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AST 682 – Treating Yuan Su, Twin Phoenixes Face the Sun

“Are you nervous?” Qing Shui felt helpless. For a non-pract.i.tioner, her frantic heartbeat posed a risk to her health. Moreover, the speed of her heartbeat was only going to become more frantic in a while. There was no way he could possibly clear her meridians.

“N..no.” Yuan Su was pale as she denied.

“Take a seat, let us have a chat first. In your anxious state, I cannot start.” Qing Shui gestured for her to be seated and did the same himself.

“Hmm.” She made a sound of acceptance and glanced at Qing Shui, but quickly averted her gaze when their eyes met.
“Since you have made this decision, I am sure that it took a lot of determination. Why are you nervous when your mind is already set?” Qing Shui asked gently.

“I cannot control myself. For twenty over years, my only interest was coming up with prescriptions and and creating my own medicines. I have alway wanted to be involved personally in the experiments but alas, my const.i.tution does not allow me to do so. I am unable to train and all these years, I have sought out numerous alchemists and physicians to no avail. Now that I have found you, I do not want to miss this chance but I cannot help but feel like I am losing an important part of myself.” Yuan Su replied piteously.

Qing Shui felt helpless. It was not that they were doing the deed; it was just that she had to be fully unclothed but for a conservative girl, this was indeed a high mental hurdle to clear.

“Let me give you an a.n.a.logy. This man once had a group of friends, so close they were almost like brothers. But this man suddenly became powerful and his life and social circle changed completely. Although he would have loved to maintain the same relations.h.i.+p with his group of friends, to eat and train with them like in the past, he knew that it was no longer possible. They now had different life experiences, and came into contact with new people. With this came new enemies as well and he had no choice but to leave his friends. Even though he tried to compensate them by giving them gifts when he left, he was still labeled a b.a.s.t.a.r.d who prized personal gains over friends who have shared weal and woe with him. Little did they know how much consideration the man had shown to them. This is a fact of life; you lose some, you gain some. Sometimes, a thing can be still of importance to you but you have no choice but to give it up.”

Qing Shui tactfully counselled her, and she began to feel more settled.

“I know, if not, I would not have sought you out today. But feeling nervous is inevitable for me.” By then, Yuan Su seemed to have relaxed somewhat.

“Just what are you worried about? Afraid that I will speak of this to others, or concerned that your future husband might hear of this?” In order to relieve her anxiety, Qing Shui had to know the cause.

“You are not such a person. However, you have to understand that it is perfectly normal for a woman to feel anxious.” Yuan Su forced a smile.

“Are you still nervous? Shall we begin?” Qing Shui shot her an easygoing smile, hoping to calm her further.

“Alright, turn your back to me first and when I’m&h.e.l.lip;done you can turn back around.” Yuan Su lowered her head bashfully.


Qing Shui turned around as he replied and soon enough, he heard the rustling sounds of clothing being removed. Truth be told, he was sorely tempted to turn back. Yuan Su was beautiful in a distant manner, and was uniquely charming.

“I am done!” A miniscule voice sounded out.

If not for his extremely good sense of hearing, he would have missed it. Qing Shui turned back slowly but was stunned by the sight of Yuan Su lying on the bed, with a thin blanket covering her.

Her snowy white, long and slender neck was exposed and below, her lower legs were straight and fair, her feet dainty. Her skin was illuminated like a piece of jade.

Qing Shui walked over slowly and sat. A faint smell of woman wafted to his nose, a comforting fragrance.

“During the treatment, my hands will come into contact with your body; just be mentally prepared.” Qing Shui thought to warn her.

Yuan Su was not perplexed at his explanation. She was already naked in front of him and it was to be expected that they might come into physical contact. She nodded timidly, her red face blus.h.i.+ng even more.

Qing Shui lifted the blanket from her body to uncover her. The sight of her buck naked body stupefied him for a moment and he was dazed at the beauty he beheld.

Abashed, Yuan Su had shut her eyes once the blanket was lifted from her body and her skin was flushed appealingly pink with embarra.s.sment.

After shedding his own clothes, Qing Shui then realized that she had very nice b.r.e.a.s.t.s as well. Like half-globes, they were round and full, and retained their firm shapes even in her reclining position.

A flat torso and a tiny waist!

Qing Shui took a moment to settle his own uprising emotions, took a deep breath and extended both his hands out. His hands were like white jade, and from them, cool air emanated.

He slowly placed his hands on her shoulders. His hands trembled involuntarily when he touched her silky skin. He might have already had enough beautiful women to last him a lifetime, but it was to be expected that he could not curb his reaction to yet another beautiful woman.

