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Chapter 1145: Ancient Divine Tribe

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Why do I have to explain to you?” Empress Luan Xing asked haughtily.


There was a crisp smacking sound.

Ling Han waved his hand, and said, “It seems like you still don’t understand the situation you’re in!”

This smack sent a stinging sensation through her body. The mysterious feeling in her body boiled even more intensely, and it was as if she were about to explode. She didn’t dare to keep going. If she was aroused and anything more happened, wouldn’t she be frequently subjected to this kind of situation in the future?

“When this body reaches the Heavenly Body Tier, my willpower will slowly awake and fuse with her,” the empress said. “The secret techniques of the Nine Snake Tribe are all like this. If I’m at the Mountain River Tier, my nine clones will awake at the Mountain River Tier. If I’m at the Eternal River Tier, my nine clones will awake at the Eternal River Tier.”

Ling Han faltered for a moment before asking, “Which is to say that she doesn’t know of your existence?”

“No, she doesn’t,” Empress Luan Xing answered.

Ling Han’s expression darkened, and he said, “So, she’ll disappear for good once your willpower completely awakens?”

“The personalities of the nine clones are all originally from my body,” Empress Luan Xing said in comfort. “In other words, they all represent a part of me. Moreover, I can still split these nine clones from my body when I reach the Eternal River Tier.”

Ling Han relaxed slightly upon hearing this explanation. He had a fairly good impression of the innocent and ditzy Ninth King.

However, another thought occurred to him, and this caused his expression to become strange.

“What’s wrong?” Empress Luan Xing asked.

Ling Han hesitated for a moment before saying, “Won’t I get nine free wives if I marry you? Holy smokes! How can I pleasure all 10 of you together?”

“P-pervert!” Empress Luan Xing shouted in anger. She smacked Ling Han and sent him flying.

Of course, Ling Han had deliberately allowed her to send him flying. This was the Black Tower, so Empress Luan Xing was definitely no match for him. However, he had already teased her for so long, so it was about time that he relented a bit. Otherwise, he would definitely feel the wrath of Empress Luan Xing once they exited the Black Tower. Thus, it was better to be smacked around here and let her defuse her anger a little.

He ran back, and said, “Say, wife—”

“Who’s your wife?” Empress Luan Xing said in irritation. She had merely given him a chance. As of right now, Ling Han still didn’t have the right to have her willingly agree to marriage.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “Then what should I call you? Darling? Love?”

Empress Luan Xing stared at him, dumbfounded. She had initially thought that Ling Han was a serious person. However, who would have thought that he was actually this flippant? She shook her head, thinking that she had perhaps made an incorrect decision. However, she didn’t want to correct it.

“Call me empress!” she said with an emphasis.


Ling Han nodded, and said, “Okay!”

‘I might call you Empress now, but I’ll have you call me Lord Husband in the future!’

“That um, Empress…”

“There’s only the two of us right now, so is there any need for you to refer to me like that?”

“You’re not cute at all!” Ling Han sighed before saying seriously, “What the h.e.l.l are the ancient divine tribes? They seem to be really impressive.”

“I know about this!” Notionless Saint said. He was starting to seek attention again. He was a mighty Saint, yet he had actually been left to the side and ignored. Did those two not know just how valuable the time of a Saint was? They had the rare opportunity to learn from him, yet they actually didn’t take advantage of this chance at all?

Empress Luan Xing glanced at that orb of light. With this seemingly all-knowing Saint present, there were some things that she couldn’t keep secret. That being the case, she might as well take initiative and spill the beans. “The ancient divine tribes are a collection of powerful yet lowly populated tribes. They appeared during ancient times, and all members of these tribes possess powerful abilities.”

“Brat, you might also be from an ancient divine tribe,” Notionless Saint chimed. Ling Han’s physique was incredibly powerful, and he felt that this could only be possible if Ling Han was from an ancient divine tribe.

Empress Luan Xing nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Ling Han shook his head in disagreement. He had come from an ordinary family, so how could he be a member of some ancient divine tribe? The only reason for his physique and divine sense being so powerful was because he practiced the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.

Anyhow, Ling Han hadn’t seen any members of the other ancient divine tribes. However, just looking at Empress Luan Xing proved just how incredible their abilities were. Members of the Nine Snake Tribe could maintain nine clones, which was equivalent to having nine extra lives. This was astonis.h.i.+ng, almost unfathomable.

“Time’s almost up. I have to leave now,” Empress Luan Xing suddenly said.

Ling Han thought for a moment, and then said, “I’ll send you out.”

Empress Luan Xing could know about Hu Feiyun’s affairs, but this was a one-sided ability. When Empress Luan Xing possessed Hu Feiyun’s body, Hu Feiyun would have no clue about what was happening. This was similar to what had happened in the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm—it was clearly Empress Luan Xing who had killed that Demonic Beast, yet Hu Feiyun thought that it was Ling Han who had killed it.

Empress Luan Xing nodded, and the two of them exited the Black Tower together.

“Am I empty air?” Notionless Saint murmured gloomily. Why did they both ignore him?

“Senior, I have a question!”

“Me too!”

Can Ye and the others walked over, and this instantly reignited Notionless Saint’s self-confidence. He was in glowing spirits as he helped them.

People needed to prove their own existence; they had to feel needed. This Saint had pa.s.sed away far too long ago, and thus his mental state was a far cry from what it had once been. He was already giddy with delight after being praised by a few Shattering Void Tier cultivators.

Empress Luan Xing shuddered after exiting the Black Tower. She shut her eyes before immediately opening them again. This only took an instant, yet her disposition had already changed immensely. Her air of haughtiness disappeared, and she became an innocent and ditzy woman.

“Huh? Why am I here?” Hu Feiyun asked with a puzzled expression. She bit her finger and c.o.c.ked her head, appearing as confused as could be.

“Wait for me here,” Ling Han said. Upon seeing her nod, he went to look for Shui Yanyu. After finding her, he brought her back over here.

Shui Yanyu couldn’t help but feel some slight fear and respect toward Hu Feiyun. “Why was her aura so terrifying?” she asked Ling Han quietly.

“I’ll tell you later.” Ling Han shook his head, then smiled at Hu Feiyun, and said, “Ninth King, I’ll take you to a fun place.”

“Okay! Okay!” Hu Feiyun clapped her hands in excitement. With her ditzy personality, she would even count money for the person who sold her.

Ling Han enveloped the two women with his divine sense and took them to the Reincarnation Tree in the Black Tower.

“This is the Reincarnation Tree,” Ling Han said to Hu Feiyun. “From now on, come here every night to cultivate. That way, your cultivation will improve rapidly.”

“I have to cultivate again?!” A bitter expression appeared on Hu Feiyun’s face, and she said, “I hate cultivating! It’s so toilsome and boring!”

Ling Han’s mind wandered to the fact that the Ninth King was a personality that had been split from Empress Luan Xing. This woman was ditzy, and this was a personality that Empress Luan Xing didn’t currently possess—she had split it from her main body, after all.

This was fairly interesting. What transformations would Empress Luan Xing’s personality undergo when she eventually fused with her nine clones?

“Don’t complain, okay?” Ling Han said as he patted Hu Feiyun’s head. “Make sure to cultivate properly.”

Hu Feiyun pouted upon hearing this. However, she didn’t object to Ling Han patting her head. Meanwhile, Shui Yanyu’s eyes almost popped out in shock. That was the Ninth King! The empress had said that seeing the Nine Kings was equivalent to seeing her, yet Ling Han was audacious enough to pat her head?!

However, little did she know that Ling Han had even smacked the empress’ bottom just then.


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