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Chapter 1781 – The Grand Teleportation Technique!

It was the sound of Yang Ye’s bones cracking, of course. However, they merely cracked but didn’t break!

Yang Ye’s expression had changed drastically when he sensed his bones cracking, and then two terrifying intents swept out from within him.


An explosion resounded, and then Yang Ye felt the pressure on his throat vanish.

“Enlightened Rank sword intent and slaughter intent!” A voice resounded from behind Yang Ye, “Quite interesting!”

Yang Ye turned around, and he saw a woman in linen clothes floating not too far away from him. She seemed to be just over the age of 20. Her hair was unlike the hair of other women because they were tied into numerous tiny bunches.

She was extremely beautiful, but there was an imperceptible arc on her lips, causing her to look a little wild.

Another woman! The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Why does this Secret Sect have so many female sect masters?

Yang Ye sized up the woman, and then he vanished on the spot. He was in front of her when he appeared again, and then his sword stabbed towards her forehead.

It was swift!

Absolutely swift!

It could be said that even a 5th stage True Realm expert wouldn’t be able to resist his current strength. If the two intents he possessed were used to enhance his attacks, then even 6th stage True Realm experts wouldn’t be able to resist this attack with ease!

However, his sword couldn’t move an inch further upon arriving just half an inch away from the woman’s forehead.

Because two pure white fingers had clamped down on his sword!

Yang Ye’s face instantly turned solemn when he witnessed this.

Meanwhile, a charming smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, “Not bad. Come, let’s continue playing!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she shook her fingers.


Yang Ye was blasted 30m away!

After Yang Ye stopped himself, his sword was trembling. Actually, it wasn’t just his sword, his hand was trembling too.

Meanwhile, the woman called Lin Weiyang suddenly curled her index finger inwards in Yang Ye’s direction to provoke him, “Continue!”

Yang Ye looked down slightly and fell silent for a moment. After that, he vanished on the spot, and he was behind her when he appeared again. A moment later, the wooden sword had arrived near her nape. Lin Weiyang didn’t move and just stood there. Just like that, the sword pierced through her nape!

However, it was just an afterimage!

At the same time, a hand suddenly pressed down on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

Yang Ye’s figure stiffened while she appeared before him again. She patted him lightly on the shoulder and said, “Not bad. Unfortunately, you’re still too slow. Watch this!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Ye’s sword appeared in her grasp, and then she appeared 30m away from Yang Ye.

Lin Weiyang gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “Watch!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sword instantly arrived before Yang Ye’s forehead.

It was swift!

So swift that Yang Ye couldn’t even react!

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Lin Weiyang blinked, “Was it too fast? You weren’t able to see it clearly? Then I’ll slow down!” As soon as she finished speaking, she appeared 30m away, and then she said, “Come, watch properly!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she vanished on the spot again!

Right at the instant she vanished, two types of intents suddenly swept out from Yang Ye. However, the sword in her hand had still arrived before Yang Ye’s forehead!

She blinked and asked, “It’s fast, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Very fast!” It really was fast. It was so fast that even he felt despair before it.

He’d thought that his speed was extremely fast, but it was nothing compared to her speed!

Lin Weiyang cracked a smile, “You know… I created this move myself! It’s called the Grand Teleportation Technique! Teleportation, it’s teleportation through s.p.a.ce and not just movement through s.p.a.ce. It’s teleportation from the point in s.p.a.ce you reside in, to the point of s.p.a.ce which you wish to arrive at. It’s amazing, right?

Spatial teleportation! Yang Ye glanced at her and nodded, “It’s absolutely amazing!”

Lin Weiyang pa.s.sed the sword to Yang Ye and said, “Unfortunately, it isn’t that complete. Otherwise, a single teleportation would be able to take me past over a dozen worlds!”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

“How should I perfect it..?” Lin Weiyang pressed a finger against her forehead and seemed to be thinking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye asked, “What about now? How far can you teleport now?”

She gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “Who are you?”

Yang Ye was stunned again.

Lin Weiyang’s face turned icy cold, “Didn’t I say that no one is allowed to disturb me?”

As she spoke, her expression actually became quite ferocious.

Yang Ye gulped. She’s not normal at all!

Yang Ye was shocked when he saw her face growing increasingly cold, and he hurriedly said, “Senior Ling Xiu told me to come here. Right, it was her!”

