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AST 676 – The Leveling Up of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee



Qing Shui thought of the Beast Pill. Originally, each Beast Pill would increase the demonic beast’s cultivation level by 10%. But now, he wasn’t sure if it had the same effect on the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies which were already at the Martial Saint level.



Taking out the Beast Pill, Qing Shui fed one to the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies before observing the changes. Although the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies was not as fast as the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, nor did it have as strong a resistance as compared to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies’s venom was the strongest and most dangerous. Most important, there were two of them together, having great teamwork.



Very quickly, a faint gold and silvery glow appeared on the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies, getting increasingly brighter, looking very beautiful.



Qing Shui activated his Spiritual Sense and sensed that the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies’ cultivation levels were gradually increasing. As it did so, his mood was also slowly filled up by joy.



“Increase in strength by 3 countries!”



Qing Shui was very happy. Although there would be restrictions on Martial Saint level demonic beasts, it would be better to have restrictions than to not having them. For example, even if a demonic beast at Peak Martial Saint level had a strength of five countries, which was already considerably strong, an increase in 10% strength would only be about half a country. However, the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies had gained three countries in strength.



Therefore, the higher the cultivation level, the greater the amount of progress gained when taking the medicinal pill. It also made sense to have that restriction since without it, both the bodies of humans and demonic beasts would not be able to withstand the sudden explosive increase in power. Usually, when one reached the Martial Saint level, the body would be developed to quite a high level and ordinary pills would no longer cause it to experience any further growth. There would be some medicinal pills which were quite good but would have restrictions since the body would be unable to take the explosive growth. Only some Saint Grade treasures of heaven and earth would be able to have an explosive increase in cultivation level. Those medicinal pills would have effects such as protecting the heart, meridian channels, changing one’s physique or allowing the body to under a complete and thorough transformation.



Five Beast Pills gave an increment of about 16 countries in strength. To the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies which only had a strength of 50 countries to begin with, this was a considerable progress. After all, the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies were poison beasts and relied on poison to defeat enemies. With an increment of 16 countries in strength, the overall increase was about 30%. It also resulted in the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies having a 30% increment in both speed as well as the body’s toughness.



Taking out the Strength-Enhancing Fruit, Agility-Enhancing Fruit and other fruits, he gave one set to the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies. The other fruits did not have much impact, but the Agility-Enhancing Fruit was very effective. It essentially doubled the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies’ speed.



It seemed that this Agility-Enhancing Fruit was effective for all cultivation levels. Taking out the Endurance Pellets he had saved earlier, he fed it to the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies. After having fed so many items to it, Qing Shui felt that he had formed a faint connection with them.



This was good. Presently, the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies’ cultivation level had grown a lot thanks to Qing Shui’s mysterious alchemy as well as strong medicinal pills, especially in the area of speed. This allowed it to gain a lot of survivability and attacking options.



The Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies flapped its wings which were two meters wide. With its wings flapped out, it was only about 5-6 meters in size. It fluttered next to Qing Shui, appearing extremely beautiful despite being a poison beast.



Qing Shui called out the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee, the demonic beast, or rather, poison beast which saved Qing Shui’s life. It was even smaller than the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies but had a majestic aura to it. It was a born leader.



In the past, Qing Shui had not thought much about it. Only after it had swallowed the Poison Dragon Pearl did Qing Shui sense that this poison beast was quite good. He now felt that he could also be considered a Poison Master now.



He fed the Beast Pills and the various fruits to the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee. In the past, he had not thought much of it and thus forgotten about it. But now, Qing Shui has decided to save the best for it.



Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl!






It had been giving out a joyful buzzing sound when Qing Shui first started feeding it. Qing Shui could hear the happiness from its buzzes. Beasts’ ways of expressing their joy are very simple. Through their cries and actions.



After a slight hesitation, Qing Shui fed the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee the Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl. Earlier, he was afraid that the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee would not be able to absorb it, and was afraid that some mishap may happen. Qing Shui could not bear for anything bad to befall on it.



Qing Shui sensed the changes to the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee, his antic.i.p.ation growing. It was because this Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl had a very high chance of causing the poison beast which consumed it to mutate. Even if it did not, it would at least have its abilities increased by two times, and the nature of its venom would also increased by many folds.






Rapid buzzes rang out. Qing Shui used his Spiritual Sense and sensed that an aura was frantically increasing in the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee’s body, causing its black body to give out a bright glow.






The Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee’s buzz grew increasingly louder, causing one’s head to start to feel numb. The other Jade Emperor Bees had long since darted back to the bees’ nest, not daring to show their faces.



Qing Shui was the only one left in a daze. He had sensed that the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee’s body was gradually changing, as if its body was going through a complete and thorough transformation, or at least was changing parts of it.



Was this what mutation was like?



Closing his eyes, Qing Shui tried to sense that subtle change. It was a change, or rather, a strengthening to the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee.



The Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee continued to release buzzing sounds, a hint of agony and antic.i.p.ation in its voice. It seemed to know that it might become stronger after getting through this trial, and if it couldn’t make it through, then death awaits.



A dense layer of blood droplets appeared on its black body, dying it a dark red color. The blood droplets scattered off as it flapped its wings.



Qing Shui was also seized with anxiety.



Peak Martial Saint!



Now, Qing Shui didn’t have to ask other people to know that the circle should mean Peak Martial Saint. Earlier, he had thought that it was a symbol that represented that Lady Duanmu and Duanmu Clan belonged to a particular circle of people. But now he knew he was wrong. That circle presented one’s abilities in terms of ten thousands. Only those who had reached Peak Martial Saint would belonged to this group of people and would meet people in this group.



The other time, Qing Clan had heard the cultivation levels Elder Ge mentioned. Lady Duanmu would not fit into them. However, what Qing Shui did not understand was that Lady Duanmu should be the strongest in Duanmu Clan&h.e.l.lip; Could it be that there had been another powerful person from Duanmu Clan previously?






Dazzling jade-colored light shone, and very quickly, enveloped the Jade Emperor Queen Bee. The light’s intensity seemed to be increasing, and the cry from the Jade Emperor Queen Bee was that of great joy.



When he saw this Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief. It was successful. Through his Spiritual Sense, he could sense the aura in the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee’s body gradually scattering and calming down. He could feel the transformation of the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee.



The toughness of its organs had increased multiple folds, releasing great vitality. Even its cultivation level had soared up from Grade One Martial Saint to Grade Four Martial Saint.



An increment of three whole grades!



As the light dispersed, Qing Shui could see that the current Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee had the appearance of a Jade Emperor Bee. It was 3 meters in height and slightly over 6 meters wide with its wings included. It had a jade color and was illuminating light, releasing a powerful aura. It was very beautiful but gave a very strong and dangerous feeling.



Heavenly Vision Technique activated!



Jade Emperor Queen Bee!



Hmm, its name changed back again. Was it returning to its original nature? Qing Shui decided to take a look if there was any changes to its description. It’d be bad if it ended up losing its poison nature.



Jade Emperor Queen Bee: mutation of the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee after swallowing the Saint Jade Poisonous Pearl. It’s a type of spiritual mutated beast of heaven and earth, specializing in speed and poison. It’s a dangerous poison beast but can also produce harmless Queen Bee Nectar.



The Jade Emperor Queen Bee’s speed had an exponential growth. Within a short period of time, it could increase its speed to three times faster. Although it was not comparable to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant’s Instantaneous Diamond Evasion, its speed was also considerably monstrous.



Poison Pierce, a poison infused attack. It could cause the opponent to feel giddy and restless. Those who were weaker would immediately die. A maximum of five Poison Pierces could be shot out at one time.



To think that it had now increased to become five Poison Pierces. Presently, its prowess has increased. The power and speed of this Poison Pierce should have also increased. Most importantly, the poison in the Poison Pierce should have become stronger.



Poison Powder attack. The Jade Emperor Queen Bee could flap its wings and create a poison powder field within 30 meters, causing those who entered the area to be poisoned. How serious the degree of the poison would be dependent on its cultivation level.



This was a new power, and could also be considered a skill owned by a king. It was considered quite good. Since the attack could be effective within a 30 meter radius, this attack could be used on a group.



Poison Killer Sting, the killer move of all bee-typed demonic beasts. Shooting out its poison sting, its poison could become four times more powerful and it had a strong penetrating force. Ordinary clothes, armors, and s.h.i.+elds would not be able to fend it off. Moveover, with its super speed, there weren’t many people which could dodge this attack.



Qing Shui was also astonished when he saw this. The poison effect which was originally two times stronger had now become four times stronger. It was definitely terrifying. Moreover, the Jade Emperor Queen Bee’s cultivation level could no longer be seen on the same level as before. Qing Shui didn’t know the current killing prowess of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee’s Poison Killer Sting. Could the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect’s Sovereign’s antidote work against this?



The Poison Killer Sting could only be used once every two hours!



Qing Shui was very satisfied. Previously, it could only be used once daily, but now, it could be used once every two hours. However, if they were in battle, there were not many battles which would continue for two hours. Therefore this change didn’t bring much surprise to Qing Shui. However, the reduction in time was still something to be happy about.



Queen Bee’s Command. As the leader of all bee-typed demonic beasts, not only could the Jade Emperor Bee command all the bee-typed demonic beasts within a fifty li radius, it could also nurture the next generation of Emperor Bees by itself, and order them to conduct attacks in groups.



Although this was only a strengthening of the previous version, increasing the range from thirty li to fifty li, Qing Shui knew that this skill could be terrifying in certain situations.



With the Jade Emperor Queen Bee growing stronger and the new addition of the Gold-Silver Colored b.u.t.terflies, his cultivation level growing stronger, and the poison he had collected previously&h.e.l.lip; Qing Shui now felt that he had finally a few trump cards for himself.



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