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AST 2008 – The Battle For A Seat, Beiming Xue

“Hm? Look at that brat. Is he the brat who saved Tianhe Renmo the other day?”

A voice went into Qing Shui’s ear. Qing Shui followed the voice and looked into a direction.

The person speaking was a young man, a very young-looking man. As he was speaking, he was also pointing at Qing Shui.

“He does look like him. Do you think we should make our moves here or only deal with him once he is inside?” It was another man who seemed just as young as the previous one, but his voice sounded very mature and attractive. He also seemed quite aggressive, adding a bit of elegance to his overall look.

The man had a very handsome face. Along with his courteous look, there was a bold and powerful aura around him which words couldn’t describe.

“Qing Shui, it seems like they are trying to pick a fight with you.” Yu Xixuan smiled and said. She didn’t seem nervous at all.

Qing Shui didn’t know them, but from the way they talked, he could more or less figure out that they were people from the Xicheng Clan. Furthermore, Qing Shui was also looking at the very handsome man, thinking that he could be Xicheng Yeyang.

“One of my friends have had some arguments with them. Two days ago, I happened to see them pursuing my friend in an attempt to kill him. Thus, I took my friend with me and left together.” Qing Shui explained briefly about what happened.

Someone had already gone in!

“Let’s go in first. Get yourself a place to sit. We will deal with this brat later. It will be hard for him to escape once he gets inside.” The teenager from before revealed a gloomy smile.

Qing Shui didn’t say anything, but deep down, he was already thinking about whether or not he should leave the young master from the Xicheng Clan in the spiritual land.

“Qing Shui, let’s go in!” Yu Xixuan smiled and said.

Qing Shui nodded. By now, almost half of the crowd had gone in, all of them were experts. Actually, there was no need to rush, even inside the spiritual lands, its entrances were all created from the fierce battles between the compet.i.tors.

Both Qing Shui and Yu Xixuan appeared inside the Spiritual Land. While looking at the scenery and sensing the abundant Spiritual Qi in the air, they felt an indescribable sense of comfort. The land here was almost the same as the ones outside. There was also a huge valley here. However, the one here was even bigger and the vegetations here had more variations.

“Qing Shui, let’s take a look at the second energy entrance. I think everyone is there at the moment.” said Yu Xixuan.

Qing Shui followed Yu Xixuan and the others, they went out of the valley. They walked to the front where everyone was at. This place had a very large stone statue; the stone statue was almost a thousand meters tall. This was something which he couldn’t have imagined back in his previous life. More importantly, the stone statue looked so real as if it could come to life at any moment. He couldn’t help but wonder who was the person who carved the statue.

Legend said that the second Spiritual Land entrance was connected to a mansion house and there were many excellent weapons in it. Unfortunately, because of a mysterious force that was at work inside the house, each person was only permitted to take one thing away from the mansion. Furthermore, once they took it, it would automatically belong to them and they would disappear from the place immediately.

Because of how bizarre this world was, Qing Shui was no longer surprised with things like that. What could possibly be more ridiculous than him coming to this world? Thus, not many things could surprise him anymore.

“This stone statue is known by the others as the Large Spiritual Divine Statue. The platforms below it are the paths which must be taken to go to the Treasure Palace. Aside from treasure hunting, the other purpose of coming to this place was to enter the Treasure Palace of the Large Spiritual Divine Statue to obtain a treasure. Actually, this had more to do with a person’s luck. Some people went inside and gained treasures which they can’t use.” Yu Xixuan pointed towards the platforms around the divine statue and explained to Qing Shui.

Each of the platforms was about thirty meters long and wide. There were some mysterious spells written on top of them. Their appearance was a bit simple but yet holy. Faint pressure could be felt emitting from it, giving people constant oppressing sensations.

At the moment, everyone was standing in front of the platforms. Each of the platforms had a time limit. In other words, once a person stood on the platform for more than an hour, no one would be able to go up to the exact platform anymore. If the platform had two people standing on it, after the time was up, none of them would be transported into the Treasure Palace. They would both be disqualified.

There was also a rule to the warriors who came here. The victor could call the shots. Whoever could defeat the king would earn the right to stand on the platform. The person standing on the platform would have to be prepared to face any challenges coming to him or her. If no one challenged him, once he was on the platform, the person would have to call out three times to make sure that no one was interested in his platform. Once that was done, and still, no one went up the stage, no further challenges would be accepted. That was the rule.

