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Chapter 791 “Disaster Befalls the Dragon Clan (5)”

Dai Dai is my good friend, so a good friend’s grandfather is also my grandfather. I cannot harm my good friend’s family!

“Rest a.s.sured, that old man is my s.h.i.+fu so how can I bring harm to him?” Twirling the strand of hair in her fingers, Lonyu makes a genuine smile of resentment: “I need him to nod in agreement in making my husband the dragon chief. That Tsing Yi is already gone for a hundred years, its time someone stepped up to the plate.”

The position of Chief has been vacant for many years yet her s.h.i.+fu continued to wait for someone that’s not around anymore. For someone like Lonyu who’s husband was the closest to grasping onto that post, there’s bound to be some friction brewing. After all, that old man was now the only obstacle remaining to obstruct the couple from reaching their goal because the stamp seal has been hidden away. Even if the other elders agreed, it didn’t matter without the precious item.

Thinking about this, Longyu’s face started to steam: “That old thing would rather help outsiders then to help his own. Why must we wait for that b.i.t.c.h Tsing Yi to return? Everyone knows it was her who was behind that incident years ago, yet the old thing refuses to listen to reason. I am his only heir now after his son died, I deserve what he has!” Grinding her teeth, the woman grew vicious: “Now your job is to win his trust and to find out where he hid the stamp seal. Once I get my hands on it then my husband can become chief, and you shall be rewarded with status and power far beyond whatever that human queen can give you. Us dragons should never submit to those useless mortals, understand?”

“You mustn’t talk bad about Her Highness!” Exploding like someone that’s eaten a firecracker, “The queen is the nicest and kindest person in the whole wide world! It’s the dragon clan who doesn’t deserve to follow the queen, not the other way around!”

Going stiff in the face, Longyu was very aggravated by this blatant display of defiance. If not for the usefulness of the young missy here, she would’ve slapped the girl across the face already.

“I’m only blabbering a few words of complaint, why are you so bothered by it?”

“I won’t permit anyone to insult the queen! If you say another word about her then I won’t help you. Just poison me to death if you must!”

“You…” The woman almost turned livid at being threatened instead.

As the old saying goes, the little ones are the easiest to manipulate; however, they’re also the easiest to throw a tantrum and could be quite stubborn at times.

“Okay, okay, I won’t talk bad about your queen anymore, is that good with you?” Inhaling deeply, the woman collects her thought: “Prepare yourself, I will take you to meet the old man today.”

Just wait until I get my hands on the stamp seal, I will deal with you then!

Cutting apart the ropes binding Dragony to the rock, Longyu gestures for them to leave the cave. “Someone come! Take her to change out of these clothes, and also go inform the old man that we’ve found his granddaughter.”


Along the coastline of the Northern Sea, Bai Yan has her gaze fixed onto the vast body of water that’s seemingly endless to the naked eye.

“Baddie Father, Mother, are we not going to keep moving?” Bai Xiachen’s face was full of doubt as he looked up to his parents.

“Tsing Yi, give me the herbs my father had you bring along.”

“Mistress, are you going to refine the medicine to heal my injuries now?” Lighting up in the face, the dragoness asks with hope in the voice.

“I and the dragon clan here have a lot of debt to go over. Dragony is the first one, you are the second reasoning.” Showing a dangerous smile that she meant business, “Son, take Dai Dai with you and go find Dragony, I need to upheaval this entire North Sea so I’ll leave that task to you.”

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