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Chapter 1673 “Framed (7)”

“What are you all dazing around for?” Snow Lotus became rightfully outraged at the guards who didn’t run over immediately, “Get over there and knab this woman!”

“But… Milady, the Millennium Ice Lotus….”

“Are you stupid or all just brain dead? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is bluffing you! We just have to kill him to retrieve the Millennium Ice Lotus, there’s no reason to keep him alive!”

Big Cousin said it already, retrieving the Ice Lotus is as easy as offing this a.s.shole. Afterwards the flower will be ours to remove.

Regarding Wen Yi’s words, this eldest daughter of the Snow Clan would believe anything, even the stupidest lies that most would deny right away. However, these household guards weren’t as confident and hesitated. They know what the consequences are if anything happens to that precious treasure. What’s more, their status wasn’t on the same level as the lady, they are expendable and they know it!

By this point Bai Xiao had taken the opportunity to get in front of his friend. Showing force in his posture despite being sloppy and weak: “No one can touch her as long as I’m here today! Unless you want me to destroy myself along with the Ice Lotus!”

The boy’s threat once again pushed the guards back.

“Xiao Xiao.” Chu Yi Yi lets go of her target and swings around to be a s.h.i.+eld again, her face tense and insecure, “Actually, I’m usually not this brutish, I’m usually very gentle….”

She got careless and revealed that temperament born from the protection of the Holy Land.

Oh what do I do, will Xiao Xiao think I’m too brutish and not give me a chance?

Thinking of this, Chu Yi Yi strongly adds another part: “I am really really gentle, you must believe me.”

Bai Xiao openly smiled at that: “You are indeed really really gentle, but for this type of woman you need not be gentle. In front of the enemy, you only need to beat them hard and fast until they can’t stand up again.”

The princess just stared, her eyes showing incredulous disbelief.

He means…. I don’t need to hold back my temper in front of those I find to be an eyesore? I won’t have to hold back?

“Do you think I’m bad tempered?”

“No, she wronged you first so you should do whatever you want.”

Bai Xiao has always been indifferent in his own personality, never showing pity to those who cross him. In this case, it’s Snow Lotus who sought her own demise so why should he do anything about it?

“But would you still be on my side if I hit someone for no reason?” Chu Yi Yi fixes her eyes on the young man in antic.i.p.ation for the answer.

Bai Xiao laughs aloud with a humor in his voice: “I believe in you, I believe you won’t harm others in a barbaric manner unless you deem it necessary. After all, if my sister trusts you then I of course trust you as well.”

In the eye of this young lad, anyone his older sister believes in are worthy of his trust regardless of what they do. To be clear, it’s not without reason. Just look at what they experienced in the Bai House? Despite being the children of that home, no one believed their suffering or difficulties and even earned a bad reputation for asking for help. Who believed them then? As a result, he wants to trust in those whom they deem friends, that’s their decision and conviction.

Chu Yi Yi smiled brilliantly at the pa.s.s, Should I thank Bai Yan later? I didn’t even do anything and already left such a good impression on Xiao Xiao!

“You two…” Snow Lotus pulls herself up and glared her eyes out resentfully at the pair, “You stole my family’s treasure and still dare to hit me? I’m going to tell my father and hang both of you for me to hit!”


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