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Chapter 673: Robbed

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Henyee

“Hahaha, hahahaha!” The Ninth Underworld King laughed loudly. This was Thousand Corpse Sect’s scheme that spanned several thousand years, and the rediscovery of the Pond of the Underworld finally enabled the plan’s completion in his generation.

Fourteen-eyed Corpse King was already so terrifying, and if it became fifteen-eyed, or sixteen-eyed, how powerful would it become?

The Azure Phoenix Divine Empress transformed into her human form again, and the Beast Snake King no longer tangled with the Ninth Underworld King, standing alongside the Sword King and staring at the great Corpse King below.

Now, this was truly troublesome.

Dealing with a normal Corpse Soldier, one could capture the ringleader first in order to capture the followers; kill the one who controlled the Corpse Soldiers, then the latter would only have instincts left, and killing a being like this was too easy.

However, the great Corpse King was different. It possessed its own wits, whether it was high or not couldn’t be made out now, but as long as it had intelligence, it was hard to deal with.

“Looks like, we’ll have to convene a few old friends to attack it,” the Beast Snake King said.

The Azure Phoenix Divine Empress nodded, and said, “Now that the Thousand Corpse Sect obtained the Pond of Underworld again, allowing Corpse Soldiers to evolve infinitely, this Corpse King is extremely likely to reach the high tier of eighteen eyes.”

Eighteen eyes, the limit of Corpse Kings. If it truly reached that level, G.o.ds that descend down wouldn’t be able to handle such an existence, and would be suppressed even with battle prowess fully unleashed.

Such a Corpse King could be called a Divine Corpse.

Theoretically, this realm didn’t allow living spirits at divinity level, but the problem was that the Corpse King wasn’t a living spirit. The laws of heaven and earth treated the Corpse King like a Spirit Tool.

G.o.ds, obviously, were not allowed to appear in this realm, but Divine Tools could.

For example, the Black Tower, the Heaven Transformation Bowl, and the Vial of Curses.

Thus, if the Eighteen-eyed Corpse King truly appeared, there’d be no one who could rival it in the entire world. It was equivalent to the level of a Divine Tool, so how could one kill it?


The great Corpse King tightened that hand, and the three-thousand-meter-long Sword Ray instantly crumbled into infinite fragments. It looked threateningly at the Sword King. Being started at by fourteen eyes on its forehead on top of the two oculi staring simultaneously was truly extremely chilling and unsettling.

Sword King’s battle intent was like a blaze. He stared back at the great Corpse King, and vein-like patterns intertwined as his treasured sword lit up. He was activating this tenth-tier Spirit Tool, sublimating to the limits for a battle.

Ka, ka, ka, sounds of bones crackling came from great Corpse King’s body, and endless bone fragments fell off. Its body was in the process of shrinking, and on its forehead, another new eye was in the process of forming.

The Pond of Underworld’s water’s effects were truly terrifying, allowing Corpse Soldiers’ transformation to accelerate.

However, normal Corpse Soldiers definitely didn’t have such speed. After all, this was only accelerating, and it itself had to have the capacity to evolve.

The great Corpse King fused skeletal corpses of several tens of thousands of elites and was equipped with such conditions. On top of the Pond’s water, which allowed it to complete the transformation from nine eyes to fifteen eyes in one day, it was an extremely terrifying thing.

“Fifteen eyes!”

“It really reached fifteen eyes!”

In the sky, the Sword King and the other two great elites revealed stern expressions. The Fifteen-eyed Corpse King was already infinitely close to G.o.d Tier, and a frontal battle would be difficult even for them; otherwise, they risked the danger of dying.

Fortunately, the Corpse King also used up the acc.u.mulation of several thousand years. In the future, even if it drank down tons of the Pond’s water, it couldn’t possibly evolve at such terrifying speed without anything supporting it.

Moreover, the Ninth Underworld King had also said earlier that he took all the Pond’s water for this Corpse King’s use, and the Pond of the Underworld apparently couldn’t provide anymore water in the near time.

