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Chapter 165 – Overcoming The Situation

Right when Xiu Yan’s foot was less than 1.5m away from Qing Hong, a resounding cry of the sword came from the entrance to the city, and then a strand of golden sword qi whistled sharply through the air as it struck towards Xiu Yan’s back.

The golden sword qi was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it caused Xiu Yan’s expression to change violently. His kick could still destroy Qing Hong’s Dantian, but at the same time, he would be struck in the back by that strand of sword qi. He was naturally unwilling to sacrifice himself in order to destroy this woman who stood before him because this woman was only at the Mortal Realm, so it wasn’t worth it.

Xiu Yan withdrew his foot, and as soon as it struck the ground, he relied on the counterforce to move 3m to the side. After that, he looked towards the distance. He wanted to see exactly who dared to make a move against a guard of the Grand Qin Empire!

It wasn’t just Xiu Yan, everyone else here looked towards the city as well because they wanted to see exactly who’d dared to attack an Imperial Guard of the Grand Qin Empire!

Attacking an Imperial Guard was a form of provocation towards the Grand Qin Empire, and even a disciple of the Origin School wouldn’t dare act in this way!

Commander Huang’s face sank when the strand of golden sword qi appeared, and then he waved his right hand, causing all the guards behind him to draw their spears and prepare for battle.

Since this fellow dared to attack an Imperial Guard within the Grand Qin Empire, then this fellow was either an extraordinary idiot or extraordinary powerful. If it was the latter, then Commander Huang had no choice but to approach the situation carefully!

Under the gazes of everyone, Yang Ye’s figure appeared. He disregarded their gazes and walked over swiftly to Qing Hong’s side and glanced at Xiao Hei and Man’zi who’d fallen unconscious. After that, he gazed at Qing Hong who had a ghastly pale countenance and said apologetically, “Sorry, I was late!”

Qing Hong shook her head and then plunged into Yang Ye’s arms, and she hugged him tightly in silence.

“You’re a disciple of the Sword Sect?” Right at this moment, Xiu Yan spoke in a low voice.

When he heard this, Yang Ye pushed Qing Hong away lightly, and then stretched out his hand to wipe the crystalline beads of tears on her face before he said, “Watch as I seek justice for all of you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and stomped his right foot on the ground, and his figure charged explosively towards Xiu Yan. At the same time, the profound energy within his body surged madly into his legs, and both the Gale Steps and Gale Shoes were activated simultaneously.

At this moment, Yang Ye had risen his speed to its limits, and besides a few people in the surroundings, the others were utterly unable to catch sight of him.

Yang Ye didn’t ask what had happened because it was meaningless! He didn’t ask who was in the right or wrong because it wasn’t important! He, Yang Ye, stood on the side of his loved ones and not reason!

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned when Yang Ye suddenly launched an attack. My G.o.d! Those are Imperial Guards of the Grand Qin Empire! Since when have the disciples of the Sword Sect not taken the Grand Qin Empire seriously?

Xiu Yan was stunned as well. He’d never expected that this disciple of the Sword Sect would actually launch an attack just like that without even saying anything. After he recovered from his shock, Xiu Yan was exasperated to the extreme. If Yang Ye was a disciple of the Origin School, then perhaps he would feel slightly fearful, but since Yang Ye was a disciple of a Sword Sect and had launched the first attack, then there was no reason for him to hold back or show mercy.

A tiny First Heaven Realm Profounder dares to attack me? Is he tired of living?In next to no time, Xiu Yan’s expression became solemn because the speed of this First Heaven Realm Profounder was truly too swift, and it was swift to the point he had no choice but to be fearful of it.

Right when Xiu Yan was 6m away, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while his right hand moved. He slapped a Strider Talisman on his body, and then his speed suddenly experienced an explosive increase, allowing him to instantly arrive in front of Xiu Yan. After that, he drew his sword and slashed swiftly towards Xiu Yan.

A violet glow flashed when Violet Spirit was drawn, and the violet flash was accompanied by a sword howl that shot into the sky.


Su Qings.h.i.+ who’d just returned to her room had suddenly frowned, and then her wrist flipped. The green sword appeared in her hand, and it was trembling violently at this moment.

“Violet Spirit, looks like you’re very satisfied with your current master. Even Green Darkness can sense your happiness and excitement….” As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qings.h.i.+’s figure flashed, and she vanished in her room.


At the entrance to the city. Yang Ye was shocked by the sudden and unexpected change in Violet Spirit. He’d never utilized this sword since Su Qings.h.i.+ had given it to him, so he was extremely puzzled by Violet Spirit’s reaction.

Yang Ye was puzzled, whereas, his opponent, Xiu Yan, was terrified and astounded. He’d already been extremely shocked when Yang Ye’s speed suddenly increased, and when Yang Ye drew his sword and slashes, the speed and might of it astounded Xiu Yan.

