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Chapter 98 “Bai Xiachen is Sad”

“Xiaotong (girl), don’t cry, I brought you a present.” Seeing his friend sobbing there in front of himself, Bai Xiachen couldn’t bear it anymore and found his heart feeling extremely uncomfortable. In his need to find a solution, he hastily pulled out the two gifts he prepared ahead of time: “This is a snack me and Little Rice likes to eat. This time I specially brought it over for you so have a taste and see if you like it or not.”

“What is this?” w.a.n.g Xiaotong (girl) blinked in confusion after seeing the bottles, “Wah, it looks like candy beans! I like candy beans the most.”

Receiving the gift from the boy’s hand, she then uncorked the top and poured a pill into her mouth.

Next second, a sweet and aromatic fragrance wafted into her mouth, filling her nostril and throat with a never before tasted flavor.

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“This jelly bean sure is delicious, far better than the stuff our father gets from the market.”

Now that food’s involved, w.a.n.g Xiaopeng couldn’t care anymore. Sparkling with light in his chubby eyes, he s.n.a.t.c.hed the bottles out of his sister’s hand and directly chugged some of the contents into his mouth.

“Return the sugar beans to me, they are for me!”

Flus.h.i.+ng red in her face, w.a.n.g Xiaotong grumpily rushed forward to duke it out with her brother.

Rolling his eyes: “I’m not giving, what of it? Didn’t you say you are going to lose weight, so why are you still eating these sugar beans? Look at me, I’m already so fat so I don’t mind getting fatter.” w.a.n.g Xiaopeng shamelessly states this like an unreasonable thug.

For those sugar beans alone, the siblings are now fighting it out instead of paying attention to their friend. For that, Bai Xiachen became even sadder.

What happened to they will miss me? Now for some sugar beans, they have already forgotten me…

In the end, the boy decides to take his leave after getting no attention from his friends. For food, everything can move aside, hence the reason why n.o.body even noticed his departure…

“Stinking brat!”

Shortly after Bai Xiachen left, a deafening roar came out again from the main building.

Coming out in big strides, w.a.n.g Deqiu’s (father) first image here was his son running around with something stuffed in his mouth while his daughter pursued the brat from behind. Naturally, he would a.s.sume the worst again after what happened today.

“Are you bullying your sister again?”

Stopping in front of the chubby, he blocked off the naughty kid and s.n.a.t.c.hed him up. But just when he wanted to let his anger loose again, he promptly took notice to the bottles there….

“Father…” The moment w.a.n.g Xiaopeng (chubby) looked up, what came into view was his upset father’s face. Shuddering at the sight, he wanted to defend himself immediately when the man s.n.a.t.c.hed the bottles right out of his tiny hands.

Tossing the brat to the ground without any form of finesse, w.a.n.g Deqiu (father) swiftly moved his nose up to the bottle tip and sniffed it. Next second, his eyes widened in utter shock and hurried to pour the content out onto his palm.

Like a jolt of lightning, every nerve in the man’s body was jumping after a green beady object rolled forward.

“Who gave this to you?” w.a.n.g Deqiu first gasped and then turned back to ask.

Though not understanding the situation, the chubby boy figured he best do as the old man says. He’s already invoked his father’s ire once today, best not try a second time.

“It was Bai Xiachen who gave us this gift. Father, do you also want to eat these sugar beans?”

“Sugar beans?”

That’s when w.a.n.g Deqiu recalled the scene of his son chugging something into his mouth. Going dark in the face, the man’s voice became dangerously deep: “Just now, how many of these sugar beans did you eat?”

“Ughhh…” w.a.n.g Xiaopeng sounded uncertain, “I think around ten maybe.”


In that second, w.a.n.g Deqiu’s expression became twisted like a cracked picture.

While w.a.n.g Xiaopeng (chubby) was still oblivious to his mistake, w.a.n.g Deqiu (father) silently leaned downwards and pulled the chubby boy’s pant down. Without another word, he begins smacking that b.u.t.t ruthlessly.

“Who let you treat these Dan pills as sugar beans! Who let you eat these Dan pills like sugar beans! You unfilial thing! Do you know how much money you ate in that one move? If I don’t beat you to death then I won’t be called w.a.n.g Deqiu!”

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