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Chapter 2200: Asking for intervention

“Are you an idiot?” Ling Han shook his head. “I naturally want compensation. What, you just plan to stride out of here without paying?”

Liu Jun’s face was flushed red. He had never been threatened in this manner by anyone before.

No, this was a brazen, undisguised robbery!

“What, not paying?” Ling Han tossed him a glare.

Liu Jun felt extremely sullen. As an alchemist, he had innumerable cultivator “friends.” They all required alchemical pills, so they were naturally very polite to him, or even respecting him highly. Yet, all of a sudden, someone who didn’t play by the rules popped out. His superiority complex was immediately completely refuted.

He gritted his teeth, and answered, “I’ll pay!”

At this moment, he very much hated the fat man and the others. And they called themselves elites? He had wasted a considerable number of alchemical pills on the three of them, but when they were really needed, they were completely useless.

“The money?” Ling Han stretched out a hand.

“I haven’t brought so many Star Stones with me,” Liu Jun answered, humiliated.

“You want credit? Sorry, our shop is too small to accept credit.” Ling Han patted Liu Jun’s shoulder, his expression all smiles. Towards a financial backer, he was naturally very good-tempered.

Liu Jun could only search all over himself, and first took out all the Star Stones contained inside his Spatial G.o.d Tool. This naturally was far from the required sum, so he could only use alchemical pills, medicinal ingredients, and other items as replacement.

Ling Han naturally would not mind this. In any case, he was an alchemist as well, so this would save him time.

But no matter how, it could not acc.u.mulate to a colossal sum as 200,000,000 Star Stones. Even the fat man, the man in green, and the swordsman emptied all their belongings, and just barely gathered a sum of 150,000,000 Star Stones.

Ling Han waved a hand, and said, “I have always been easy to deal with, so forget the remaining sum.”

Ea-easy to deal with?

Liu Jun and the others were almost pa.s.sing out in fury. Hadn’t they just broken some furniture, and injured a few people? And they were actually forced to pay a compensation of 200,000,000 Star Stones; who else could be as vicious as you?

“Aren’t you guys feeling very grateful?” Ling Han asked smilingly, yet his eyes were incredibly dangerous.

“Grateful! Extremely grateful!” Liu Jun and the others nodded quickly. Discretion was the better part of valor. At present, they could not afford to anger Ling Han.

“Go on, then.” Ling Han very generously allowed the four of them to leave.

After Liu Jun and his group stepped out of the shop, they hurriedly burst into a run and fled.

They returned to Saintly Origin Academy. Normally, the man in green and the others would not be qualified to enter into Saintly Origin Academy. Aside from experts in a particular field, cultivators would have to be at least emperor tiers to qualify for enrolment into Saintly Origin Academy.

…The goal of the academy was to nurture First Heaven Celestial Kings at minimum, and there was basically no possibility that king tiers could advance to this level.

However, every disciple of the Saintly Origin Academy was allowed to have their own followers, establis.h.i.+ng their own forces. Perhaps those mighty figures had also considered that when war broke out with the force of darkness in the future, every student that advanced into Celestial King Tier could have their own troops, increasing their power.

Hence, the man in green and others were able to follow Liu Jun into Saintly Origin Academy—merely this fact was enough to attract countless cultivators. At present, who did not want to enter into Saintly Origin Academy?

“Tras.h.!.+ Tras.h.!.+ You all are tras.h.!.+” The moment Liu Jun returned to his accommodations, he threw a tantrum.

The Saintly Origin Academy had been co-founded by 22 Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, and was naturally very extraordinary. Not only was it exceptionally huge, a great many mountains of the Celestial Realm had even been moved here, with abundant Spiritual Qi, and they even had unique elemental alignments.

There were Metal-aligned mountains, and if one cultivated on this mountain, it would be greatly beneficial for those who cultivated the Regulations of Metal. Similarly, there were also Water-aligned mountains covered with ice and snow, entwined with water dragons, as well as Lightning-aligned mountains, where blazing white lightning flashed endlessly.

