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Chapter 2073: Nine Lights Ancient Buddha

Their attacks had been ineffective. Tian Qingyue and the others could barely believe their eyes.

They had all unleashed their full power, and they had even unleashed their ultimate trump cards. These were trump cards that had raised their battle prowess tenfold!

“G-Golden Physique Buddha!”

“This is the secret technique of the Nine Lights Ancient Buddha!”

The three monarch tiers were filled with shock and disbelief as they stared at Ji Wuming. “You’re the successor of the Buddhist Sect!” they exclaimed in unison.

The Nine Lights Ancient Buddha was a legendary being. He had been an invincible Celestial King, and he had founded the Buddhist Sect, which had the core purpose of enlightening all beings and teaching them to embrace good. According to legends, this Celestial King had possessed great benevolence, yet he could also transform into a demon out of rage. He had even slain Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings before.

Thus, the Buddhist Sect was extremely powerful, and it was ranked highly among the Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier forces.

If Ji Wuming were from the Buddhist Sect, his ident.i.ty would be far too astonis.h.i.+ng. If someone dared to kill him, would they not be afraid of revenge from the Buddhist Sect?

According to rumors, the Nine Lights Ancient Buddha had vanished long ago. However, who would believe that such a powerful Celestial King had died just like that? It was widely believed that he was cultivating in seclusion. If he reappeared in the Celestial Realm, his battle prowess would definitely be even greater than before.

To say nothing of the Nine Lights Ancient Buddha, two of his three disciples had also become Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings. Meanwhile, the other had become an Eighth Heaven Celestial King. Just these three disciples alone were already powerful enough to frighten people to death.

An uncanny smile spread across Ji Wuming’s face. Successor of the Buddhist Sect?

The entire Buddhist Sect had been created by him, and it was only because he had fought against the storm of darkness for too long that his personality had undergone huge changes. It was because of this that he had abandoned his almost invincible body and abandoned his will of enlightening all beings. It was also because of this that he had chosen to reincarnate and recultivate.

However, he didn’t need to explain this to these juniors.

“So what if you’re the successor of the Buddhist Sect? Die!” Tian Qingyue roared in a cold voice. They had already come to this, so things could only end with the death of one party. In any case, after entering this ancient site, life and death were one’s own responsibility. This was a tradition, so the Buddhist Sect had to honor it no matter how powerful they were, no?

“Die!” Zhu Huiyun and Yu Huaqing also wore cold expressions as they stepped forward. It was either Ji Wuming die or they die.

Meanwhile, Ji Wuming continued to recite Buddhist mantras, with the “卐” symbol on his forehead becoming increasingly radiant. Layers of golden light enveloped him, and it was as if he were a golden fetus.

Peng, peng, peng!

Any attack targeting him was rendered useless. They were completely unable to breach his defenses.

The three monarch tiers became extremely panicked. Time was flying past, yet they were still unable to shatter Ji Wuming’s defenses even though they had already unleashed their most powerful attacks. They felt as if they were facing Ling Han.

Regardless of how hard they tried, their efforts were all in vain.


At this moment, they suddenly heard a loud cracking sound. A huge hole had been smashed into the Treasured Tranquility Vial, from which Ling Han’s figure strode out.

“I didn’t miss anything, did I?” he asked with a smile.

“Just on time,” Ji Wuming said calmly. He retracted his golden physique. He would become enemies with Ling Han in the future, so he naturally wouldn’t allow him to learn about some of his trump cards.

This golden physique was a trump card that he had just recultivated. When channeled using his full power, his physique would be indestructible, similar to Ling Han’s formidable physique.

The difference was that Ling Han’s physique was eternal, meaning that it didn’t need to be activated.

However, there was nothing he could do about this. That was a cultivation technique created by a Heavenly Venerate. Could it not be freakish?

Tian Qingyue and the others all wore grim expressions. They had initially thought that removing Ling Han from the battle would give them the chance to kill Ji Wuming. However, upon executing their plan, they discovered that Ji Wuming was no weaker than Ling Han if he fully focused on his defenses.

This was a despair-inducing discovery.

