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Chapter 370 “Face Slapping (2)”

The little princess is within the Liu Huo kingdom? Why am I not aware of this at all?

“Che~ how can a simple princess of royalty be enough to make those elders there address her as so? From what I hear, the young miss of the Holy Land is also called little princess by those inside….”

“How can the young lady of the Holy Land be at our kingdom? Impossible! I’m betting it must be someone else that they are talking about!”

Ignoring the gossiping voices around, Zheng Qi (First Elder) first brushes his sleeve to make himself look better before heading over to Bai Yan’s location.

Towards the sudden encroachment by the three seniors, Bai Xiao instinctively moved in front of his sister to act as a s.h.i.+eld. Though the three appears quite friendly on the surface, but the actions of Lu Zifeng had tarnished his image of that power, that’s why he would be so defensive here.

“Can the three of you control that aura of yours? What if you frighten my brothers with it?”

What sort of existence were the elders of the Holy Land? It’s a status that demands respect from all that’s not of their equal. Therefore, for Bai Yan to make such a demanding request so out of the blue, it’s within expectations that the crowd would be popping their eyes in shock.

This woman… it really begs to wonder if she’s just plain stupid or simply daring to the core. Does she not know the three in front of her can squash her like a bug if provoked? Revealing a flicker of vicious light in her eyes, Bai Zhi could already see the picture of her half-sister being turned into a puddle of blood.

“Mistake, it’s our mistake. We forgot this isn’t the Holy Land.” Contrary to popular belief, instead of dis.h.i.+ng out the proper punishment like everyone thought, the three seniors actually receded their aura as asked.

The blame really can’t be on the regular people here, they just aren’t accustomed to this sort of behavior from those of such high stature.

This…. what the h.e.l.l is going on?!

Though faint, but their hearts are starting to be gripped with a sense of unease, especially for those involved with framing Bai Yan and her brother just now. They didn’t even have the courage to face the reddish figure of the woman at this point for an impossible idea was starting to sprout in their minds.

But before anything could be confirmed, a loud exclaiming scream from one side had caught their attention.

It was Chu Yi Yi jumping downward to pick up her identification token. Then as if that steamy face wasn’t enough, the la.s.s then shot an angry yet distressed glare at the three old-timers like they did the most heinous crime in the world.

“It’s all your fault! This token was personally engraved by my father, what if it got scratched just now. If anything happens to it then I’m blaming you three!”

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Not many may know this but the foolish man definitely does. In this world, to be able to use the surname Chu and receive special treatment from the three chief elders can only be one!

“Little Princess?” A heavy gasp escapes his mouth following this realization.

Forget about being pale, forget about being ghostly white, his complexion was literally a dead man’s face this time. Horror? Fear? That’s the sort of words that can come remotely close to what Lu Zifeng was feeling right now. “Yo-you ar-are the Little Princess, Chu Yi Yi?!”

He was already wondering from before why the girl would appear so familiar in his memories, now it made perfect sense. And on top of this explosive piece of information, his brain also remembered another important fact: in the entirety of the Holy Land, there’s only one person that can make the little princess tag along like a little follower….

s.h.i.+fting his gaze over from Chu Yi Yi to Bai Yan, Lu Zifeng’s very own fear was attempting to hidner him from believing the answer in which he already knew. It’s too obvious and too surreal….

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