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Chapter 56 “Go Do a Big Thing (1)”

“Zhi, let’s go.” A vague gleam could be seen coming off of Bai Zheng Xiang’s eye: “Bai Yan, if I learn this is all a lie then I won’t let you off!”

Leaving this threat behind, he forcibly pulls at his unwilling daughter and out they went.

“This Bai Zheng Xiang b.a.s.t.a.r.d really think I’m so old that he can do whatever he likes!” Old Lord Lan clearly didn’t finish venting his steam: “And you, don’t think I will forgive you just because you are giving me this Searing Flame Phoenix!”

As soon as Bai Yan retracted her sight from the doorway, she immediately heard this out of the blue grumpy scolding and became stupefied. “Grandfather, what have I done wrong?”

Glaring with one eye and squinting with the other, the old lord kept huffing and puffing like he will blow the whole place down: “If you are hungry then why didn’t you come over here? Am I not your grandfather? Am I not your mother’s father? How can you let those from the Bai family bully you like that?”

Utterly speechless, Bai Yan can only stand there and silently take it. Not like she can openly tell everyone the one from back then wasn’t her?

“Lan Yu!” Without indication, this time the roaring yell was directed at his son. Freaking out on the spot, Lan Yu (uncle) himself practically crawled over to his father on the knees.

“Lord Father, is there something wrong?” Making a flattering face, he cautiously asks with the brightest smile he can make.

Not biting the bait, Old Lord Lan grumpily points at the squeamish man: “This is how you look after your sister’s children? This is how you run the Lan House after I became sick?”

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“You…” For a while there, Old Lord Lan became so angry that he didn’t know what to say to this useless son: “And you can’t inquire about the situation some more?”

Ever since his sister Lan Yue (the mother) pa.s.sed away, his father here had taken to the bed since. Therefore, the entire well-being of the Lan House fell onto him. Over the years he kept thinking that Bai Zheng Xiang would at least be grateful for their support at the beginning. As such, he never expected the siblings to be so mistreated there. That’s definitely his mistake…

“What are you still standing there for?” In one fit, Old Lord Lan sends a kick right up the son’s b.u.t.t, “Hurry and go prepare! From today forward, as long as there’s my Lan House in this Liu Huo Kingdom then there won’t be a Bai House!”

Good timing for this declaration too. After this incident tonight, the guests here will undoubtedly start reconsidering their stance on the compet.i.tion between these two families.

Years ago the Lan House only fell into its current low state due to the old lord becoming sick. But now, Old Lord Lan’s not only safe and sound, he also got a sky cla.s.s demon bird as his mount. This instantly propelled their family back into the first-rate n.o.ble family league.


The Bai House also has a Crown Princess as their daughter, that’s something the Lan House can’t compare with.

Don’t take it for face value that Di Cang would favor Bai Yan. There’s no way the royal family would allow someone unclean like her to marry the Sovereign Prince. Furthermore, it’s rumored that His Majesty intends to marry the youngest daughter of the Bai House to Di Cang…

“Bai Yan, where did you get this Searing Flame Phoenix from?” Old Madam Lan gently holds onto her granddaughter’s hand, her mouth a heartwarming smile.

“I saved its life before, that’s why it submitted to me. And since its grandfather’s birthday, I decided to give it as a gift.”

That sort of story was more plausible. There’s no way Bai Yan can possible subdue a sky cla.s.s phoenix. Also, it’s said that demon beasts are easy to be thankful if their lives are saved, which made perfect sense here for the guests and the Lan family members.

“Cousin.” Grinning the entire way, Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) used the sweetest voice in the world, “My birthday is coming soon, when will you go save some more demon beasts to give me?”

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