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Chapter 584: Resolved

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

After Ling Han gasped a few more times, he drank a sip of spiritual liquid, drawing the bow again.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, this time, he shot three consecutive arrows again, and they were were all aimed at the old man whose eye had been destroyed.

The old man also imitated the other old man, guarding his face with both hands and then s.h.i.+elding the heart and dantian with Origin Power. This way, at most he’d only be injured but not killed.

The first arrows already arrived, shooting the old man’s hip. With a peng , the old man’s backbone was broken, and as blood splattered, the old man was actually shot into two halves!

However, the life force of Spiritual Infant Tiers was impressive; as long as it wasn’t instant death, they could still come back to life. The old man hurriedly reached out with both hands and connected the two parts of the body, and as Origin Power rushed, the body immediately began to merge together.

However, now his defense instantly had a flaw.

“Fifth brother, be careful!” the third old man shouted.

The second sharp arrow arrived, shooting into the old man’s intact left eye and piercing out from the back of the head.

The second old man looked towards the direction of the third old man. His two eyes were already busted, and only two blood holes were left. He knelt down, and the life force disappeared as it left his body quickly.

Xiu , the third arrow arrived, and the old man was nailed to the ground, kneeling but not collapsing.

Too terrifying! Too terrifying!

The old man that was the last one alive was both shocked and furious. Without even seeing the enemy, two of them already died and one was injured. He roared angrily, “Who’s shooting arrows in hiding, get the h.e.l.l out! Come out!”

Spiritual Infant Tier warriors were powerful; despite being thousands of meters away, this roar still reached Ling Han as if it was spoken near his ear, well within reach.

Ling Han sneered, and compressed his voice into a monotonous key, then said, “Wasn’t you guys who first launched a sneak attack, seeking to kill me?”

“It’s you!” The old man suddenly realized. “Such deep schemes! So you followed behind the carriage the whole time, and used the carriage as bait!”

He didn’t know about the existence of the Black Tower, so as he saw it, this was the most reasonable explanation.

“Aren’t you in the Flower Blossom Tier, how can you be so strong?” the old man cried out again. This was certainly too unbelievable. Two of three great Spiritual Infant Tier elites were instantly killed by a Flower Blossom Tier boy, and the living one was also injured.

“How’d you guys guess that I was Ling Han?” Ling Han asked.

“Haha, everyone is talking about this in Million Treasures City. Is there anyone who doesn’t know?” The old man laughed loudly, evidently trying to provoke Ling Han.

Everyone’s talking about it?

Ling Han frowned. It wouldn’t be strange for a few people to guess his ident.i.ty, but everyone was discussing it? Now that was fishy; someone definitely spread the news intentionally.

Someone immediately surfaced in his mind—Yin Le!

He destroyed Yin Le’s dreams with his own power, so it would be normal for Yin Le to harbor resentment. Then, spreading the news that he was Ling Han everywhere, whether it was real or fake, he definitely would make many people target Ling Han. After all, it concerned the legacy of the Twelve Palaces and a divine treasure-trove, so people would rather mistakenly kill then let him go, right?

“Old man, do you have any last words to say?” Ling Han said. He was in the process of recovering power. After firing three more arrows, his body was as if it’d been drawn empty—an extremely unbearable feeling.

The old man said nothing. He obviously didn’t want to die, as thoughts of all sorts of escape plans circled his mind. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Ling Han was exhausted at the moment; whether it was escaping or counterattacking, now was the best time.

However, he was scared stiff by Ling Han’s six arrows earlier, so how would he still dare to rashly take action?

After a while, Ling Han recovered Origin Power, and drew the bow again. Xiu, xiu, xiu , another three consecutive arrows were fired.

“Ah…!” the old man screamed tragically. It was useless even if he guarded with all his efforts. Exterminating Dragon Star arrow was really too fast and too unstoppable; with each arrow fired, it was as if even heaven and earth were about to change colors.

Ling Han summoned Hu Niu and Helian Xun Xue from the Black Tower, and said, “Let’s go flog the cur that’s drowning in water!”

They chased over. The poor old man was. .h.i.t by four arrows, but didn’t dare to pull out the arrows to heal his injuries, still guarding against Ling Han’s next wave of attacks. Never would he have thought Ling Han would charge over with two girls.

The old man’s arms were penetrated by the sharp arrows, and it was by two arrows. His lower abdomen was struck by one arrow, and his left chest area was struck by another arrow, so it made him appear extremely wretched. Seeing the three people rush over, he was first startled, and then his killing intent raged like flames.

The unknown was the most terrifying. He didn’t have the Eye of Truth, and couldn’t see Ling Han’s position, so he couldn’t possibly know when Ling Han release another arrow, simply guarding with all his strength.

However, it was different now. Ling Han showed up, and that potential threat was instantly removed. At such a close distance, even if Ling Han grasped the bow to shoot, he was completely capable of dodging the moment the arrow left the bowstring.

After all, when an arrow was fired, it went from motionless to extreme speed—it was a process of accelerating.

“Brat, die!” he roared loudly, and charged towards Ling Han as his brows spread in a towering rage.

“Ya!” Helian Xun Xue swung the brick, but her eyes were closed; she did not dare to look at all. Still, she was nonetheless a Heaven Tier elite, and even if she lost her memories, her instincts were still present; this brick was aimed extremely precisely.


The old man was instantly smacked heavily, and a sharp pain a.s.saulted him. He was originally heavily injured, and couldn’t possibly endure this attack. Instantly, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

“Wah, you killed him. You’re going to be disliked by Ling Han!” Hu Niu immediately said.

Helian Xun Xue instantly cried out, and threw away the brick, hugging Ling Han tightly as she said, “Han Han, don’t dislike me!”

“I’m going to be strangled to death! I’m going to die!” Ling Han stuck his tongue out. This Hai Niu’s brute force was definitely more than Spiritual Infant Tier’s, and with a simple squeeze, she made his bones crackle, almost breaking them.

Helian Xun Xue hurriedly let go, then picked up the brick, looking like she was mistreated.

Ling Han sighed, and said, “Hu Niu, don’t provoke this big girl again, or else I really might die from your mouth!”

Hu Niu giggled, stuck her tongue out at Helian Xun Xue, and said, “Niu doesn’t like her. Stronger than Niu, eats more than Niu, bad!”

Ling Han delivered a last hit, killing the last old man. He then searched the spatial rings on the three old men’s bodies. With a glance, he discovered that these three people had quite a generous amount of possessions, with several thousand pieces of three-star Origin Crystals and few dozen pieces of four-star Origin Crystals.

“Robbing is truly faster for making money than pill refining… am I in the wrong business?” He laughed and retrieved all the nine arrows; absorbing the blood of Spiritual Infant Tier warriors, the nine arrows were dyed with a layer of baleful presence, becoming even sharper.

“The effect produced by Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow and the Eye of Truth is truly amazing!” Ling Han exclaimed. However, these were two Mystical Powers! Without the utmost power, how could they deserve such a label?

The two Mystical Powers added together were obviously even more frightening.

“Should I go back to kill Yin Le?” Ling Han mulled over.


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