“Now, it’s your turn!” Ji Wuming said with a wide grin. There was clearly a “卐” symbol glowing on his head, and he was clearly enveloped in golden light making him appear like a Buddha. However, with his Severed Pa.s.sion Sword in hand, he was now as merciless as a demon.

He resolutely charged forward, with his sword severing the clouds and splitting the sky as it slashed forth.

Ling Han followed behind him, not unleas.h.i.+ng any attacks. He was simply responsible for defending.

This time, the three monarch tiers didn’t attempt to flee. This place was only so large, so instead of separating and getting picked off one by one, they might as well work together and take a gamble. As long as they held on for 10 days, they would be able to leave this ancient site.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five monarch tiers became engaged in an intense battle. Ling Han’s and Ji Wuming’s battle prowess was clearly inferior, yet they were still able to suppress Tian Qingyue and the others. This was an uncanny sight. Meanwhile, the black figures continued to join in on the fun. Even though they were only at Earth Soul, they were still able to become an increasing headache for Tian Qingyue and the others because of their undying nature.

More importantly, the black figures were still growing in number.

What did this represent?

The outsiders had been ma.s.sacred in great numbers, freeing the black figures up, and allowing them to charge over.

Tian Qingyue and the others gritted their teeth as they resisted. Their only hope at survival was to hold on for 10 days. Judging by the current situation, however, this would be incredibly difficult.

One day, three days, seven days!

Sure enough, the three of them were all supreme monarch tiers. Unleas.h.i.+ng their full power to defend, they actually managed to hold on for seven days without collapsing. However, they were about to reach their limit. They were all riddled with wounds, and this greatly affected their battle prowess.

If it weren’t for their strong willpower, they would have already been rendered immobile and helpless by their severe wounds.

“Aaah!” Yu Huaqing was the first to shriek in agony. He was hacked to death by Ji Wuming.

Tian Qingyue and Zhu Huiyun both wore grave expressions. They could already envision their own wretched fates.

However, there was already no path to retreat. Their only choice was to battle.

Half a day pa.s.sed, and Tian Qingyue wailed in misery as he was killed by Ji Wuming’s Minor Heavens Complete Bow.

Only Zhu Huiyun remained.

Ling Han was merciless, and Ji Wuming more so didn’t understand the concept of compa.s.sion. The two powerful monarch tiers worked together, and in half a day, Zhu Huiyun’s beautiful head was removed from her body.

Ji Wuming channeled his cultivation technique and engulfed the corpses of the three monarch tiers. Meanwhile, Ling Han collected their spatial rings. There was no reason not to collect these spoils.

They returned to the center of the canyon, only to see that there were only four people remaining. Among them were Du Shaojun and Long Butian.

Killing intent flashed across Ji Wuming’s eyes, and he was just about to kill them with his bow.

However, Ling Han raised his hand, and said, “That’s enough, we’ve already won.”

Ji Wuming’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he turned around to gaze at Ling Han, and it was as if he were about to redirect this killing intent at him. Only after a short moment did he retract his gaze. He waved his hands and turned around to leave.

“Thank you, Brother Ling!” Du Shaojun shouted from the distance. He was stuck in a perilous situation, being surrounded and attacked by over 200 black figures. If Ji Wuming had targeted him just then, he would have definitely been killed.

Ling Han nodded in acknowledgment. He then released the Empress and the others from the Black Tower.

At this moment, Du Shaojun, Long Butian, and the others naturally didn’t dare to dream about victory. Indeed, they would be filled with happiness as long as they could survive this battle.

Right now, they were all gathered in one place, with over 1000 black figures surrounding and attacking them. Of course, 200 or so of them were on Ling Han’s side, so they naturally wouldn’t attack Ling Han and his companions. However, Du Shaojun and the others had to face attacks from all of the black figures.

Ling Han offered a helping hand, helping them break free from numerous deadly situations. This caused Du Shaojun and the others to feel indescribably grateful.

This was especially the case with Long Butian. He had initially thought that his battle prowess was superior to Ling Han’s, yet at this moment, he finally discovered that Ling Han had barely unleashed any of his power during their battle. Otherwise, he would have been killed within 100 strikes.

Three days pa.s.sed, and the battle of the tribes finally drew to a close.

At this moment, a colorful and dazzling bead suddenly descended from the sky.


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