An alchemist like Liu Jun naturally lived on a herb mountain. The whole mountain was planted with various medicinal ingredients, and there were even some Celestial medicines. But the Celestial medicines that could be planted were basically of the five elements. Even a Celestial King could not forcibly bring those like s.p.a.ce Flowers, and plant them here.

Liu Jun had an abode here, abundant with Spiritual Qi. It was beneficial for cultivation as well as concocting alchemical pills.

The man in green and the others all lowered their heads, making no sound.

What could they say?

They had indeed been utterly useless. In fact, because they had damaged the furniture, they had increased Liu Jun’s debts. But they were also feeling very wronged. Initially, their cultivation level as Heaven Souls was already very strong, and even the top-grade prodigies in the Academy had just broken through to the Immortal Palace Tier, so wasn’t Heaven Soul strong enough?

Yet the reality was really so b.l.o.o.d.y and harsh that the three of them had no way to excuse themselves.

After Liu Jun threw a tantrum, he slowly calmed down.

“I must exact this revenge!” he declared.

That was natural. To say nothing else, merely the fact that Ling Han had swindled him out of 150,000,000 Star Stones could not be dismissed just like that! This was all the wealth that he had saved up with much difficulty over tens of millions of years, and just the thought of it caused his heart to ache to the point of throwing up blood.

“This guy… should be a Heaven Soul emperor tier!” he deduced. Otherwise, there was no way he could have easily captured him despite the protection of the man in green and the others.

“The Saintly Origin Academy has ruled that only emperor tiers would be qualified to join the selections, yet he has opened a pharmacy here, which means that he had not pa.s.sed the selections. Otherwise, there would be no way that I would not know of such a character.

“Since that’s the case, I will ask a Heaven Soul monarch tier to interfere, and he would definitely be easily suppressed!

“Just in time, Gu Yushu has just asked me to concoct a Secret Construct Pill for him. If I ask him to interfere on my behalf, he will definitely oblige!

“All right, I will ask for his intervention!”


Though they said they would be shopping, Hu Niu was the first to run back alone.

“Too boring!” She complained the moment she ran in the doors, talking about how the food here was not delicious at all.

Just when she was energetically complaining, she heard a cold laugh. Liu Jun had come back.

“Han Lin…” he said menacingly. After experiencing a loss, he had naturally “investigated” Ling Han’s ident.i.ty. “You have scammed me out of so much, and not only do I want you to pay me back in full, it has to be doubled!”

Ling Han’s ears were just about to explode from Hu Niu’s tortuous rants when he saw Liu Jun suddenly appear. Involuntarily, he was overjoyed. This was a kind man that had come to rescue him from his suffering!

He shook his head at Hu Niu, expressing to her that it was time for serious matters now.

Hu Niu was already very displeased in the first place. Immediately, she turned her head, and glared harshly at Liu Jun.

It was true that Liu Jun was an alchemy prodigy, but in cultivation, he did not have much exceptional natural talent. His Dao Heart naturally wasn’t very strong. With such a glare from Hu Niu, he immediately stumbled backwards, almost collapsing on the ground.

He hadn’t collapsed, not because he had overcome the chills in his heart, but because someone behind him had stretched out a hand, placing it on his back, and preventing him from embarra.s.sing himself.

This was a very handsome and das.h.i.+ng young man dressed in white robes. His hair was thick and black as ink, each strand exuding a divine light, as if he was a divine being.

However, while he was handsome and das.h.i.+ng indeed, his expression was filled with arrogance. He glanced at Ling Han, and declared, “Return all the wealth that you have tricked him for, and double that as compensation. Then, I will break your arm, and this matter will be considered resolved.

“Breaking your arm is because you have forced me to act!”

He pointed at his own chest. “When I, Gu Yushu, make a move, there has never been an occasion when no blood is spilled!”

Arrogant, he was really very arrogant!

Involuntarily, Ling Han’s interest was piqued.. He turned to Liu Jun, and asked, “Where did you find this idiot? He’s really very funny!”


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