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Chapter 2169: Son in Danger

The man in azure stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He wore a domineering expression, and his eyes were slanted as he peered down at Ling Han. However, they involuntarily lit up when he swept his gaze across the Empress and the others.

They were such beautiful women! And there was more than one of them! Each one of them was beautiful enough to make his heart flutter.

Emperor tiers and monarch tiers possessed extremely powerful self-control, and this was because they had a lofty ambition that they yearned to achieve. Thus, they naturally wouldn’t spend too much time on trivial enjoyment. They would simply go with the flow, and they would seldom seek any pleasure.

Conversely, the less talented one was, the more they would be drawn to material matters and beauty. This was because they already had no room for improvement. Thus, their only goal was to seek pleasure.

This man in azure belonged to the latter group. It was thanks to luck that he had even been able to reach the Dividing Soul Tier. In the past, he had received a Ninth Refinement alchemical pill from a Five-Star Alchemist, and it was thanks to this that he had opened the doors to the Dividing Soul Tier. However, he was unable to advance any further.

Even so, the Dividing Soul Tier was far superior to the Severing Mundane Tier, so this person couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction and superiority. After advancing to the Dividing Soul Tier, countless people now had to look up to him.

“Are you not going to kneel?!” the man in azure chided. A cold smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

He was extremely eager for Ling Han to resist as that would give him the excuse to capture him. After all, the Dragon Universe Palace also needed to maintain its face. If word got out that he was forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hing women from others, he would become the target of criticism from everyone. At that time, the Dragon Universe Palace would also be forced to expel him. In fact, he might even face severe punishment from the Dragon Universe Palace.

Ling Han chuckled, and asked, “You want to die?”

“How audacious!” the man in azure said with a frown. However, he was feeling ecstatic on the inside.

‘Go on, continue to seek death!’

“You actually dare to threaten a member of the Dragon Universe Palace? You’re seeking death!”


Ling Han lashed out with his palm, causing a devastating gust of wind to sweep over, instantly engulfing the man in azure. When the gust of wind pa.s.sed, only a set of teeth remained, which then lightly clattered to the ground.

“The consequence of not knowing how to speak,” Ling Han said in a calm voice. He was well aware of the man in azure’s thoughts, and it was because of this that he showed no mercy at all.

The seven guards went pale with fright. That was Lord Ming Tong, a Yang Soul elite! Yet, he had actually been killed with a single strike!

“As for you people…” Ling Han swept his gaze across the seven guards before continuing, “I’ll let you off the hook this time. However, don’t you dare dream about committing any more crimes in the future.” With a soft clap, seven bursts of energy instantly shot forth, crippling the cultivation of the seven guards.

A dazed expression instantly spread across the faces of the seven guards. Without their cultivation, what else could they do?

Ling Han naturally paid no heed to them. He strode toward the village.

Hu Niu giggled as she ran over, raising her leg to launch seven kicks.

Pa, pa, pa!

The seven guards instantly shot into the sky and disappeared into the distance. “Remember to bring some gifts when you return~!” she said, placing a hand above her brows, and pretending to peer into the distance.

The others involuntarily smiled. Hu Niu was just as mischievous as always.

However, just as they were about to enter the village, they saw someone scooting out from the dense forest outside the village.

They waved their arms as they ran over, shouting, “Beautiful sister…!”


Ling Han couldn’t help but feel surprised. This was because the person was a woman, one that he recognized. She was none other than Chen Shuangshuang, his future daughter-in-law.

What a coincidence! He had come across this girl here?

Ling Han stopped, and the other women also stopped. Apart from Hu Niu, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou, none of the other women were familiar with Chen Shuangshuang. Thus, Helian Xunxue and the others all thought that this was another lover of Ling Han’s. They instantly became alert.

They didn’t want Ling Han’s love toward them to be diluted even further.

“Sister!” Chen Shuangshuang ran over, not caring about the fact that she was actually older than most of the women here as she referred to them as sisters[1]. She stroked their jade-like hands, and her eyes were filled with stars.

Ling Han couldn’t help but find this strange. His daughter-in-law was teasing her mother-in-laws? What in the world was this?

