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Chapter 365: Imitation Demonic Noise Saber Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

The Thunder Battle Armor originated from ancient times. The Elder of the Ao Clan wanted to take possession of it to pa.s.s it down to his descendants. Even if they were unable to activate the powers of the Spirit Tool, merely the materials used to forge it were qualified to be an indestructible defense to protect the vital areas of the wearer.

As such, he advocated it full-heartedly, determined to make this battle armor into the prize for the entry trials. He had also made some sacrifices for this to be possible. After all, everyone knew very well that this battle armor would definitely fall into the possession of one of the Seven Sons of Ao Family.

But now, fantastic…. He had paid a double penalty with nothing to show for it!

More importantly, Ling Han actually managed to activate the Thunder Battle Armor. That was really too miraculous. It was guaranteed that no one in the Winter Moon Sect would believe such a thing.

Ling Han, with the might of the Thunder Battle Armor supporting him, actually managed to restrain the battle prowess of two powerful opponents in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. This was firstly because the Thunder Battle Armor was indeed an awesome Spirit Tool, and secondly because whether it was the disciples of the Thousand Corpse Sect or their Corpse Soldiers, their natures were inherently evil, and thus could be restrained by the nature of lightning which subdued evil.

That was why such a brilliant conclusion to the battle was possible.

If this was told to others, they would likely die of shock—a brat who was merely in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier was actually capable of standing equally against two opponents in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan had already entered a dumbstruck condition, and the others of the Thousand Corpse Sect were more or less in the same condition, too, as they were all astounded by Ling Han’s logic-defying battle prowess.

“Heng, that’s only a Spirit Tool. Do you think I really have no way to deal with you?” Duan Zheng Zhi humphed coldly. With a sweep of his right hand, a long saber appeared in his hand. Obviously, he possessed a spatial ring.

This long saber was a Spirit Tool, and it possessed multiple patterns engraved on its body that quickly lit up. There was a total of thirteen patterns, and they all emanated a dim light; the whole saber seemed to be surrounded by black mist.

He waved the saber in a quick slash. Wu, wu, wu . Ghastly wails could actually be heard coming from the saber, and it was as if the noise was capable of devouring their brains, and could make one feel awful.

“Ah!” Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan immediately covered their ears with their hands, but blood still gushed out from their eyes, ears, and mouths. Blood was also seeping out from between their fingers. Apparently, their ears were bleeding as well.

“Demonic Noise Devouring Brain, Killing the Seven Apertures!” Duan Zheng Zhi smirked. The might of this Spirit Tool lay not in its sharpness, but rather in its ability to release a demonic noise, and only those who had cultivated Corpse Qi were immune against it.

Years ago, the Thousand Corpse Sect possessed three priceless treasures—the Three Lives Corpse Caskets, Demonic Noise Saber, and the Pond of the Underworld, and this Spirit Tool was an imitation of the Demonic Noise Saber. It was only a Level Five Spirit Tool, but it was naturally more than enough to deal with a few people in the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Ling Han was still fine. The Thunder Battle Armor had formed a barrier. This was a Level Ten Spirit Tool, even if it was damaged, the barrier it formed still possessed a shocking defensive ability and managed to block the demonic noise from harming him.

However, this greatly consumed Ling Han’s Origin Power—one needed to continuously feed Origin Power into the Thunder Battle Armor to keep it activated. After all, without the presence of a Tool Spirit, one could only use one’s own abilities to activate a Spirit Tool.

The best plan to defeat the enemy was naturally to capture their leader. As long as he could subdue Duan Zheng Zhi, the demonic noise would naturally stop. But the problem here was, Duan Zheng Zhi was in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so how was he to subdue him?

Ling Han immediately leaped over to Yue Kia Yu and Guang Yuan. He moved suddenly, and with two blows, struck both of them unconscious.

How could the two of them ever imagine that Ling Han would suddenly attack them? Thus, they really had not put up any defenses at all. Moreover, Ling Han was indeed powerful, and that why he was able to successfully knock the both of them out with a single strike.

Duan Zheng Zhi was stupefied as well. What did this mean? Could it be that Ling Han was planning to surrender, and these two were his proof of surrender? Even if he was stupefied, the Corpse Soldier would not. Nong Qing Yue immediately charged over with a sharp hiss.

