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Chapter 1298: Great Demon Deity Magical Crystal

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

However, Gavin knew that the three of them had an unusual relations.h.i.+p with Lin Li, the president of the Tower of Dusk. Englos of the Brilliance Shrine and Sendros of the Darkness Shrine were Lin Li’s old acquaintances, while Andoine, the speaker of the Supreme Council, was Lin Li’s teacher.

However, when Gavin brought Andoine and the others to the Omniscient Tower of the Sky Castle, he discovered that Lin Li had already appeared in the center of the square.

“Teacher, Archbishop Englos, Master Sendros, I’m so sorry for not going outside to receive you,” Lin Li said to the three of them smilingly.

Although Lin Li’s att.i.tude was still the same as before, Andoine and the others felt a vague sense of emptiness from Lin Li’s body.

It was not an emotional detachment, but rather Andoine and the others somehow had a feeling that the Lin Li they were facing belonged to another world. It was as if the person in front of them was intangible and unable to grasp.

Looking at Lin Li, Andoine and others were at a sudden loss for words.

Lin Li smiled, and while leading the three into the tower, he said, “Teacher, you’re here regarding the matter of the magic tides, right?”


Lin Li’s words made it easier for Andoine and the others to broach the topic.

“Yes, you’ve felt the change in the magic tides, haven’t you? After the first few magic tides appeared, the Black Current appeared next. This time, the magic tides are raging so vigorously, and we’re afraid that the subsequent Black Currents will also occur on the largest scale ever.” Andoine no longer looked as carefree as he used to be in the past. Instead, he seemed extremely worried.

Although Andoine had always been bubbly and carefree, the Guild of Magic under the Supreme Council had suffered heavy losses because of the magic tides. He could no longer bring himself to laugh regardless of how optimistic he used to be.

“After the last magic tides, a large Black Current appeared in the Sunset Mountains, and it was dispersed only under the joint effort of the Supreme Council and the Brilliance Shrine. However, during that operation, His Holiness the Pope was struck by the viper’s poison. If it weren’t for you who gave the pope an antidote, I’m afraid the consequences would have been unthinkable.” Even though the poison in the pope’s body had already been cured, Englos still couldn’t help but have lingering fear when he thought about it.

There was probably no one who would understand the terror of the Black Current better than the Brilliance Shrine. Even a Sanctuary powerhouse like Pope Rosario had suffered so much damage in the battle of the Black Current. Clearly, it was extremely difficult for those below the Sanctuary-realm to survive battle with the Black Current.

“Felic, I believe you’re also aware that the Darkness Shrine had once declined precisely because of a disaster similar to the Black Current. However, with the full resistance of the Darkness Shrine and High Priest Rogge’s efforts, that disaster didn’t expand to the extent of the Black Current. However, we suffered heavy losses from it, and were nearly exterminated,” said Englos as he brought up the event that led to the decline of the Darkness Shrine.

Lin Li had also heard more details about that incident from Rogge and Nefa when he entered the great rift in the Eternal Darkness Altar. If it weren’t for High Priest Rogge who had used a branch of the Tree of Eternity to delay the awakening of the Flame Dragon Lothar, there would probably have been more than just the Minotaus and prehistoric magical beasts emerging from the great rift.

Of course, that was also the reason that the Darkness Shrine’s crisis became less famous than the Black Current of the Sunset Mountains after that disaster. If a demiG.o.d powerhouse like the Flame Dragon Lothar had emerged from the great rift of the Eternal Altar, the disaster it would’ve brought would probably have been much greater than that brought by the Black Current of the Sunset Mountains.

“In the Supreme Council’s database, there used to be some notes left behind by Geresco, and the three arbitrators conducted a large-scale research based on them. The conclusion that they reached was that the disaster that would occur this time was probably going to affect the entire Anril. In this disaster, no kingdom or race, not even the Gilded Kingdom and the Sea Clans, will be able to survive on its own.” Andoine had a grave expression on his face as he talked about the conclusion that the three arbitrators had reached.

