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Chapter 1314 Clearing Out the Outskirts

In all honesty, Greem had never experienced such a strange battle!

The mysterious enemy had been defeated before Greem could think of a solution to beat them. The reason for the enemy’s defeat had actually been the intervention of a third party.

The utterly confused Greem blinked. All of a sudden, his mental consciousness returned to his body in his room.

Greem’s lightless eyes suddenly lit up, and his snoring ceased. He stood up abruptly and reached out with both his hands. The fire coral staff and the Tome of Corruption appeared in each hand.

With the tremendous enhancement from the Orb of the Fire G.o.d, Greem immediately picked up on a quickly fading trace of law power.

It was obvious that the mysterious witch was hastily retreating, having realized that her plan had failed.

Greem laughed grimly and focused his Spirit. He gathered a ma.s.sive amount of law power and sent it in pursuit of the fading trace, even cutting across s.p.a.ce to do so.

Like a statue of mud cast into the sea, the giant ball of law power vanished without a trace. It had disappeared along with the trace of the enemy’s law. Even Greem had no idea if he had managed to inflict any damage to the enemy.

Greem focused and examined his surroundings. After confirming the mysterious enemy had left for good, Greem finally relaxed. He couldn’t help but cough up blood.

Perhaps sensing the tremors in Greem’s Spirit, a red silhouette flickered as Mary appeared in the room through teleportation.

“What’s the matter? Why did you concentrate so much power all of a sudden? Is it an enemy?” Mary asked several questions in a row. Her eyes noticed the traces of blood by Greem’s lip, and she raised an eyebrow, “Where is the enemy?”

Greem shook his head and bitterly smiled as he said, “They already left!”

“Which faction did they belong to?”

“They were probably from the Northern Witches. However, I can’t be sure if it was her personal action or the Northern Witches’ decision as a whole.”

“The Northern Witches? Do you know who she was?” Mary had a vicious expression on her face, as if she wanted to eat someone alive.

“It was a Fourth Grade witch that specialized in illusions and dream magic. It shouldn’t be hard to find out!”

“Hmph! These Northern Witches have been getting increasingly bold! They even dare to a.s.sa.s.sinate you publicly now. It’s about time we teach them a lesson,” Mary said furiously, “The Northern Lands have a few outposts here in the Central Lands as well. I will send my forces to wipe them out now!”

“Don’t be rash!” Greem reached out and Mary by her hand, shaking his head as he explained, “Now is the time the final victor of the Central Lands will be decided. We cannot allow anything unexpected to happen now. We will remember this and settle everything once we have unified the Central Lands; moreover, I gave her a nasty blow at the end there. I believe even someone as powerful as her won’t have a good time after that.”

Greem revealed his confidence in his newfound powers between his words!

“Then let me move into your room! At least I can stop any more of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds trying to pick a fight while you’re injured,” Mary replied furiously.

“I couldn’t suggest anything better!” An expression of pure glee instantly appeared on Greem’s face when he heard this.

Mary saw the expression on his face and blushed. All the anger on her face turned into shyness, and she shot a mean glare at Greem.

The murderous aura in the room vanished instantly, replaced by the flirtatious tension between the couple!



Far up north, even north of the Northern Lands, in the Chillwind Kingdom.

A series of curses could be heard from a tower looming over the center of the Howling Plains.

“Liana, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Who would’ve thought you were still alive after all these years? Dammit! You ruined all my plans!”

A mysterious witch covered entirely in black silk clothes was cursing furiously. Lost Paradise, the Fourth Grade illusion crystal she had been using for six hundred long years, fell onto the icy floor and shattered into tiny shards with a loud crack.

Waves of terrifying, ink-like substance radiated from within the shattered crystal. That was the despair essence that Witch Liana had unleashed at the cost of burning her very soul and all of her blood essence.

An ordinary person would have been overwhelmed by despair with a single drop and transformed into a murderous killer with a twisted soul. Even a First Grade adept would be corrupted into a monster that knew naught but slaughter and self-harm should they come into contact with such concentrated despair.

Even a Fourth Grade witch like Ivana was not willing to tussle with such intense negative emotion. After all, clearing out such intense feelings of hatred and despair would require her to expend extraordinary effort.

While she was cursing Liana, Ivana abruptly raised her head and looked at the hall’s ceiling in disbelief. A wormhole, one meter in diameter, had appeared there out of nowhere, and terrifying torrents of flames were surging out from within.

