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Chapter 2048: Ji Wuming arrives, the Most Venerable Divine Path reappears

It was only when Ling Han’s figure had disappeared from the black dragon bridge for a very long time that everyone finally came back to their senses.

Heavens, what had they just seen?

Someone managed to stimulate the black dragon bridge, the black dragon bridge that represented the Most Venerable Divine Path!

This time, exactly what kind of super elite would be born in the future?

An overlord of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, a supreme Monarch?

“Who exactly is he?”

“Definitely not someone from the Universal Peace Heaven!”

“Don’t know. I have never seen him before.”

Everyone was exclaiming in shock as they held their head. Even if they did not get any rewards at all this time, merely the scene they had witnessed today was enough for them to boast about for a whole lifetime.

To be able to personally witness the birth of a Monarch among Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, that was an ultimate honor.

And there were still a great many people that were still continuously entering.

“Brother Xu, you were one step too late, and you will definitely regret it for your whole life.”

“Lord Liu, you have finally arrived. I witnessed a scene just now that I will never forget for eternity.”

“Ping Ping, I will take that person as my role model, and become a great hero that the whole world will admire.”

Those that had newly entered naturally would not believe this, but they were no match for different people speaking about the same thing in unison. Though they were still skeptical about this, they no longer said that it was impossible with such certainty.

One day, two days, three days, the time pa.s.sed very quickly. A great many people had already set out on their own paths, and there were only a limited few chatterers that were still on the cliff. Whenever they saw someone new come in, they would boast of the glorious scene that they had witnessed, as if they themselves were Ling Han.

Weng, a figure entered, looking very plain and ordinary, as if he was someone who could not be more average.

This was a white-robed young man, holding a small bow in his hands as if it was a toy.

If Ling Han had been here, his eyes would’ve definitely narrowed.

This was no ordinary person.

Ji Wuming!

He had actually come to the Western Celestial Realm as well.

Ji Wuming crossed his arms behind his back, a sliver of a smile wavering at his lips as he thought, ‘During that battle, the Dragon Tribe was almost completely eliminated, with more than 100 Divine Dragons dying. To ensure that these Divine Dragons had not died for nothing, the Ancestor Dragon buried these dragon skeletons here so that they would resonate with the heaven and earth.

‘The power boost of 100 dragons will have quite a good effect even on me as it can temper and stabilize my physique. After all, I have swallowed too many different kinds of physiques, and over long periods of acc.u.mulation, it would definitely become a problem.

‘The might of the Dragon Tribe is the most domineering, and using the power of 100 dragons to temper my body will be able to solve a problem for me.

‘Additionally, the Ancestor Dragon’s fourth son, Pu Lao, is also among those 100 dragons, and he has also reached Ninth Heaven. Though this little dragon is a little weak, he is still a Ninth Heaven existence, after all.

‘The Regulations of the 100 dragons interweaving together will lead to blooms of great dao flouris.h.i.+ng, which will also be quite beneficial for me.

‘I will take them, then.’

Ji Wuming stood unmoving as he stretched out his right hand, his fingers moving lightly.

At the same time.

“Zhang Yun is here!”

“He is a monarch tier from the Firm City Heaven, and it is said that he can be ranked in the top five!”

“However, the Firm City Heaven cannot compare with our Universal Peace Heaven. Zhang Yun can be ranked in the top five in the Firm City Heaven, but he may not be able to squeeze his way into the top 20 here.”

“No matter what, a monarch tier is still a monarch tier, after all. He cannot be insulted lightly, or looked down on.”

Among the spirited discussions of the ma.s.ses, Zhang Yun stepped out and began to stimulate the dragon bridges.

One, two, three, and very quickly, eight dragon bridges were lit.

“As expected, a prodigy that is ranked in the top five of the Firm City Heaven is still extremely strong.”

“Being able to stimulate eight dragon bridges, that is considerably amazing.”

“He can be ranked in the upper ranks even among monarch tiers.”

“It’s unfortunate that he didn’t manage to stimulate the ninth dragon bridge, or he would have been able to step onto a golden dragon bridge.”