“Ling Xiu?” Lin Weiyang frowned slightly and thought for a long time before she gazed at Yang Ye, “Who’s Ling Xiu?”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Suddenly, Lin Weiyang said, “Ling Xiu… Ling Xiu…. Oh, I remember now. She’s my disciple!”

Her disciple! Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide. That woman, Ling Xiu, was actually her disciple? Is this a joke? Ling Xiu is a 6th stage True Realm expert! Moreover, her intent was at the Enlightened Rank.

But she’s this woman’s disciple?!

Who is this woman?

Meanwhile, Lin Weiyang gazed at Yang Ye, “Why did she tell you to come here?”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “When I met her, I felt my speed was very swift, but she said that someone else is many times faster than me. I refused to believe it, so she told me to come here! After I witnessed your speed just now….”

Lin Weiyang’s eyes lit up, “And then?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and suddenly bowed to her, “After I witnessed your speed, I noticed how lousy my speed is. My speed compared to your speed is simply like a firefly before the moonlight. It can’t be compared to at all. Senior, I’m willing to be your disciple and learn the Grand Teleportation Technique!”

Lin Weiyang’s smile grew even more brilliant. She patted Yang Ye lightly on the shoulder, “Kid, your speed is actually not bad. Especially at your age! However, I can’t teach it to you!”

Yang Ye was stunned and asked, “Why? Senior, I wholeheartedly want to learn your Grand Teleportation Technique! I won’t bring shame to it!”

She shook her head, “You still can’t learn it!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Lin Weiyang said, “The Grand Teleportation Technique teleports through s.p.a.ce. You don’t just need extremely high attainments in s.p.a.ce, your body has to be sufficiently strong. Because at the instant you teleport, your speed will be swift to the limit. It will tear open your body. So, if your body isn’t strong enough, you’ll be torn into pieces at that instant!”

Yang Ye smiled when he heard this.

Lin Weiyang asked, “What are you laughing about?”

Yang Ye smiled in silence, and then he waved his right hand lightly. In an instant, the s.p.a.ce around him instantly warped, and then he vanished on the spot.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Lin Weiyang’s eyes, “The Spatial Laws!”

Yang Ye appeared before her and said, “Do I conform to the requirements?”

Lin Weiyang stretched out her hand and placed it on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and she spoke softly, “Your body’s strength is acceptable too….” She paused for a moment and asked, “Do you really want to learn it?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I do!”

She thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright, I’ll teach you!”

Yang Ye was delighted. He hurriedly bowed to her, “Thank you!”

Lin Weiyang didn’t say anything, and she just tapped his forehead. It didn’t take long for a huge amount of information to appear in Yang Ye’s mind.

The Grand Teleportation Technique!

It was a divine technique that allowed one to teleport in an instant and arrive where wanted to be. It was divided into three levels, and if it was cultivated to the third level, one could teleport through stellar regions and attain stellar teleportation!

It was very difficult!

Extremely difficult even. At the very least, he was absolutely incapable of that.

After that, Yang Ye started to cultivate it like a madman. If he succeeded, he wouldn’t have to fear 6th stage True Realm experts at all, and he could fight them head-on!

Moreover, he could use the technique to flee when he was losing!

He couldn’t stay in the Secret Sect forever. He wanted to leave, but the Ying Clan and the other clans would definitely not let him go. If he didn’t possess sufficient strength, then he would be pursued and hunted again.


Train like a madman!

While Yang Ye was training like a madman…

In a secret room, there were three people here, and they were Ling Xiu, Su Mu, and Lin Weiyang!

Lin Weiyang was standing at the front, and Su Mu and Ling Xiu were standing behind her.

Su Mu spoke abruptly, “Master, he’s an extraordinary genius… Will everything go smoothly?”

Lin Weiyang closed her eyes, “It doesn’t matter how extraordinary he is, he won’t be a match for that person!”

Su Mu asked, “Can he be believed?”

Lin Weiyang shook her head slightly, “We have no other choice. We missed the best opportunity to kill him all those years ago. Now, we can’t stop him! If Ling Xiu and my main bodies were still here, then perhaps we could… However, our main bodies aren’t here!”

Su Mu looked ahead. The cultivation room Yang Ye occupied was before him. Su Mu shook his head slightly as he gazed at the room, “He feels different to me. I keep having a feeling that he’ll be a variable in all of this!”

Lin Weiyang gazed at the room and spoke indifferently, “Then let’s wait and see!”

Meanwhile, Ling Xiu suddenly said, “He’s coming out!”


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