime for some reason.

「I, I absolutely won’t teach Nagumo anything! You’re ten years to early to enter the kitchen!」

「What the h.e.l.l」

Yuuka’s face was bright red. Nana and Taeko were looking at her warmly while patting her head saying ‘good girl, good girl’.

Hajime shrugged and ignored the glaring Yuuka while continuing 「In the first place」.

「You guys might be forgetting it but, it might be difficult for this cla.s.sroom to attract customers you know?」

The cla.s.smates went “?”. Hajime smiled wryly and said.

「It’s the location, the location. This spot is the fringe of the school building’s fringe. A “special cla.s.sroom” that is half isolated you remember?」

Everyone went 「Ah」. It was exactly like that, it was impossible for anyone to pa.s.s through here “coincidentally” while heading to somewhere else. The location was at the edge with no path that was leading to anywhere else.

「With this kind of spot, in addition it’s a place where there’ll only be the performance of the returnees, I think the only people who would come here are only guys who want to satisfy their curiosity with no regard for any performance.」

On the other hand, there was also the possibility of people flooding this people with that kind of reason, but if something like that happened at this cla.s.sroom that was located at the end of the hallway, the situation would surely become chaotic.

Especially when there wouldn’t be any limitation from outsider entering the school festival this year just because there were returnees here.

It was a measure so that the ma.s.s media and parents wouldn’t make any ruckus instead because of any limitation. There was a risk that they would go ‘As expected, there is really a problem with the returnees that has to be hidden no matter what isn’t it!?’.

「Tha, that’s, certainly true……」

Aiko’s expression turned conflicted at what Hajime pointed out.

Even after that they used the lunch break to exchange opinion but nothing was decided. They further used the time after school, the next day, and also the time that was originally set aside to decide the cla.s.s’s program for the school festival for discussion. They used a lot of time, a lot, before the cla.s.sroom of Hajime and co finally decided their programme.

Shia who was chosen as the school festival committee member――or rather she nominated herself because it sounded fun, attended the committee meeting.

Her beauty and personality that would treat anyone innocently without distinction tightly grasped the heart of the students in the committee meeting while they were reporting their respective cla.s.s’s programme by turn. Then finally it became Shia’s turn.

「The, then Shia-san. Please tell us what your cla.s.s’s programme will be.」

The male student who served as the committee chairman asked Shia with a slightly shrill voice. Shia smiled widely and said 「Yes desu!」. The face of the chairman blushed bright red seeing that. A part of the female students’ face looked entranced.

Like that, while everyone was focusing at Shia herself and the programme that the returnees cla.s.s would do, the t.i.tle of the programme that Shia announced was,

――South Cloud Circus ~There isn’t any trick or contrivance in it~


The vice princ.i.p.al who personally volunteered to take charge of the school festival committee stared unamused.

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