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527 Returning to the Qing Clan, Qing Shui’s Intention

Qing Shui looked at the charming lady and the joyous expression on her face. “I’ve missed you too!” He said as he gently embraced her.


A wild night had dissolved his longing for Zhu Qing. The room was filled with a pa.s.sionate atmosphere throughout the night. Qing Shui admired the satisfied smile of the woman lying on his chest and thought she looked very feminine.

He couldn’t help but smirk at Zhu Qing who currently had an extremely embarra.s.sed and shy expression as he recalled how wild she was when she was riding on top of him moments ago.

“Don’t look at me that way,” Zhu Qing wrapped her arms around Qing Shui’s neck and huffed in annoyance with her face buried in his chest.

This woman had never complained about anything and had also never demanded anything from Qing Shui. This made him feel that she was an extremely witty woman. She knew what she had to do and she knew contentment!

This was also one of the main reasons behind Qing Shui’s affection for her. However, he had always felt that this was unfair to her. He had no idea if it was because their first meeting was extremely interesting, or more precisely, because she was with a woman the first time he met her…….

“Third Martial Aunt!”

“Hmph, don’t call me that. It sounds weird and old……” Zhu Qing gently bit Qing Shui’s chest as she reprimanded him.

“Alright, alright. What about Qing Qing? My elder sister is called Qing Qing too. Should I call you that?” Qing Shui chuckled.

“I don’t care as long as you don’t call me Third Martial Aunt,” Zhu Qing spoke with a smile and threw a coquettish glance at Qing Shui.

“My little enchantress, are you thinking of asking for more?” Qing Shui felt like his bones would melt under Zhu Qing’s coquettish gaze. He immediately turned over and pushed her down, as his hand reached down to skillfully search for her most private part.

“I like it when you call me little enchantress…..”


“I can’t bring you along by my side right now and I can’t give you more. Do you feel sad about that?” Qing Shui asked her in a whisper. He really wanted to give her more but his heart was a little against the idea. He even felt that both of them seemed to spend too much of their time together on a bed.

“I don’t feel sad, not even a little. I like you and I am grateful that I met you. I’ve never really planned on being committed to you, although I do think about it sometimes. But I know it’s going to be very difficult so I rather it be this way. I’ll be content as long as you come to visit me whenever you can.”

Zhu Qing’s tone was very serene. Although she didn’t say it out loud, Qing Shui had a feeling that she was bothered by her own age. Perhaps it was because she was a little older than him. She was even older than Yiye Jiange and Di Chen.

However, age meant nothing to Qing Shui. In the World of the Nine Continents, even if a woman was between the age of 50 and 60, they’d appear to be similar to about 30 years old in his previous world. Due to the abundant spiritual qi in the World of the Nine Continents, humans aged slower.

As such, most male cultivators only got married at around 300 years old. It was rare for women to wait for over 100 years. Many could freeze their complexion for a few hundred of years if they cultivated cultivation arts that prevented aging. Alternatively, they could preserve it through medicines and their own strength. So many women were able to maintain their youthful appearances even at 100 years old.

It was rumored that cultivators of the Martial Saint level could preserve their complexions even longer!


The next morning, after he exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui practiced one round of the Taichi Fist while facing the east where the sun rose.. Not long after that, he saw Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan coming over.

Qing Shui was practicing his Taichi Fist on the Cloud Mist Peak. He was going to leave here with Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan. But before they left, he still needed to visit Baili Jingwei once more.

After breakfast, Qing Shui caught a Golden Horn Firetail Fish from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for the first time. This was the promise he had made with the little la.s.s and he had guaranteed that she would like it.

Although he had intended to start letting the people around him, especially the children, consume the Golden Horn Firetail Fish, the quant.i.ty was still too little. However, in another one to two years’ time, the two hundred Golden Horn Firetail Fish would be multiplied. By then it would be enough for consumption.

But there was no harm in taking one out now. 

Qing Shui’s culinary skills were exceptional. With those impeccable spices, the little la.s.s already asked for a bite after inhaling that irresistibly delicious fragrance that wafted in the air, before the food was even done stewing……

Other than this Golden Horn Firetail Fish that was prepared specially for Luan Luan, Qing Shui had also stewed black fish, turtle, crabs and prepared two more vegetable dishes. All of these ingredients came from within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After breakfast, Qing Shui allowed some time for Yiye Jiange to make the necessary preparations while he went to the great hall to meet Baili Jingwei. He remained the same as he had been a few years ago; wise and insightful just like the old G.o.d of Longevity. 

“Old master, you seem well!” Qing Shui smiled and greeted Baili Jingwei with the bow of a junior as soon as he stepped into the great hall.

“Qing Shui, you’re here!” Baili Jingwei stood up and said. There was a look of happiness and a trace of indescribable warmth in his eyes when he looked at Qing Shui.

