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Chapter 625: Heaven Transformation Bowl

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Whether it was too lazy to pay attention or lost its memory and didn’t know at all, the Small Tower didn’t respond.

Ling Han didn’t receive a reply, but wasn’t disappointed. He originally asked casually, and didn’t really expect to receive an answer. He carefully studied these vein-like patterns, deliberating over the profoundness within.

“I seem to somewhat understand,” Ling Han said to himself.

The bottom of this bottle itself was actually a Spirit Tool. After he poured in his divine sense, the Spirit Tool’s mysteriousness emerged before him.

“That old man said this was Refine Celestial Bottle… obviously too overblown.

“But, the bottom of this bottle is flat on the outside and dented on the inside. In fact, it’s a bowl. It has its own s.p.a.ce internally and can absorb all things to refine, turning them into the most original essence energy!

“Hm, isn’t this equivalent to refining Origin Crystals?”

Ling Han was extremely surprised. He kept examining this bowl; it only looked like a tiny stone bowl. Its rim was only the size of a palm, but the inside could form an extremely large s.p.a.ce, quite miraculous.

He pulled out five spirit medicines and then unleashed the stone bowl. As spirit power surged within, the vein-like patterns on the bowl’s body immediately lit up, and the entire stone bowl became more resplendent, emitting a powerful attraction.

Those five spirit medicines immediately flew into the air, and xiu, they entered into the bowl.

As expected, the internal part had another s.p.a.ce. The spirit medicine was obviously larger than the stone bowl, but the stone bowl devoured it completely without difficutly.

In a short while, Ling Han smelled a light fragrance that spread from within the stone bowl. Looking again, he saw that the spirit medicine was no longer within the bowl, but had turned into a drop of light green liquid, emitting a mentally refres.h.i.+ng fragrance.

Those were five spirit medicines, and each one was of fifth tier, but were actually condensed into a drop of medicinal liquid; this was too ridiculous.

Ling Han withdrew his Origin Power. The stone bowl’s brilliance instantly faded, becoming extremely plain and looking like an old-fas.h.i.+oned ancient tableware.

He turned over the stone bowl and poured it towards his own mouth. That light green liquid slowly fell, landing with a pa into his mouth. Instantly, an indescribable fragrance overflowed in his mouth, making him feel as if he were about to ascend to heaven and become an immortal.

However, even more surprising was the extremely pure energy that followed down his throat and entered his stomach, and then spread, circulating all over his body.

“Such pure medicinal power!” Ling Han exclaimed. Normally speaking, no matter whether it was spirit medicine or medicinal pills, the majority could only have the effect of acc.u.mulating Origin Power. However, starting from the Flower Blossom Tier, what martial artists needed more was the comprehension of Dao.

For example, at the Flower Blossom Tier, if they wanted their dao flower to grow, they had to engrave martial intent on it; this was nourishment.

A powerful alchemist such as Ling Han could extract the heaven and earth’s intent from the medicinal ingredients, and after consuming it, he could connect with the dao, from there advancing the progression of martial arts.

However, this stone bowl also had the same effect. The spiritual liquid had vein-like patterns of the dao, extremely surprising.

“Its equivalent to a great alchemist! Moreover, after the fifth-tier ingredients were purified, it actually reached the effects of the sixth tier. This even surpa.s.ses the effects of medicinal pills!

“Not only medicinal ingredients can be refined, even spirit stones and rare metals too!

“Even… living creatures!

“I understand now why forebears sealed it in another Spirit Tool to conceal its existence—this thing is truly nature-defying, and even upsets the peace of nature. If it fell into the hands of an immoral person, refining the common people to nourish oneself, that would be too unjust!”

Ling Han sighed. The forebears were probably unwilling to destroy such a priceless treasure and left this pearl in the dark, sealing it within another Spirit Tool.

“Tools themselves have no distinction of good or bad, it all depends on the users’ intentions,” Ling Han said sternly. “I definitely won’t use this to plot against the world’s people, or else, even if I could receive an endless stream of spiritual liquid, with my heart covered by a demonic temptation, how far would I be able to advance in martial arts?”

He cultivated the road of the strongest, not the heartless nor the slaughterer. Using this stone bowl to kill all living things would actually rather suit the latter two.

“Small Tower, I think I’ve obtained an incredible thing!” Ling Han said with a smile.

Small Tower surfaced, and stared at the stone bowl for a while. It said, “I remember now. This should be Heaven Transformation Bowl, but it’s definitely not genuine. In my blurry memories, Heaven Transformation Bowl was shattered long ago. This is a decent imitation. If you give it to me, I can extract seven streaks of Source Power.”

Just seven streaks?

Ling Han pondered, and said, “That large Primal Chaos Rock… how much Source Power did you extract?”

“Nine streaks,” Small Tower said calmly.

This bowl was actually not as powerful as that Primal Chaos Rock?

Wait, Primal Chaos Rock was what Asura Demon Emperor was crazy for, and the size of that thing? This stone bowl was only so big, and seven streaks of Source Power could be extracted; it was clear the quality of it was no less inferior.

It was similar to comparing a chunk of divine metal that was only one and a half kilograms, forged into a tenth tier Spirit Tool, and another chunk of divine metal weighing five kilograms but in its primitive form.

Viewed from a different angle, each item’s value was different.

Ling Han was surprised. This stone bowl couldn’t replace medicinal pills, because it could only refine the purest of energy, which was unlike medicinal pills, which had a wide variety with various uses. However, with a purifying effect that made fifth tier medicinal ingredients possess the effects of sixth tier ingredients, the uses were much greater.

There was too much low-level spirit medicine within the Black Tower. Originally, it was without much use, but now, purifying it with the Heaven Transformation Bowl, third tier became forth tier, and forth tier became fifth tier—the junk could be reused.

Ling Han carried out a test. He pulled out large amounts of third tier medicinal ingredients and absorbed them into Heaven Transformation Bowl to purify, and they soon turned into 30 drops of spiritual liquid. However, he didn’t stop, and continued to activate Heaven Transformation Bowl. The spiritual liquid fused once again, purifying, and became one drop.

He tasted it, and couldn’t help but reveal a smile. This was equivalent to a two-star Origin Crystal but more easy to absorb as it was directly consumed into the body.

Two-star Origin Crystals could only be refined Spiritual Pedestal Tier experts, and was equivalent to fifth tier treasured medicine.

Third tier medicinal ingredients turned into fifth tier… although pathetically small in amount, it was still a qualitative change.

Ling Han was extremely pleased. Black Tower on top of Heaven Transformation Bowl was an absolute perfect match!

With a flash, he exited the Black Tower.

The rabbit saw it, and couldn’t help but shout loudly, “Strange, how did this guy suddenly appear?!”

Ling Han laughed mischievously, and said, “My qinggong is getting more and more kicka.s.s.”

This definitely wasn’t qinggong!

The rabbit was certain. With its sensing ability that was one large tier higher than its cultivation, if Ling Han were to leap over from afar, it definitely would be able to detect it.

“It’s about time, we can go to the banquet,” Ling Han said with a smile.

The three departed. They had inquired earlier, so they knew where to head now. After pa.s.sing through a forest, a private manor could be seen occupying a large s.p.a.ce, and there was actually a lake inside.

It was definitely constructed recently; the walls and bricks were completely brand new.

The w.a.n.g Family truly spent a great deal. Their darling daughter was cultivating here, so they constructed a private manor here. Not only so; starting from the entrance was a road laid with limestone that extended for several kilometers, surrounded by forest on both sides.

A carriage appeared, rus.h.i.+ng fast. The coachman shouted harshly, “Move to the side!”


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