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Chapter 210 – Treasure

One day later, Yang Ye had successively killed over 10 groups of profounders, and he’d obtained a total of 100 plus King Rank Inner Cores from them. Coupled with the inner cores he had in his possession, he possessed almost 200 now. Besides these inner cores, there were around 30 plus Profound Rank techniques and treasures. As for energy stones, he’d obtained over 10,000!

In merely a single day of time, Yang Ye had obtained ample gains!

For the sake of preventing the exposure of the fact that he possessed an army of Darkbeasts, Yang Ye made sure to annihilate everyone every single time, and he didn’t even hesitate to expose his Sword Control Technique and Sword Intent in order to accomplish this.

Just the exposure of the violet mink had caused the humans and Darkbeasts to be shocked. If his Darkbeast army was exposed as well, then he would truly be in trouble. At that time, it would probably be King Realm or even Spirit Realm experts that came looking for him!

While Yang Ye was plundering throughout the Ascension Mountain Range, Yuan Tong found out about Yuan Ye’s death.

As he stood at the position where Yuan Ye had been killed, Yuan Tong’s expression was extremely unsightly. He’d never imagined that a member of the Origin School would be killed on Ascension Mountain Range. After all, Yuan Ye’s strength was top-rate, and so long as he was determined to flee, then even Qin Youran and the others might not be able to kill Yuan Ye.

However, Qin Youran and the others had always been by his side, and even the elites of the Darkbeast Empire hadn’t left his line of sight. Besides these people, who else on Ascension Mountain Range could kill Yuan Ye? Moreover, he didn’t even have the chance to flee!In next to no time, Yuan Tong recalled what Wenren Yue had said to him before she left. She’d told him that he shouldn’t have sent his junior brother, Yuan Ye, alone to pursue Yang Ye….

When he thought up to here, Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a low voice, “Regardless of whether it was you who killed Yuan Ye, Yuan Ye died because of you. So, you must die!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Tong’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


On Ascension Mountain Range, more and more profounders were killed. However, it didn’t make the profounders who were searching for Yang Ye to stop and retreat. But they’d become smarter, and they’d merged their groups of 5 into groups of 10. The facts proved that this was effective because news of groups of profounders being completely annihilated had rarely been spread after that!

After those profounders merged their groups, Yang Ye really hadn’t continued his attack. Because he wasn’t confident in his ability to annihilate them. After all, all of these independent cultivators were the elites amongst the human race. If these people refused to fight and were determined to flee, then he wasn’t completely confident in his ability to make them leave their lives behind!

Once they were allowed to escape, then the troubled he faced would truly be endless. At that time, even the Talisman Master’s a.s.sociation would probably be unable to protect him!

However, Yang Ye didn’t give up because there would always be some that were alone, right?

Yang Ye was like an agile monkey within the dense forest, and he moved ceaselessly between the trees. The violet mink flickered in front of him. It flickered every single time Yang Ye caught up to it, and then it directly appeared over 10m away. After that, it would turn around, look at Yang Ye, and wave its little claws about as if it was telling Yang Ye to continue….

This was a game that the violet mink loved the most. Of course, Yang Ye didn’t like it. What a joke! How could he possibly catch up to the little fellow? However, he had no choice but to chase after the violet mink. After all, the little fellow was extremely terrifying when it was angry, and he didn’t want his ears to suffer!

Suddenly, the violet mink stopped, and then it arrived by Yang Ye’s side.

Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head and asked. “What is it?”

The violet mink blinked, and then it pointed towards the distance.

“There’s someone there?” asked Yang Ye.

It shook its head and then pointed towards the distance again. This time, it revealed a wisp of excitement from its eyes.

This time, Yang Ye understood that there was definitely some sort of treasure there. Because the little fellow would only act in this way when it found a treasure. On the other hand, anything that the little fellow thought was a treasure was an absolute treasure. So, Yang Ye revealed an excited expression in his eyes as well!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to embrace the violet mink in his arms, and then his figure flashed towards the direction it pointed at just now.