There weren’t many differences in the locations of each of the platforms. They were scattered all around the Large Spiritual Divine Statue. The place was becoming more and more crowded with time. Almost all of the people who came in were already here.

Suddenly, a person appeared on the platform. He was a huge and muscular man. This man should be around middle-age. The aura emitting from his body was like a fierce sun. He gripped his fist tightly and screamed to the surroundings, “Lei Bao of the Great Sun Immortal Palace! Today, I gathered my courage to stand on this platform. Anyone who feels that I am not suitable to stand on this platform, feel free to challenge me.”

The Great Sun Immortal Palace had a very strong reputation. These people were from the Scarlet Refinement Land. They each possessed fearsome cultivations and belonged to the existences from the true Nine Continents World.

The man looked around him and when no one uttered a word, he revealed a faint smile. He called out three times in a row, but no one responded to him.

Great Sun Immortal Palace took down a platform. Following that, a man dressed in white clothes appeared on the platform. Just like the person before, he called out to the people around him, “Qu Bai of Bright Moon Palace.”

This person looked delicate and handsome. He was holding a long sword in his hand and remained motionless as he stood there. Despite calling out three times, no one had yet to show up. Bright Moon Palace was an existence on par with the Great Sun Immortal Palace. Before this, no one had come up the stage. If they were to do so now, it would mean that they were pa.s.sing Bright Moon Palace the message that they were inferior to the Great Sun Immortal Palace. This way, if the opponent didn’t manage to defeat the person from the Bright Moon Palace, he would very likely be slaughtered by the person on the platform.

The Bright Moon Palace also managed to take down one platform very quickly.

Following on, another person appeared on the third platform. Qing Shui was stunned when he saw who it was. Beiming Xue!

Like usual, she was wearing a b.l.o.o.d.y-red dress which extended all the way to the floor.

Her pale and charming face was as delicate as a baby’s face. She had a long and delicate nose. Her black hair was hanging down behind her, her profound but yet tranquil eyes expressed wisdom in it, but at the same time also looked a bit cold as it released an unusual kind of charm. It might seem cold but still retained an alluring aura. The shape of her eyes was a bit long and narrow. When she squinted, she would emit an endless dignifying composure around her. The people around didn’t dare to make direct contacts with her eyes.

She had a very tall figure which was almost even to Qing Shui’s. Her slender body along with her long legs, they were very well-proportioned. Particularly on her small and narrow waist, there was a red ribbon wrapped around it, tightening it and revealing the exquisite curve of her body. She wore a black cape behind her which hung all the way to the floor. It made her entire person look n.o.ble and fill with a cold temperament, giving people the feeling that she was unreachable.

“Wow, the most beautiful woman in the Northern Snow City…”

“No, she should be the most beautiful woman in the entire Northern Ice Domain.

“She is the Palace Lord of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. She possesses immeasurable strength. According to some rumors, it’s even said that she has fearsome forces supporting her from behind.”

“This woman looks too beautiful and elegant. She will be too much to handle for ordinary men.”


Qing Shui looked in the direction where the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace was and didn’t see Luan Luan’s figure. Deep down, he felt relieved by that. At the same time, he also started developing a good feeling towards Beiming Xue.

It was unknown whether it was because of her beauty, or if it was because of something else. Beiming Xue had already said it twice, but just like before, no one went up to the platform. Actually, the Northern Underworld Palace was a force with decent strength, but compared to the Great Sun Immortal Palace and Bright Moon Palace, there was a bit of distance between them. At the moment Beiming Xue called out for the third time, a voice came through.

“I would like to challenge Sister Xue to a fight.”

As soon as the voice dropped, an elegant figure appeared on the platform where Beiming Xue was. It was a very attractive and young woman. She looked very charming and had a body that was like a work of the devils. She was very s.e.xy. There was a huge difference between hers and Beiming Xue’s height.

Qing Shui was downstairs staring at the woman who just went up. If he really had to compare between the two, other than their charms, she was superior to Beiming Xue in almost everything. However, this alluring woman was no doubt one among a thousand beautiful woman.


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