His sacred hands rained soft blows on Yuan Su’s body in rapid succession and the movement shook her full, firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Amazingly, her nipples hardened to peaks.

Qing Shui’s method was that of loosening the tendons and bones, so seeing her reaction was not surprising to him but Yuan Su shut her eyes tighter in mortification.

Following the path from her shoulders downwards, he continued to pat rapidly with both hands till the sound of her breathing was audible and her snowy white skin seemingly misted over.

All the way to her torso, her thighs, her calves and back up again to her diaphragm, where he used one hand to rub and stroke slowly.

Yuan Su felt as if she did not have an ounce of strength in her body. It was as if her body had lost the support of its frame. She was ashamed that she felt so comfortable right now, she did not even want to move, she even hoped that both of Qing Shui’s hands would never stop&h.e.l.lip;

Qing Shui quickly inserted the needles. He inserted three golden needles into the region of her heart, they stuck out from her chest. Then he took another golden needle and channelled the Nature Energy in his body.

Yuan Su’s dantian and meridian channels were totally blocked and what Qing Shui planned to do was to clear her dantian and her meridian channels.


Qing Shui inserted this needle very slowly. He joined up the acupuncture points around the dantian and even continually infused his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and Nature Energy.

He found out that he could use Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and Nature Energy on anyone. It was a surprise to him that he could use Nature Energy but he was unsure about his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. He did not dawdle on that since that was a heaven-defying technique, thus it should not be shocking to anyone that it could be used in such a manner.

The position of her dantian was only three inches away from her most private area, so Qing Shui could not help looking at it. Even though he tried his best to avoid it, he would accidentally look at it. Each time he saw it, he felt a impulsiveness, a natural impulse.

But he knew what he was doing. Di Chen trusted him and had the greatest faith and confidence in him. She only encouraged him, no matter what he did. He could not let her down.

In Qing Shui’s eyes, Di Chen was a perfect woman and a woman exceptionally suitable to be his wife. Once he thought of Di Chen, he managed to quell the fiery temptation he felt.

The golden needles were spinning rapidly. After 15 mins, Qing Shui inserted a golden needle into her dantian region. This time round, he paid careful attention to his movements.

The golden needle quickly turned an ashen gray. Qing Shui pressed the needle in deeper and a drop of black fluid spurted out.

After a while, there was another drop.

Just like this, after an hour, Qing Shui inserted another golden needle into the position of her dantian.

Twin Phoenixes Face the Sun!

This was a type of acupuncture technique that Qing Shui knew. It was extremely suitable for this.

Yuan Su’s dantian was finally ‘cured’ only when the sky became dark. Her dantian had regained normalcy. Now, he could start on clearing her main meridian channel. This was considerably easier than curing her dantian. After all, one’s dantian was like an ocean and the meridian channels were only rivers.

He quickly inserted the many needles that he had prepared onto Yuan Su’s body. Both his hands fluttered like a b.u.t.terfly, as he gently manipulated each of the needles.

Qing Shui flicked away the droplets of black fluid and dissipated them mid aid with his primordial flames each time. This time, he used exactly 49 golden needles.
Qing Shui expended his spiritual sense very quickly. This was a time that his Yin-Yang Image showed its formidable power. Without even skipping a beat, it replenished his spiritual energy, making him feel confident and superior.

Her exquisite snow white body was covered in a layer of sweat. At this point, Yuan Su had already opened her eyes but Qing Shui’s eyes were still closed.

All these were controlled by Qing Shui’s Spiritual sense. When she saw that Qing Shui had closed his eyes, she opened hers. Her whole body was aching, her whole body felt like a pincus.h.i.+on. It was nothing unusual since having one’s meridians cleared isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience.

As she looked at the extremely talented young man, she couldn’t say that she liked him but she had a favourable opinion on him. The two of them shared the same interests, they both liked alchemy and they worked well together.

“He looks so serious. He looks good like this.” Yuan Su thought absent-mindedly but she quickly shrugged off those thoughts. Her face was still scarlet red either from her embarra.s.sment or her reaction to the pain.

Qing Shui pulled out the needles in her dantian. After that, he also started pulling out the other needles. He pulled on out after a few breaths and it took him about 15 mins to remove all 49 needles.

When Qing Shui pulled out the last needle, Yuan Su’s body glimmered with a layer of jade-like light. It flickered a few times as QIng Shui looked in amazement.

“That is the White Jade Skeletal Structure from the Divine Skeletal Structure!”

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