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Chapter 235 – The Yang Clan?

A wisp of killing intent flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the middle aged man attack. He wasn’t one that liked to cause trouble, but he wasn’t one that was afraid of trouble as well! So….

When Yang Ye arrived in front of the middle aged man, he drew his sword and slashed without holding back at all, and it was swift to the extreme!

Violet Spirit had just come into contact with the middle aged man’s arm when he was instantly horrified. He wanted retreat, but it was still too late.


Under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, b.l.o.o.d.y sprayed as the middle aged man’s arms flew into the air!

This wasn’t the end of it. A golden glow flashed, and then the middle aged man instantly opened his eyes wide. In the blink of an eye, his head fell off his neck.

The spectators were immediately stunned when they witnessed this scene. A King Rank expert was instantly annihilated by a First Heaven Realm profounder just like that?

On the other hand, Yang Yong seemed as if he was frozen on the spot. He stared fixedly at the middle aged man who lay on the ground without his head. That was Yang Yong’s third uncle, an expert at the King Realm! He was instantly annihilated just like that? How could this be possible?

In next to no time, Yang Yong recovered from his shock because Yang Ye had gazed at him.

When he noticed Yang Ye’s gaze, Yang Yong’s entire body trembled, and then he instinctively took a few steps back before he said with terror, “You… you… what are you thinking of doing? I’m a member of the Yang Clan, my cousin brothers Yang Song and Yang Feng have gone to the Ascension Mountain Range. They’re extremely strong. They’ll….”

When he heard Yang Yong, Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving. Because he felt that these two people sounded familiar. After pondering for a brief moment, Yang Ye immediately recalled them. Weren’t these two fellows the disciples of the Yang Clan that intended to rob me?

Yang Ye glanced at Yang Yong, and then he shook his head. This Yang Clan is said to be one of the four great powers of the Imperial Capital. But why are all of its disciples like this?

Yang Yong was delighted in his heart when he saw Yang Ye stop moving, and he thought Yang Ye had been terrified by the cousin brothers he mentioned. He instantly felt confident, and even his backbone straightened as he spoke confidently. “Kid, if you kneel down and beg me right now, then I can spare your life. Otherwise, even if you’re a disciple of the Sword Sect, my Yang Clan will definitely annihilate your entire family!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard Yang Yong. Right when he was about to attack, Xiao Yu’er suddenly appeared in front of Yang Yong, and then she slapped Yang Yong before she shouted furiously. “You idiot! Quickly apologize to Brother Yang! Do you want to die?”

She was really onto too eager to watch this idiot profligate disciple die. However, she had no choice. She couldn’t allow him to die because if he did, then the Yang Clan would definitely vent their anger on the Xiao Clan. At that time, the Xiao Clan would truly be on the verge of destruction!

The spectators in the surroundings shook their heads as they gazed at Yang Yong. This Yang Yong is truly an idiot to the extreme. Would the Sword Sect allow your Yang Clan to kill a First Heaven Realm expert that’s able to kill a King Realm expert? Moreover, isn’t your life in his hands now, yet you threatened him? How stupid do you have to be to do something so stupid?Yang Yong was stunned from being struck by Xiao Yu’er, and then he instantly fell into a frenzy. He pointed at Xiao Yu’er and roared hysterically. “You actually hit me for him. You b.i.t.c.h! Both of you are going to die. Your Xiao Clan will be annihilated as well. Both your families will be annihilated….”

Xiao Yu’er gazed at Yang Yong, shook her head, and then turned to gaze at Yang Ye before she pleaded. “Brother Yang….”

Yang Ye interrupted her once more and said, “Young Miss Xiao, I understand what you mean, and I understand your worries. But you seem to have forgotten something since the beginning. It wasn’t I, Yang Ye, who wanted to look for trouble with him, and it’s he who insists on looking for trouble with me. Yet you’ve constantly and repeatedly asked me to show mercy. That isn’t very appropriate, right?”

Yang Ye really cherished every relations.h.i.+p and friends.h.i.+p he had. So, he’d showed mercy for the first time when Xiao Yu’er had asked him to show mercy. However, this time, he would definitely kill this piece of trash even if this piece of trash was the son of the Origin School’s Master. In his entire life, he’d always hated people threatening his family the most!