Yang Ye traveled according to the little fellow’s directions and arrived at a cliff. The cliff descended extremely deep below to the point he couldn’t see its bottom. Moreover, white mist floated there, causing it to seem extremely mysterious.

The violet mink pointed its claw downwards and seemed to be asking Yang Ye to go down.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to lead off the cliff and descend it. Right at the instant he leaped off the edge, a strand of violet light enveloped him, and then the speed of his descend instantly slowed down.

A violet glow flashed before the violet mink descended on his shoulder, and then it rubbed its head against Yang Ye’s face. Obviously, it liked how Yang Ye has so much trust in it.

Yang Ye used his face to rub the violet mink’s head as well. In this world, there were three that he could trust completely. The first two were his mother and younger sister, and the last was this little fellow on his shoulder. He could completely trust them because they would absolutely not harm him!

As he gazed at the little fellow on his shoulder, a wisp of worry arose in the depths of Yang Ye’s eyes. The violet mink’s origins were too mysterious, and it was mysterious to the point even those Darkbeasts from the Darkbeast Empire didn’t know its origins.

He was very worried that the violet mink would leave him one day!

In next to no time, the worry in Yang Ye’s eyes transformed into a firm expression. He’d decided that no matter what happened, unless the violet mink itself was willing to leave, otherwise, he would absolutely not allow the little fellow to leave his side.

Strength! So long as I possess strength, then who would dare object even if I pierce a hole in the sky?Before long, Yang Ye felt his feet touch ground, and he returned to his senses and opened his eyes. After that, Yang Ye’s expression changed when he saw the scene in the surroundings.

Because a curly bearded robust man whose upper body was completely exposed was in confrontation with a woman not too far away ahead. He didn’t recognize the robust man, but he recognized the woman. She was none other than Leng Xinran from Snow Palace.

The ground around them was in a mess. Especially an area of roughly 30m around Leng Xinran, it was completely snow white, and everything in that area had been frozen in ice!

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Leng Xinran’s right hand. Because he noticed that a thread of black hair that was fine to the point it was almost impossible to see resided in her hand. When he recalled what Yu Heng said about her hair being on par with a high-grade Profound Rank Dark Treasure, Yang Ye’s expression instantly turned solemn!

The situation here was very clear. Obviously, the two of them were in battle, and Yang Ye had arrived at the wrong time!

When Yang Ye appeared here, both the robust man and Leng Xinran had shot their gazes towards Yang Ye. Or to be more precise, the robust man gazed at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, whereas, Leng Xinran glanced at Yang Ye before she shot her gaze at the violet mink as well.

The violet mink disregarded the two of them. It raised its little claw and pointed at a large tree of over 10m in height that resided almost 70m behind the robust man. Yang Ye looked over along the little fellow’s claw and saw six fist sized pure white fruits had ripened on the large tree. Obviously, these fruits were the treasures that the little fellow has expressed interest in!

When it saw Yang Ye remain motionless, it seemed to be slightly impatient, and it forcefully patted Yang Ye on the head as if it was telling Yang Ye to hurry up….

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he rolled his eyes at the little fellow. This little fellow has completely disregarded the two of them and just wants to do as it pleases!

“Since you’re a Darkbeast as well, then why are you with a human!” Right at this moment, the robust man gazed at the violet mink and spoke in a deep voice.

The violet mink blinked. It pointed its little claw at the large tree behind the robust man, and then it pointed at Yang Ye and itself. Obviously, it was telling the robust man to give those fruits to Yang Ye and it….

The robust man’s eyelids twitched, and he said in a low voice, “Those are mine!”

The little fellow’s eyes narrowed, and then it just raised its little claw and waved it. A strand of violet light traversed s.p.a.ce and instantly arrived in front of the robust man.

When he sensed the violet mink attack, Yang Ye shook his head to himself. After being by my side for so long, this little fellow has been more or less influenced by my character! After all, Yang Ye was one that attacked as soon as negotiations failed….

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of both Leng Xinran and the robust man changed. Especially the robust man. Obviously, he’d never expected that this tiny King Rank Darkbeast would actually launch an attack against him. Moreover, this attack was even so strange and mysterious!


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