Through Tutankhamun, Lin Li had obtained three of Geresco’s items in the Blackstone Mountains. That was actually not a secret at all, and the reason that he had obtained them was likewise known to most of the senior members of various forces.

Hence, when faced with this disaster that was about to sweep through Anril and destroy everything, the various major forces all coincidentally thought of Lin Li. Although it seemed absurd to pin all their hope of overcoming such a disaster on a young man in his twenties, Lin Li was the one who was chosen by Geresco. Since Geresco could lead the rebellion and overthrow the powerful High Elves Dynasty, Lin Li, his successor, might be able to create a miracle too.

However, after hearing the intentions of Andoine and others, Lin Li did not immediately make a stand, but instead began contemplating.

In fact, at this moment, Lin Li already had some doubts about the mission that Geresco mentioned.

At first, he didn’t know how high Geresco’s attainments were, and merely thought that it was probably at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. Hence, it would be understandable if there were times when Geresco could not do anything about the affairs of Anril. After all, a Sanctuary powerhouse was not a G.o.d, and even a G.o.d couldn’t be omniscient, let alone a Sanctuary powerhouse who was still in the realm of mortals.

Thus, Geresco made a prophecy about this matter, and deliberately left his legacy to Lin Li in order to help Anril through this disaster. It all made sense.

However, Lin Li was now certain that Geresco’s achievement was definitely beyond the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and perhaps not even the ordinary Divine-realm. Otherwise, how could he have suppressed G.o.ds?

Of course, the G.o.ds sealed under the Cursed Island might also be the doing of the Immortal King. However, the series of arrangements that Geresco left, including the created world of the inverted tower, were enough to prove that Geresco was probably no weaker than the Immortal King.

In any case, Geresco’s strength should be on par with the Immortal King’s, and he should also be called a G.o.d of G.o.ds. Thus, for Geresco, sealing the spatial rift in Anril and helping Anril survive this prophesied disaster was probably effortless.

In that case, why would Geresco leave a hidden disaster behind, and give Lin Li such a mission? If it was just for the sake of urging Lin Li to improve his strength, it would seem too great of a price to pay. If Lin Li couldn’t reach that step, wouldn’t Anril be in huge trouble?

Seeing that Lin Li seemed to be contemplating something, Andoine and others got a little anxious, but they couldn’t urge him too much. After all, Lin Li’s ident.i.ty was now different. He was not only the president of the Tower of Dusk, but also the fourth arbitrator of the Supreme Council who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. The three of them felt like they were sitting on nails. From time to time, they would exchange glances with each other and look at Lin Li.

After a long time, Lin Li finally snapped out of his contemplation, smiled slightly at Andoine and the others, and said, “Geresco has indeed predicted this matter, and also left me an incantation to seal the s.p.a.cetime rift. However, this incantation is very difficult to use, and it also requires the power of that s.p.a.cetime rift to be released to a certain extent before it can be cast. So, I have some ideas on how to get through this disaster, and I’d like to discuss them with you guys.”

Lin Li was not babbling nonsense. Sealing the s.p.a.cetime rift was not the same as mending clothes, and it wasn’t as simple as chanting a few incantations. The reason that the s.p.a.cetime rift appeared was because the laws of Anril had lost their balance; coupled with the help of some existences in the rift, cracks appeared on the spatial barrier.

If Lin Li wanted to close the s.p.a.cetime rift, he would have to fight against the existences in the rift, as well as a part of the power of Anril. To Geresco, who was like a G.o.d of all G.o.ds, that was just a piece of cake, but to Lin Li, it would require a considerable amount of effort.

Since Andoine and others had come to see him on behalf of their respective forces, Lin Li naturally wanted them to share some of the pressure for him.

Lin Li’s idea was actually very simple. He would have no issue sealing the s.p.a.cetime rift, but he would need the help of the major forces to deal with the prehistoric magical beasts coming out of the s.p.a.cetime rift. Otherwise, if a few overlords like the Flame Dragon Lothar were to emerge, Lin Li probably wouldn’t be able to successfully seal the rift even though he was now at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm.