“Oi, oi, oi, if you have something to say, then spit it out. Don’t go around touching everyone. Also, wipe that drool from your face!” Ling Han said.

Chen Shuangshuang hurriedly raised a hand to wipe the drool from the corner of her mouth. With a yelp, she then said, “Ah! I almost forgot about the proper matters!”

Ling Han and the others couldn’t help but sigh. This girl was truly a simple-minded one. She had been completely engrossed by the beautiful women around Ling Han.

“What proper matter?” Ling Han asked with a smile. He naturally wouldn’t be impatient with his daughter-in-law. His temper was as good as could be.

“Junior Brother Ling has come across some dangers. Aren’t you two distant relatives? Can you help him?” Chen Shuangshuang asked.


A burst of killing intent instantly welled up in Ling Han’s heart. Who dared to target his son? Helian Xunxue was more so filled with worry as she grabbed Chen Shuangshuang’s hands, and asked, “What’s happened to Jianxue?”

“Huh? Beautiful sister, you’re familiar with Junior Brother Ling? Oh, you’re all distant relatives?” Chen Shuangshuang said in curiosity. She was slightly dumbfounded at this moment. How did Junior Brother Ling have so many distant relatives? Moreover, they were all extremely beautiful women.

Ling Han instantly felt the urge to beat someone up. Was this the time to be curious? He coughed, and asked, “What’s happened to Jianxue?”

“Oh!” Chen Shuangshuang finally regained her senses, and she replied, “Junior Brother Ling and I came out to train, and we discovered an ancient tomb nearby. We obtained a divine sword there, yet some people from the Dragon Universe Palace also discovered the ancient tomb. They forced us to hand the sword over, yet Junior Brother Ling refused to. In the end, we got into a fight.”

Chen Shuangshuang continued, “In order to save me from an attack, Junior Brother Ling was struck and severely wounded. Not only that, but his wound is also laced with poison. The medicines on us are completely unable to deal with this poison.

“We wanted to leave, but the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Dragon Universe Palace wouldn’t let us go. They continued to pursue us, all the way until here.

“Junior Brother Ling’s wounds became increasingly severe, so I came to this village with the intention of teleporting back to the sect, and asking for help.

“However, I came across you guys.

“I’m afraid that Junior Brother Ling can’t hold on for much longer. You guys are extremely powerful, so you can definitely help, right?”

Ling Han lifted her up, and he had already broken into a sprint. “Lead the way.”

This was his son, so he naturally wouldn’t hold back anymore.


He unleashed the full power from his body as he shot forward at an incredible speed. Meanwhile, he grabbed Hu Niu and the others with his other hand, instantly leaving the small village.

Chen Shuangshuang was immediately overcome with a feeling of nausea. She felt like vomiting, yet she couldn’t vomit no matter what. Only after Ling Han asked several times did she finally regain her composure and start to guide him.

She was extremely stunned at this moment. Ling Han was far too quick; his speed far exceeded the limit of Dividing Soul Tier cultivators.

“Do the people from the Dragon Universe Palace know that you’re disciples of the Heavenly Saint Palace?” Ling Han asked. Otherwise, how would a measly Immortal Palace Tier force dare to provoke an Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier force?

To Ling Han’s surprise, Chen Shuangshuang nodded, and said, “They know. We revealed our ident.i.ty at the start, yet they still continued to pressure us and try to kill us.”

Ling Han instantly came to a realization. That divine sword was definitely extremely valuable, so much so that those people had decided to kill all witnesses after s.n.a.t.c.hing it.

He had initially thought that this was only an ordinary divine sword that was a Five-star or Six-star Pseudo-Celestial Tool. Now, however, he had reason to believe that it had reached seven, eight, nine, or even 10 stars.

The more valuable the Divine Sword was, the greater the danger Ling Jianxue would be in.

Ling Han’s speed continued to increase as he unleashed the Void s.p.a.ce and drew on the power of time. To say nothing of Dividing Soul Tier cultivators, his speed was top-notch even among Immortal Palace Tier elites.

Before long, they had already arrived in another small village. However, all of the people here were cultivators.

[1] The word usually means older sister.


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