Moreover, these were no ordinary flames, but…but pure, concentrated law fires formed out of the fire laws. That was what Ivana was most terrified of!


Ivana’s face turned white. She only had time to crush the beast fang hanging from her neck before the law fires devoured her.

The next second, the tall tower trembled violently, and red tongues of fire slithered out from all the windows and cracks in the structure. An intense burning odor instantly filled the building.

Dark, black clouds of smoke rolled out of the tower, visible even from dozens of kilometers away.

A short moment later, a sky rending scream could be heard throughout the plains.

“Greem, this is not finished!”


Half a month later.

The ma.s.sive sky fleet pa.s.sed through one region after another, flying past mountain after mountain.

Finally, the path ahead of them appeared clear of obstructions.

They had left the towering mountains behind, and the vast stretches of the forest began to fade into tiny clumps of trees. What appeared before them were vast green fields and multiple human settlements.

There were villages, cities, farms, and manors here and there. Of course, there were also castles and mansions of interesting design.

As the largest structures in the World of Adepts, adept towers were the focus of attention wherever they were. They were like watchtowers that had been plunged into the earth using their powerful magic to spread an adept’s will to every corner of the world.

This place was already the territory of the Entom Clan!

The Crimson Fleet was not in a hurry to advance to Kerslin Castle now that they were here. Instead, they split into three forces–led by Greem, Mary, and Arms, respectively–and commenced uprooting all the adept towers of the Entom Clan in the outskirts.

Anything that was an a.s.set of the Entom Clan in name, be it manor, castle, or city, was graced by the presence of the Crimson Fleets. They hunted down, captured, or killed core members of the Entom Clan in this process.

Anyone that resisted was turned to dust by a Mothership’s giant magic energy cannons, regardless of whether it was a castle or a manor they were hiding in. Not even their souls remained.

Ordinary structures like these could not endure the giant magic energy cannons’ bombardment, even if magical arrays protected them. If a single shot didn’t do the job, then two or three shots would suffice. This place wasn’t their territory anyway. Greem couldn’t be bothered to negotiate a surrender or to send out forces to conquer these locations. Anyone that didn’t immediately surrender met with a giant magic energy cannon shot.

The giant magic energy cannons posed a minor threat to Fourth Grade adepts, but a lethal one to Third Grade adepts.

The Entom Clan could not survive the magic energy cannons’ bombardment, even if they charged out in a desperate attempt at retaliation. Even if they managed to get up close, a single barrage from the magical machines would be enough to shred them to pieces.

Meanwhile, the adept towers located in strategic locations became the primary targets of the Crimson Fleet.

The City of Lakarr.

It was a ma.s.sive city that stood between Implan Hill and the Ksali River. It was also the largest and most prosperous city of the Entom Clan in the Iranac region.

Of course, a large adept tower had been constructed here!

Greem and the three Motherships stopped about one and a half kilometers away from the city. As Greem silently looked down at this human city that looked the size of a chessboard from this height, he could see the humans frantically running around the city with his powerful magical vision.

The giant adept tower was like an unmoving pillar of stone that stood in the city center. Layers upon layers of forcefields and barriers covered it; the tower walls flowed with shockingly immense amounts of magical energy.

Not a single adept could be seen within the city. All the Entom Clan adepts had hidden in the tower, erecting all sorts of magical defenses as they observed the Crimson Fleet’s actions.

In all honesty, they believed the Crimson Fleet was only here as a show of might. They never believed that the opponent would have the ability or determination to conquer this tower.

“Tell them! As long as they are all willing to come out and surrender, they can preserve all the civilians and land here. Otherwise, we will invade by force!” Greem looked down calmly and gave his orders to Adept Locke, the fleet commander.

Locke acknowledged the orders and immediately announced their intentions to the city of Lakarr with a ma.s.sive loudspeaker. His voice spread out to every corner of the city and sowed fear in the hearts of every civilian.

There was no way the adepts would surrender!

The Third Grade adept stationed in this tower immediately rejected Locke’s suggestion and replied viciously, “Come attack us if you dare! We will exterminate you in front of the tower.”

Naturally, Greem was happy to see such hardheads.

Under his orders, the flagship Versailles and the other two Motherships slowly moved forward, gradually bring the adept tower within range of their giant magic energy cannons.

The next second, the Versailles trembled as a blinding beam of red light cut across the sky and blasted the tower.


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