After some discussion, Lin Li, Andoine, and others basically determined the solution to deal with this disaster. Andoine and the others were finally relieved, and the expression on their faces became much more relaxed. However, in order to make arrangements in advance, they did not delay, and immediately bade farewell.

On the way out, Andoine suddenly stopped again, seemingly having remembered something. He turned around, and said to Lin Li, “Felic, before I came, the three arbitrators asked me to relay their message to you so that you remember the agreement you have made with them to visit the Sky Garden when you have time. After all, you’re still the fourth arbitrator of the Supreme Council.”

Hearing this, Lin Li couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He nodded, and said, “Okay, Teacher, if we can overcome this smoothly, I will go to the Sky Garden to fulfill my obligations as the fourth arbitrator.”

At first, Apophis and the other three arbitrators had asked Lin Li to be the fourth arbitrator of the Supreme Council because they wanted him to help them restore order in the Supreme Council so that it would not become as corrupt as those forces with ancient legacies.

However, after Lin Li agreed to it, he got busy transforming the Sky Castle and going to the Gilded Kingdom, so he didn’t have much time to do it. Besides, in Lin Li’s heart, the force that really belonged to him was still only the Tower of Dusk, and he didn’t feel a strong sense of belonging to the Supreme Council, so he naturally wouldn’t waste his precious time at the Supreme Council.

Since Andoine mentioned it this time, Lin Li could not refuse. On the one hand, he had to respect his teacher, and on the other hand, it was indeed awkward to keep laying it off.

However, what was more important now was obviously not to restore order in the Supreme Council, but how to deal with the next disaster. Moreover, Lin Li felt that after this disaster, perhaps the questions in his mind will be answered, and he might reach the Divine-realm in one fell swoop.

If he were to really reach the Divine-realm, he would have to leave Anril. Even if Lin Li wanted to manage the Supreme Council, he probably couldn’t.

High Priest Rogge sent an invitation to Lin Li when he left, hoping that Lin Li would visit the Darkness Shrine again when he was free.

Clearly, High Priest Rogge had already come out from the great rift of the Eternal Darkness Altar, and the Darkness Shrine now had two Sanctuary powerhouses, namely High Priest Rogge and Sendros. If they could successfully endure this disaster, the Darkness Shrine might be able to regain its former glory.

After sending away Andoine and others, Lin Li and Gavin began to inspect the progress of the transformation of the Sky Castle.

After a year, the transformation of the Sky Castle was nearing its end. The two corpses of the Dragon of Destruction had increased the combat power of the Sky Castle more than twofold. Even if the seven Sky Castles of the High Elves came together, it would probably be difficult for them to defeat the Sky Castle of the Tower of Dusk.

However, in Lin Li’s heart, the transformation of the Sky Castle was still one final step short of completion. After checking the Sky Castle, he arrived at the core control room underneath the Sky Castle where there was a large magical crystal slowly rotating in the center, and constantly providing mana to all the magic equipment of the Sky Castle through countless mana circuits.

Even Lin Li used to be bewildered as to what the origin of the magical crystal was, and he merely thought that it was the magical crystal of a magical beast that was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. However, Lin Li’s current realm was no longer comparable to the past one, as he was already nearing the Divine-realm, so he had broader horizons too.

After his mental strength infiltrated the huge magical crystal, Lin Li couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, though he seemed to think that it was a matter of course. Lin Li faintly felt a hint of the aura of a G.o.d in the huge magical crystal, and it turned out that it was probably a magic crystal from a Divine-realm powerhouse.

“Great demon deity Mosari? No wonder the sealed Mosari was that weak, it turns out that the Immortal King had already taken his magical crystal!” Through his mental strength, Lin Li sensed a trace of soul fragments remaining in the magical crystal. Only then did he realize that the true origin of this magical crystal was none other than the great demon deity, Mosari.


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