“I am not going to play around with you anymore. Great Spirit Heaven Instant Movement Talisman, let’s go!” Ling Han had one hand holding onto Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan, whereas his other hand randomly drew out a piece of paper, smacked it onto his body, and xiu , the three of them instantly disappeared.

He had naturally entered the Black Tower, but how could Duan Zheng Zhi imagine that there existed such a valuable treasure in this world. Furthermore, after hearing that whatever “Great Spirit Heaven Instant Movement Talisman”, he a.s.sumed that Ling Han had used a Spirit Talisman to teleport away. Instantly, he released a few roars of rage.

“Milord, what do we do?” the others stepped forwards.

Pa, pa, pa, pa . Duan Zheng Zhi gave all of them a harsh slap each, and cursed angrily, “You bunch of tras.h.!.+ You can’t even take down three people!”

They could not help but complain internally, isn’t it the same d.a.m.n case for you? However, they only dared to say such words in their heads and did not dare to reveal an inkling of their thoughts on their faces. They all knelt and said, “Please calm your anger, Milord!”

After Duan Zheng Zhi indulged himself in a momentary fit of anger, he commanded, “Retreat. Before daybreak, we must leave the city and abandon this stronghold.”

“Milord, but Elder Jiu Yun is going to come for an inspection three days later!” one disciple said.

“Heng, our stronghold here is already exposed. Latest by noon tomorrow, the Winter Moon Sect will definitely send some elite martial artists here.” Duan Zheng Zhi waved his hand. “Elder Jiu Yun is only in the Flower Blossom Tier, whereas the Winter Moon Sect has elite warriors in the Spiritual Infant Tier. If Elder Jiu Yun was allowed to fall into the grasp of the Winter Moon Sect… whom amongst you can bear the responsibility?”

“Understood!” They all nodded and immediately dispersed to awaken the others, leaving with their Corpse Soldiers in tow. They still had to destroy this underground bas.e.m.e.nt.

“Guang Yuan, ah, Guang Yuan. We are really destined arch-enemies. In the past, you fought with me over a woman, and now, you have forced me to abandon this base that I’ve operated for years! Don’t you let me encounter you again, or I will definitely swallow you whole and skin you alive, to be refined into a skinless Corpse Soldier!” Duan Zheng Zhi declared darkly, leaving in a sweep of his robes.


Ling Han naturally saw and heard everything clearly from within the Black Tower. He was not in a rush to leave, either. In any case, the Thousand Corpse Sect was planning to retreat. After they had all left, it would not be too late for him to calmly leave.

Furthermore, even if he immediately rushed back to the Winter Moon Sect at this very moment, he would not have the time to mobilize the elites of the sect to surround and annihilate them.

The Thousand Corpse Sect, ah, the Thousand Corpse Sect, their spirit was really strong. He managed to encounter them everywhere he went.

Anyways, he had free time on his hands now, so he might as well use the time to cultivate for a while.

Ling Han tossed Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu over to one side. He did not plan to wake them, planning to wait until after they had left.

He beckoned casually with a hand and an Origin Crystal appeared. With a thought from him, it shattered with a pa , and instantly, a rich, dense Origin Power enveloped him. He stimulated his Spirit Base to absorb it, and within a few moments, he had completely absorbed the Origin Power that had been so dense that it almost seemed solid just a little while ago.

“F***!” Ling Han was astounded. The last two days, he had not managed to settle down and cultivate properly, and today was the first time he had used an Origin Crystal, which gave him a shock.

A Single Star Origin Crystal required the continuous input of Origin Power from a martial artist in the Spiritual Ocean Tier for a whole month to be successfully formed. Thus, one could imagine how powerful the Origin Power inside such an Origin Crystal was.

Yet, Ling Han had just simply absorbed it for a few moments, and the Origin Crystal was gone!


‘This Spiritual Ocean of mine… is a bit too big. Furthermore, there are two of them!’ Ling Han sighed. His power far exceeded an ordinary person in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, which also implied that if he wanted to raise his cultivation level, he needed far more Spiritual Qi than the average person.

‘To gain, one must first sacrifice. However, if I were able to become invincible amongst those of the same tier, even if that means I have to absorb more Spiritual Qi, that’d be fine. Anyways, Origin Crystals are easy to get.’

Ling Han flipped his hand again, and this time, he drew out a hundred Origin Crystals. Pa, pa, pa . They all shattered at the same time, and instantly, Origin Power gushed forth like an ocean wave, sweeping around him.


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