Everyone was looking at Zhang Yun enviously. Though this accomplishment would not be so astonis.h.i.+ng if this had happened a few days ago, those that had previously witnessed a miracle happen had already stepped onto their own dragon bridges, so the people here were already stunned when they saw eight dragon bridges s.h.i.+ning simultaneously.

Zhang Yun was also pleased with himself. Though he had heard that a total of six people had stepped on golden dragon bridges when he came in, and one person had even stepped on the Most Venerable Divine Path, would he believe such nonsense?

Looking at history, even in the most prosperous age of cultivation, only four people had simultaneously stepped on the golden dragon bridges, and now they were actually saying that there were six? What was even more exaggerated was that someone actually stepped onto the Most Venerable Divine Path?

Wasn’t this completely lying through their teeth? Who would believe it?

Just at this moment, weng, weng, weng, several dozen dragon bridges lit up at the same time!

It was too glorious. When anyone stimulated the dragon bridges, it would be them lighting up one by one, but now several dozen dragon bridges were lighting up at the same time, and the sight was enough to make their scalps go numb.

This scene caused everyone to watch with wide eyes. A completely dead silence had fallen on the area, and you could hear a pin drop.

30, 40, 50, 60!

Everyone there could only watch in utter shock, and even Zhang Yun’s mouth was twitching as he turned to look at that white-robed young man next to him.

70, 80, 81!

Boom, all the dragon bridges lost their brilliance, and at the same time nine golden dragon bridges shone in quick succession.

This time, everyone was naturally even more astonished. Nine golden dragon bridges had lit up at the same time, and this meant… the Most Venerable Divine Path was going to unlock.

Ji Wuming smiled faintly as his fingers flicked casually, appearing to be incredibly relaxed.

If Ling Han had been here, he would have had to admit that he was impressed by Ji Wuming as well.

He had borrowed the power of the Black Tower, using a cheating method to be able to stimulate the nine golden dragon bridges, but Ji Wuming was depending completely on his own abilities.

Of course, it could also be said that Ji Wuming was the greatest cheat. With the strength of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, he had cultivated the body of this lifetime again, so weren’t various types of Regulations reachable to him with just a casual move of his hand?

Only a short while later, the nine golden dragon bridges dimmed, and the black dragon bridge shone. A supreme aura surged out, capable of suppressing for all eternity.

Everyone was sprawled out by the pressure of this aura, and even Zhang Yun was no exception.

So what if he was a monarch tier? In front of a Celestial King Tier-level aura, even he could only bow his head in submission.

Yet Ji Wuming was still standing with his arms crossed behind him, not taking this aura to heart at all. In fact, there was even a slightly disdainful expression on his face.

Though they were similarly Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, just like there was a difference between king tiers and monarch tiers, Pu Lao might not have been able to withstand 100 moves from him years ago, and now he would not feel any reverence towards this kind of aura even after he had reincarnated and was cultivating from the start again.

The Most Venerable Divine Path appeared!

Zhang Yun was green-eyed with envy. Though he was also a monarch tier, compared with Ji Wuming, who knew just how inferior he was in terms of apt.i.tude.

…One could stimulate nine golden dragon bridges, while the other could not even stimulate one. How were they supposed to compare?

He glared at Ji Wuming, suddenly revealing an ominous glint in his eyes.

This young man was merely at Yang Soul Tier, while he was at Heaven Soul. There was a very, very wide gap between the two of them. Though he could not match the former in talent, they were both major tiers, and there was a gap of three minor levels between them, so how could it be that he could not match the former?

He would kill him, eradicate this prodigy that he could only look up to.


He had not even finished the thought when he saw Ji Wuming had already shot out a punch, which forcefully crashed into his face.

Why did the other dare to make a move on him?

How was it that he managed to succeed?

Why was it that he actually was completely incapable of reacting?

Zhang Yun’s body collapsed with a bang, and brought endless questions with him to the end of his life.

A grand monarch tier, and he had actually been insta-killed by someone who was inferior to him by three minor levels. This was practically inconceivable, and there was no way he could believe this.

Yet Ji Wuming did not take it to heart at all. In the past, the number of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings he had killed could not even be counted on two hands, and which one of them was not 100 times more stunningly and unprecedentedly talented than Zhang Yun? Was there any need for him to take it to heart?

He strode forwards, and stepped on the black dragon bridge.


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