“Come, play a game of chess with this old man!” Baili Jingwei laughed joyously as he retrieved and set up a chess game on the tea table. He conveniently poured two cups of tea after that.

Qing Shui took a seat with a grin and picked up a black piece. “Old master, I’m bad at chess, allow me to make the first move.”

Baili Jingwei nodded his head with a laugh, his eyes were crinkled up.

Chess was just like a battlefield. If one lacked confidence, then courtesy was unnecessary. There was no need to be courteous to a friend, much less a foe. Every minor att.i.tude could be reflected in a chess game. 

Decisiveness and accurate judgment were the primary factors in determining the results!

“Qing Shui, when do you plan to leave the Greencloud Continent?” Baili Jingwei asked without lifting his head as he placed a white piece above Qing Shui’s black piece.

“Why do you ask old master? Why do you always talk as if I will leave the Greencloud Continent?” Qing Shui questioned him in return after quickly making a move.

“You’re leaving here with them, right? This old man is incompetent. I can’t do much for Jiange and I am powerless to stop Wushuang,” Baili Jingwei sighed. The white piece in his hand had surrounded Qing Shui’s black piece, so he removed it. 

“Why are you blaming yourself? It’s not like everyone can do what they wish to do. Life almost never goes according to one’s wishes,” Qing Shui said flatly as he placed another black piece down and similarly removed a white piece. 

“Seems like you went through a lot these past few years. Going through hards.h.i.+ps is not necessary a bad thing for young people. Hards.h.i.+ps are the wealth in life. You will know some day that hards.h.i.+ps are also opportunities. To be able to cope is also a kind of great opportunity.” Baili Jingwei gently said.

“Old master, do you have any plans for the Skysword Sect in the future?” Qing Shui pondered for a moment before placing a black piece.

“As you age, your ambition will also shrink. I am content as long as continuous improvements are observable,” Baili Jingwei chuckled at Qing Shui.

“That’s not bad.Things will only last if they achieve stability!” Qing Shui laughed. He was no stranger to this kind of situation. The development of the Qing Clan was very challenging too. They were unable to keep up with his pace, but he couldn’t just leave them alone. It was his wish to establish the Qing Clan in the World of the Nine Continents.

“I can’t comment much on anything else, but I will forever be the Elder of the Skysword Sect, even if it is only in name. As long as I am around, I will not allow anyone to bully the Skysword Sect.”

“Hehe, good. This old man will not be unreasonable too. It’s getting late, are you returning?” Baili Jingwei cleared away the half played game with a smile.

“I wish to bring……”

“I know. Go. If you have the strength, bring Jiange to the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. This la.s.s has a very big knot deep within her heart. My heart aches every time I see that gloomy look on her face. I’m old, but I can see that she is still hopeful. If she isn’t mentally strong, she would have ended up like Wushuang,” he sighed.

“Got it. Thank you old master!”


When Qing Shui arrived at the Wushuang Peak, he saw that Wenren Wushuang was absorbed in cultivation there again. Qing Shui couldn’t bear to see her blood red long hair.

“Wushuang, let’s head home!”

She turned around to look at him, the frown on her face was quickly wiped off. “I’ll go pack up.”

Not long after that, Wenren Wushang reappeared with a small golden bag. Qing Shui was guessing that she had only packed some clothes!

“Let me help you with that!” He reached over for the bag in her hand and tossed it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal……

Wenren Wushuang didn’t react at all!

Riding on the Fire Bird, Qing Shui, the two ladies and Luan Luan set off for the Hundred Miles City.

A look of concern was plastered on Wenren Wushuang’s face the whole time. She would glance every now and then at Qing Shui and the woman from the Skysword Sect, who was now way more powerful than her. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. We are close relatives. I just want to help you recover your memories,” Qing Shui didn’t really know how to a.s.sure Wenren Wushuang, but he tried his best to.

Perhaps from the way Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan interacted, she no longer felt that Qing Shui was a threat. She gradually calmed down, although she remained silent.

After walking for a little more than a day, Qing Shui had returned to the Hundred Miles City, to the Qing Clan’s Medicinal Store! 

“So this is your home Daddy!” Luan Luan cheerfully exclaimed instead of being frightened by the unfamiliar environment. 

By the time the Fire Bird had landed at the entrance of the Qing Clan’s Medicinal Store, it was already noon. Quite a number of people from the Qing Clan came out to meet Qing Shui and his companions after they heard the commotion. 

As soon as Qing Yi saw Yiye Jiange, she immediately recognized that she was the powerful and beautiful woman from a few years ago!

“Daddy, is that Granny?”

Qing Shui had been teaching her some forms of address on their way here. So the little la.s.s asked Qing Shui after seeing the people who came out.


This was a shocking sight to the Qing Clan. The little la.s.s bore a remarkable resemblance to Yiye Jiange who was standing beside her, but she was calling Qing Shui ‘Daddy’ at this very moment.

