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Chapter 1361 Spirit Awakening Technique

They had not exited the city for more than 30 minutes when they saw a figure sweep across the skies and stand in their way.

It was a blue-skinned person.

Needless to say, this was definitely a member of the Situ Clan, and Ling Han had met this person before too. It was Situ Jianyuan.

“Sir, you are a Heavenly Body Tier elite, yet impersonated a junior of our clan. Do you not think that is going too far?” Situ Jianyuan asked calmly, though there were divine patterns glowing on his hands. He was presently preparing to release a powerful move.

Ling Han was extremely calm, and said, “Did I ever mention that I was a member of the Situ Clan? If others misunderstood, that would be their business. It is not my duty to correct the mistakes of others.”

“Humph, no matter how smooth your words are, I will still apprehend you today!” Situ Jianyuan suddenly leaped up, and charged towards Ling Han.

He had to finish the battle as soon as possible.

He was not the only Heavenly Body Tier in Gathering Wind City, and there were a great many people who coveted the wealth in Ling Han’s possession. If he did not quickly kill Ling Han off, it would be trouble when more of them came.

“Die!” Like an arrow, he had shot within nine meters of Ling Han. In this distance, he could maximize the power of his attack.

He shot out a palm strike, and divine patterns glowed, forming a seal of light that was nine meters wide, which blasted towards Ling Han. Meanwhile, three heavenly bodies appeared behind him, showing that his cultivation level was in the high extreme.

Boom, three heavenly bodies boosted the power of the seal of light, forming a destructive impact.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The light seal swept over, and the ground was terribly ravaged. Many cracks appeared on the ground, their depth indiscernible.

In that short instant, the light seal had reached Ling Han.

Ling Han moved, and pressed his hand in front of him.


An ear-piercing racket rang out. Ling Han was endlessly pus.h.i.+ng the light seal back. It crushed everything in its path, a deep gulf forming in the ground. Only once it had arrived 100 miles away did it finally stop, and the light seal flickered before finally disappearing.

Situ Jianyuan couldn’t help but gape, his expression stunned.

F***, what kind of power and physique was that!?

The other was only in the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, whereas he was in the middle stage of the high extreme. The difference between them was a total of nine sub-minor levels; this should have been a crus.h.i.+ng victory! Yet, the other party actually had not been suppressed by his power, but rather blasted his attack back and dispelled his power easily.

This physique was a little too powerful, wasn’t it?

Otherwise, how could he have possibly withstood such impact? He would have long since been turned into dust.


Ling Han withdrew his hand, and couldn’t help but frown. He said, “The difference of cultivation level is a little big, I have indeed strained myself too much.” There was a gap of nine stars between their cultivation levels, and even if Situ Jianyuan was only a one-star genius, there was still a power gap of four stars between them.

This was a gap of 10,000 times!

Thankfully, power was only a portion of battle prowess.

“Strained yourself? Die!” Since Situ Jianyuan had made his move, he naturally had no plans to allow Ling Han to leave alive. With a battle cry, three heavenly bodies began to orbit around him, forming into multiple great stars, which he then stimulated to press down on Ling Han.


The great stars rained down as if they planned to destroy the world.

Ling Han was undisturbed. With a wave of his hand, he sent the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden into the distance, and then pointed a finger at Situ Jianyuan. He smilingly said, “Old geezer, don’t be too arrogant!”

He released his heaven’s might. Boom, under the rolling out of his aura, the area within 10 miles of him was completely enshrouded.

“What!?” Situ Jianyuan couldn’t help but pale. He suddenly discovered that his power had actually dropped dramatically by two stars!

That was two stars of power, which was equivalent to him being weakened by two sub-minor levels.

In that short instant, the power gap between himself and Ling Han had shrunk down by two stars. Though it was still an overwhelming advantage, taking into account Ling Han’s frightening physique, it was already within the range that Ling Han could bear.

“Though this cannot be considered a battle between equals, I am invincible among my peers, so that would be boring anyway!” With a loud battle cry, Ling Han shot out and started to attack Situ Jianyuan.

Using his finger like a sword, he used the Lightning Sword Technique, his movement as quick as lightning.

There was indeed a difference in power between them, but the Lightning Sword Technique could draw on the might of heavenly tribulation, and merging it with the power of Regulation that Ling Han had grasped, its power was extraordinarily mighty. At least, it could compensate for one star of difference in battle prowess.

At first, there was a difference of two minor levels between them, but with the repeated movements from Ling Han, he had forcibly shrunk down their power gap to a difference of only one star of battle prowess.

This would really be worth fighting, then.

Situ Jianyuan was absolutely astonished. He had initially thought that this attack would be a sure victory. Even if Ling Han managed to flee, he would at least have to burn his life force, which would affect the advancement of his cultivation level in future. Then, he would no longer be a threat.

Yet, Ling Han actually dared fight him head-on. Furthermore, he was only a slight bit weaker, and this was something he could not accept.

“Spirit Awakening Technique!” Finally, Situ Jianyuan did not dare to underestimate Ling Han any further, and used the true secret technique of the Situ Clan. Using his index and middle fingers together, he drew out multiple strange seals; the bizarre thing was that these seals flickered with light in mid-air as if they had been drawn on paper.

“Under the imperial orders of the heavens, the spirit of the skies, and the spirit of the ground, appear!”


Following a loud shout from him, the Spiritual Qi in the air suddenly gathered, forming a gigantic human figure. It was covered all over with divine patterns. The ground split apart, and a ma.s.sive creature that was formed from Earth Qi similarly climbed out.

‘Very powerful!’ Ling Han immediately thought. These two that had been formed from Spiritual Qi… he would call them spiritual bodies then, were very powerful. Furthermore, they were not true living beings, so they naturally would not fear being wounded or killed.

“Die!” Situ Jianyuan pointed a finger, and the two spiritual bodies immediately brandished their fists at Ling Han. Those ma.s.sive fists were like mountains that descended from the skies.

Ling Han waved a hand, and finally used Tide of the Ages.

This was… a celestial technique!

When Ding Yaolong had used this secret technique, even those that were two minor levels superior to him were no match, and now that it was used by Ling Han, it also achieved the same effect.

Attack, and aging!

Ling Han took the chance to counterattack. Peng, peng, peng, in a mere few punches, he had crushed these two spiritual bodies into dust.

Situ Jianyuan’s mouth had become completely rounded. He completely could not believe that this secret technique of the clan would so easily collapse at the first blow in front of Ling Han.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. One after another, figures descended from the skies. They were all Heavenly Body Tier elites of Gathering Wind City. Though they had appeared slightly late, it was obvious that they had not missed the show. Furthermore, they just so happened to witness Ling Han show his ma.s.sive might, destroying the two spiritual bodies. This caused their hair to stand on ends.

This young man…. was too ferocious, wasn’t he!

There were a great many people who directly turned and left without saying another word. As long as Ling Han did not die, his future prospects would be boundless, so it was best not to become enemies with this kind of person. However, there were also some people who couldn’t suppress their greed and still surrounded Ling Han, their gaze sinister.

“Hand over the Highest Jade Essence Heart and all your True Origin Stones, and we can spare your life!” someone shouted.

Ling Han’s eyes swept over them. He involuntarily smiled, and said, “There are eight of you, so whom should I hand over the goods to?”

“You need not worry about that, just hand them over!” another person declared. It was obvious that these people were all wily foxes; how could they possibly fall for Ling Han’s attempt to sow dissension between them?

Ling Han’s right hand moved, and the Divine Demon Sword was finally summoned. “If I refuse?”

“Then… die!”


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