Xiao Yu’er laughed bitterly and said, “I’m sorry, Brother Yang. Yu’er really was acting selfishly this time. However, I still can’t allow you to kill him in front of me.”

When she spoke up to here, she flipped her wrist, and a mid-rank Technique Talisman appeared in her hand before she said, “Brother Yang, I really have no intention to become enemies with you. Please leave out of consideration for the relations.h.i.+p we had in the past, alright?”

Yang Ye grinned when he saw Xiao Yu’er withdrew those Technique Talismans, and he laughed for a moment before he shook his head and said, “Young Miss Xiao, truthfully speaking, I really cherish the friends.h.i.+p between us. But now it would seem like it was slightly one-sided. Since it’s like that, then so be it….” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he shot explosively towards Yang Yong who was behind Xiao Yu’er.

A wisp of a struggling expression flashed in Xiao Yu’er’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye attack. However, she stopped hesitating when she thought about the Xiao Clan, and she tossed the talisman at Yang Ye.

It expanded and shook slightly in midair before it transformed into a crescent shaped blade of wind that slashed down towards Yang Ye!

“Right! Right! Kill him! Kill him!” Yang Yong cried out madly when he saw Xiao Yu’er toss a Technique Talisman at Yang Ye….

Yang Ye shook his head when he saw her toss the talisman at him, and when he looked at her again, his gaze had become completely icy cold. He drew his sword and slashed, and the blade of wind was instantly slashed into pieces. After that, his speed didn’t reduce at all as he instantly arrived in front of Xiao Yu’er.

With a twist of his wrist, Violet Spirit lay horizontally before Xiao Yu’er’s throat, but after gazing at her for a short while, he didn’t do it in the end.

His figure flashed and instantly arrived behind Xiao Yu’er, and then he flicked Violet Spirit and sliced off Yang Yong’s head before Yang Yong could even react.

After he put an end to Yang Yong with a single slash of his sword, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the entrance of the city. After taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped moving, and then he said, “Young Miss Xiao, the reason I didn’t kill you this time is that I once took you to be a friend, and I, Yang Ye, can change my principles for a friend or loved one. But from now onward, we’re friends no more!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked swiftly towards the city.

When she heard Yang Ye, Xiao Yu’er couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have agreed to that Profligate Yang’s invitation to come here and wait for his cousin brothers….

Right when Yang Ye was about to enter the city, suddenly, a group of soldiers in silver armor surged out from within the city, and then they encircled Yang Ye. When the middle aged man who led the group saw Yang Yong’s corpse on the ground, his eyes instantly turned completely red!

In next to no time, he turned to look at Yang Ye, and then he saw with a savage expression, “My Yang Clan has a good relations.h.i.+p with the Sword Sect. Since you’re a disciple of the Sword Sect, then why did you strike to kill against a disciple of my Yang Clan? Even if he was in the wrong, could it be that you couldn’t teach him a lesson and just had to kill him?”

“So you’re aware that it’s his mistake!” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “Looks like you know that fellow very well. Since you know him so well, then why didn’t you educate him properly and allowed him to leave your clan to court death?”

The middle aged man suddenly asked. “You’re that Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye was slightly surprised when he heard this, and then he frowned and said, “How did you know?”

When he heard Yang Ye’s answer, the savage expression on the middle aged man’s face reduced greatly, and then his eyes carried an incomprehensible expression as he gazed at Yang Ye. After a short while, he took a deep glance at Yang Ye and said, “You really shouldn’t have killed him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man led the others around and left.

Yang Ye’s brows knit together even more tightly. Earlier, he was already prepared to attack, but the middle aged man had suddenly acted in this manner. What did he mean by that? Yang Ye was completely bewildered!

Yang Ye shook his head, stopped thinking about all of this, and walked towards the Imperial Palace.

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived at the entrance to the Imperial Palace. At this moment, the number of people here was much lesser than when the compet.i.tion had just begun. At the center of the square outside the Imperial Palace, a learned and refined middle aged man was seated there while recording something.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw this middle aged man, and his eyes were filled with surprise. Because the learned and refined middle aged man was actually the Prime Minister of the Grand Qin Empire, Li Si!

Yang Ye walked over, bowed slightly to Li s.h.i.+, and then flipped his palm. 30 King Rank Inner Cores appeared on the table in front of Li Si.


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