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Chapter 53 “Face Slapping (2)”

Feeling stuffy in his heart, Bai Zheng Xiang became extremely annoyed: “What, do you expect me to regret breaking off my relations.h.i.+p with her? My Bai family will never care for an idler who don’t contribute!”

“Humph, then I hope you will keep up with your words today. In the future you better not come haunt my granddaughter!”

Cold in his face, Old Lord Lan’s inner fury began to seep out without his intent. Just the thought of the girl’s humiliating treatment at these people’s hand made his heart ache with pain.

“Grandfather.” From Di Cang’s embrace, Bai Yan breaks free and ran towards the old grandpa, all the while not forgetting to send a short glare at the possessive man. “You only just finished your sixtieth birthday not long ago, yet I couldn’t come back in time to attend the celebration. To make up for it, I got here a special gift for you.”

“A gift?”

Finally, Bai Zhi found her opening. Making a sarcastic remark: “Talk about shameless and not being self-aware. A tiny insignificant gift and you have the audacity to call it special.”

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Since the day when she fell victim to Bai Xiachen’s framing, the girl had gone all in and no longer bothered to maintain her outer image as much as before.

Moreover, her hatred for Bai Yan had already reached the point of seeping into her very bones. Naturally she would say whatever’s on her mind now that it’s come to this.

Ignoring the idiotic girl, Bai Yan didn’t even s.h.i.+ft her gaze: “Grandfather, you will definitely like this gift.” She then went ahead to make a loud whistle by pinching her fingers against her lip.

Just as Old Lord Lan was wondering what sort of gift he’s going to get, a crisp sharp chirp broke his train of thought. From the night sky, a fiery red line like the sun itself left a deep impression on the darkness.

“This… what is this?”

Everyone inside the banquet hall could see the light. In their amazement, not a single eye could move away from that spot. That was until the light itself arrived at their doorstep…

It’s a very beautiful bird with blood-red feathers. Its image was like the flames itself, burning the night away. And then there are those eyes. Transparently green, it’s like an agate, stunning and hypnotic.

Turning dark in his complexion, Nangong Yi blurts out his thought: “Demon Beast—Searing Flame Phoenix!”

Demon Beast—Searing Flame Phoenix?

Their eyes widened with disbelief, unsure why a creature like this would appear here of all places.

Of course, none managed to connect the bird with Bai Yan’s whistle just now.

“Father, this bird is so beautiful.”

Naturally, the female gender was completely defenseless against such beautiful things.

Unable to divert her gaze, Bai Zhi clings onto Bai Zheng Xiang’s sleeve and began to beg like a spoiled child: “Please go get that bird for me, okay?”

Now this left the man in quite the bind.

First let’s not mention the level of this demon bird, just the fact that it’s part of the Demon Beast family was enough to decide the outcome – he can’t control it.

In this world, there’s only the Demon Beast Sect who can control such creatures, according to the public anyways.

Raising his chin, Di Cang looks down in a condescending manner at the girl: “Based on what can you make it yield to you? That’s a sky cla.s.s demon bird.”

This was the first sentence Di Cang ever said to Bai Zhi. This should’ve been a thing worthy of celebration for the girl, but that tone only made her turn white from shame.

“Father!” Tearing up like the usual her, Bai Zhi cries with injustice in her eye.

Softly exhaling a sigh, Bai Zheng Xiang can only speak the truth: “Lord Cang is right. The demon beasts in this world are all very arrogant in their temperament, they will not easily yield to mankind.”

But why…?

Why would this demon bird suddenly show up here?

Let’s not mention Bai Zheng Xiang, not a single person in attendance understood why this was happening.

A sky cla.s.s demon bird was no ordinary being. Take Old Lord Lan and Bai Zheng Xiang himself, they too are only at the sky cla.s.s level and that’s enough to propel them into the league of a first-rate family here!

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