Never had he imagined that a First Heaven Realm Profounder could possess such terrifying speed and be able to execute such a horrifying sword technique!

He didn’t have the time to give it any thought nor did he have the time to retreat. A wisp of a resolute expression flashed on his face as he raised his left arm to block Yang Ye’s attack.

He wanted to use something else to block the attack, but it couldn’t be helped. He didn’t have anything else…. Because he’d underestimated his opponent since the beginning and didn’t withdraw his Dark Treasure. On the other hand, merely two breaths of time had pa.s.sed since Yang Ye attacked to the point he’d fallen into a hopeless situation. Two breaths of time were utterly insufficient for him to react and withdraw his Dark Treasure, so he could only choose to block the attack with his arm….

When it was a choice between his head and arm, he’d resolutely chosen to keep his head. Moreover, he held a trace of hope in his heart. He hoped that Yang Ye’s sword wouldn’t be able to cause any harm to his arm. After all, the physical body of a King Realm expert was equivalent to the body of a ninth rank Darkbeast.

“AH!!!” Violet Spirit cut through Xiu Yan’s arm without encountering any resistance at all, and it crushed that trace of hope in Xiu Yan’s heart. As a shrill cry escaped his lips, his arm flew into the air as well, and then a strand of fresh blood sprayed out like a fountain from what was left of Xiu Yan’s arm. This scene was rather magnificent and b.l.o.o.d.y….

After severing Xiu Yan’s arm with a single strike of the sword, Yang Ye didn’t stop. With a spin of his wrist, he launched an upward diagonal slash with Violet Spirit. If this attack hit, then Xiu Yan’s upper body would be split from his lower body.

Xiu Yan was horrified, and he practically instinctively utilized his right arm to block this attack.


Another arm flew off into the air while fresh blood sprayed onto the ground….

Yang Ye’s wrist spun once more while he was about to launch another attack with his sword. However, right at this moment, a silver spear struck towards Yang Ye’s back at an extremely swift speed.

Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless. He turned around and forcefully slashed his sword down at the silver spear!


A clear and resounding sound of metal colliding resounded, and then Violet Spirit and the silver spear split up.

Commander Huang’s eyelids twitched when he noticed the gap on the silver spear. This spear of his was a high-grade Profound Rank Dark Treasure, yet a piece of it had actually been chipped off by Yang Ye’s attack….

When he thought up to here, Commander Huang glanced at Violet Spirit in Yang Ye’s hand, and then he said in a low voice. “An Earth Grade Sword. You’re a disciple of the Sword Sect that’s partic.i.p.ating in the Ascension Rankings?”

“Yes!” Yang Ye gazed at Commander Huang while the profound energy within his body surged. He was prepared to attack at any moment.

A strand of a cold glow flashed in Commander Huang’s eyes, and he said, “Since you’re a disciple of the Sword Sect, then you ought to be clearly aware that it’s prohibited to fight without authorization within the Imperial Capital. Now, not only have you fought, but the person you attacked was also an Imperial Guard of my Grand Qin Empire. What? Your Sword Sect doesn’t take my Grand Qin Empire seriously now?”

“So, you intend to charge me with some crimes first?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Fine, since you want to talk about facts, then let me ask you, exactly what crime did these three friends of mine commit that you actually crippled them on the streets? Nevermind, I presume you wouldn’t tell me the truth anyway. Qing Hong, tell me what happened just now.” As he spoke, he looked at Qing Hong.

Qing Hong took a deep breath and described everything that occurred earlier.

Yang Ye’s face sank when he finished listening to her, and then he looked at Commander Huang and said, “Is she telling the truth?”

“Did you not hear me say that they fought in the Imperial Capital?” Commander Huang said in a deep voice. If Yang Ye was just an ordinary Profounder, then he would naturally not waste his breath on Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye was a disciple of the Sword Sect!

Even though the Sword Sect was in decline, it was one of the six great powers at any rate, and it wasn’t an existence that he could offend! So, he had to be in the right first!

“Who do you intend to deceive with such an obvious scheme?” Yang Ye said with a cold voice, “Do you think everyone is an idiot like you?”

“How presumptuous!” Commander Huang was infuriated when Yang Ye cursed at him right here on the streets, and he immediately stopped wasting his breath on Yang Ye. He waved his right hand and said, “Take them! I want them dead, not alive! I’ll take responsibility if anything happens!”

At this moment, he’d decided that he would kill both this man and woman on the streets, regardless of whether he would offend the Sword Sect or not.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “As expected, only strength is the decisive factor. Right, you said you’ll take responsibility if anything happens? I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility!” As he spoke, Yang Ye made a tossing motion with his right hand, and a badge flew towards Commander Huang.

When he saw this badge, Commander Huang’s expression instantly became colorful, and then his hands started to tremble….


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