“Mother, this is Luan Luan!”

“Luan Luan, greets Granny!”

“Granny, you’re really pretty!” Luan Luan’s beautiful big eyes widened as she sincerely complimented Qing Yi.

“Such a sweet-mouthed little girl,” Qi Yi smiled as she put an exquisite looking pendant around the little la.s.s’ neck. Yuchang had one and Qing Shui had one too when he was little…..

The Qing Clan knew that the Qing Clan would be expanded once again. After all, this was Qing Shui’s daughter. Although she seemed to be a little older than they expected, none of it mattered.

“You’ve come!” Qing Yi smiled at Yiye Jiange. This lady had a similar countenance to Di Chen. The aura she exuded could make one halt in their steps, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

“h.e.l.lo, Aunty. I will be intruding for a period of time.”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, everyone’s attention s.h.i.+fted to the blood red-haired Wenren Wushuang!


Qing Yi exclaimed in disbelief after staring for a moment!

“Is that really Sister Wushuang!?” Qing Bei asked, equally shocked.

“You are Aunty. Who am I? Why do you look a little familiar?” Wenren Wushuang scratched her head in confusion as she stared at Qing Yi before observing her surroundings.

“Mother, Wushuang lost her memories. I have brought her back to try and jog her memory,” Qing Shui smiled bitterly.

Qing Yi tugged Wenren Wushuang who was in pain. “Don’t force yourself if you can’t remember. You’ll slowly recover your memories back. From now on, this is your home. No one here will harm you.” 

Perhaps, Wenren Wushuang could feel a hint of familiarness from Qing Yi. It was as if she had finally found someone whom she can rely on after being in solitude for such a long period of time. She nodded at Qing Yi.

Qing Yi took her hands in hers after seeing her worried expression. “I will treat you like my own daughter. This is your home. We will talk again about whether you want to stay or leave by the time you have recovered your memories, so why not stay here for now?”


Qing Shui looked at the current Qing Clan and felt a slight satisfaction in his heart. He had been developing the Qing Clan for awhile now. Within such a short amount of time, he had managed to significantly raise the strength of the entire clan. He planned to observe their future intentions after this. If they had the inclination to grow more, Qing Shui would bring them to a bigger city.

During the morning practice on the next day, the little brats of the Qing Clan were already deeply provoked by Luan Luan. Among them, Qing You and Qing Bei were the most outstanding disciples of the Qing Clan. Qing Bei in particular who was at the peak of Houtian, was able to cultivate the Back Connecting Fist to the Truth Realm. She was satisfied and proud of it. 

But this nine years old child had not only cultivated her Back Connecting Fist to the Truth Realm, but even her Tiger Form, Bear Form, and Deer Cantering techniques had attained the Great Perfection Stage……

“I am very sure that she’s definitely Brother Qing Shui’s biological daughter. There’s no doubt about it,” Qing You said as she watched Luan Luan cultivating under Qing Shui’s guidance.

“I am very sure too. This means that beautiful lady is Brother Qing Shui’s wife? A truly capable man indeed maintains a low profile……” Qing s.h.i.+ was awestruck.

“How shocking. Look at how well Brother Qing Shui treats her, hmph!” Qing Bei huffed and pouted angrily at the sight of Qing Shui and Luan Luan.

“That’s enough. Brother Qing Shui treats you well enough, sometimes even we are even jealous of you. But we don’t even see Brother Qing Shui treating Luan Luan any better than you,” Qing Hu told Qing Bei.

“I was just saying. Look at how you all…..”

Mingyue Gelou was still practicing the Tiger Form. Although her Tiger Form had reached the Great Perfection Stage, it didn’t seem to be close to having another breakthrough any time soon. However, the grace and aura it exuded was not inferior to Qing Shui’s Tiger Form.

Qing Shui pondered for a moment and didn’t make any further comments. Although one technique was sufficient, it was always good to have more skills. There were pros and cons to every technique, Qing Shui couldn’t really say which was better!

Qing Shui did not discover it in the past, but he had just realized it now that she had stayed at the peak of Xiantian for three years. In these three years, the Spirit Concentrating Pills of threefold effects had caused the convergence of meridians to be embodied.

Qing Qing had now become one of the weaker members amongst the Qing Clan. But after Qing Shui had recovered, he planned to help cleanse her with the Plum Blossom Wine. Then he’d use the Vermillion Fruit Wine to strengthen her meridians, despite its minimal effects. After that, he’d moisturize her meridians a few times by channeling the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique.

There was also the Strength-Enhancing Fruits and soup that strengthened the bones and invigorated the body. Of course, they weren’t only prepared for Qing Qing’s sole consumption, but the effects were most obvious on her. This might be due to the fact that she was the weakest among all of them. Only two Strength-Enhancing Fruits and an Agility-Enhancing Fruits were enough for her to reap a lot of benefits. 


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