“Everyone, still want to fight?” the Ninth Underworld King said indifferently. Although his tone was very ordinary, anyone could hear the pride in his voice.

He certainly had reasons to feel it.

Pa, pa, pa , the great Corpse King’s body shrunk to barely three meters, taller than normal people by half. The fifteen eyes suddenly opened, and instantly, an ominous Qi surged from it, just as if the grim reaper climbed out of the netherworld and was going to bring death to this world.

“You’re only bringing the Thousand Corpse Sect towards extinction,” the Beast Snake King said calmly. “Do you really think that we five great sects don’t have any inner secrets? It’s just fifteen eyes, and even if it were eighteen eyes, there’s still a way to kill it!”

“Hahaha, then this lord will wait and see!” Ninth Underworld King laughed loudly. “If there’s no more advice, then this lord is going to go. My grandon is still waiting for me to have dinner with him.”

Hearing his teasing words, Sword King and the other two didn’t look too good.

“Ninth Underworld, remember the promise,” the Third Killing Formation said. Before the Ninth Underworld King replied, he’d already turned and left. One step was several miles, and in several steps, he disappeared without a trace.

The Ninth Underworld King sucked in with his mouth and let out a strange sound, and after the great Corpse King stared blankly for a while, its expression turned numb, walking towards the Ninth Underworld King like a marionette.

The battle finally came to a conclusion, ending with Thousand Corpse Sect’s overwhelming victory.

But… was it truly so?

The great Corpse King suddenly paused and turned to look in a direction.

The Ninth Underworld was also startled. What was going on… under his control, the Corpse King shouldn’t regain its consciousness until he let go again.

The Sword King and the other two also discovered that something was wrong, and glanced in the direction the great Corpse King looked in.

In the forest, three caskets came out of nowhere.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The great Corpse King suddenly changed its course and walked towards the three caskets.

“Three, Three Lives Corpse Caskets!” The Ninth Underworld King was startled for a while before revealing a shocked and overjoyed expression. He knew that the sect’s most valuable treasure, the Three Lives Corpse Caskets, had surfaced in the world, but he’d never expected to see it at this time, and expected even less that the great Corpse King would be drawn by them.

Thousand Corpse Sect’s three great treasures. Of them, the Pond of the Underworld’s water could accelerate the evolution of Corpse Soldiers, and the Demonic Noise Saber was an extremely strong weapon—any living spirit killed by the Demonic Noise Saber would be converted into a Corpse Soldier.

The Three Lives Corpse Caskets provided endless stream of Corpse Qi, which was the source of power for Corpse Soldiers and the disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect.

The Three Lives Corpse Caskets combined with the Pond’s water could make a Corpse Soldier’s growth speed accelerate to shocking levels.

No wonder the great Corpse King was attracted. The Three Lives Corpse Caskets were an irresistible temptation for any Corpse Soldier, just like beautiful women to perverts. Not only Corpse Soldiers—anyone who cultivated Corpse Qi couldn’t resist the temptation of the Caskets, and even the Ninth Underworld King himself wanted to dive in.

But now… this person that possessed the Three Lives Corpse Caskets was obviously here to rob, aiming to lead the great Corpse King away!

The Fifteen-eyed Corpse King required several thousand years before it formed its raw form and also completely exhausted the Pond’s water to rapidly complete its evolution, but now, someone was going to steal it?

The Ninth Underworld King was obviously not having it!

He rushed towards Three Lives Corpse Caskets. He was not only going to take back the great Corpse King, but also take Three Lives Corpse Caskets back to the Thousand Corpse Sect, a.s.sembling the three treasures. That way, it would be difficult for the Thousand Corpse Sect not to restore their glory of ancient periods.

“Hehe, Ninth Underworld King, where you are going in such a rush?” The Beast Snake King appeared before him and blocked his path.

The Ninth Underworld King finally lost his composure, raising his sword and shouting, “Get out of the way!”

“Oh, so fierce. Want to fight? I’ll do my best to keep you company.” The Sword King also raised his sword and blocked his path.

The Thousand Corpse Sect had internal strife? Very good—they needed such a variable.


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