WebNovel Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1660 – Chu Yi Yi and Bai Xiao (2)

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Chapter 1660 “Chu Yi Yi and Bai Xiao (2)”

Taking another few steps back in a hurry after hearing that growl, Snow Lotus bursts out screaming: “Crazy, you’re all crazy! I’m done staying here with you nutcases! Moon, I pray for you that these people aren’t coming with bad intention, otherwise… not even Father will let you go.”

Giving a final glare at the Holy Land princess who dared to talk back, the pompous and rude miss of the Snow Clan twists around and fled back into her home.

“Xiaoyun, Xiao Ying, we’re leaving too, let’s go.” Chu Yi Yi did not intend to stay despite winning the banter and pulled at her two companions arm again. She’s never suffered indignation before in all her life thus far, it’s frustration and making her very unhappy.

“Ah?” Huang Xiao Ying widened her eyes. She’s somewhat reluctant to leave and gave a casting glance at the Three Stripe Tiger. However, her indecision steadied at the remembrance of Snow Lotus’s maltreatment and poor att.i.tude.

“What are you dropping your mouth for? Didn’t you hear what that woman said? She only knows how to look down on people. If anything goes missing in there then I can guarantee you she will blame us for the theft.” The annoyance clearly didn’t leave yet, hence the sort of words coming out of Chu Yi Yi’s mouth.

“Yi Yi is right,” Lan Xiaoyun also chimes in after a moment of thought. Turning to Snow Moon who’s all anxious and worried, “I’m sorry Ms. Moon, we cannot help you anymore. You’ve heard what your elder sister said, we don’t want to get mixed in with the problems of your family so we can only keep our distance.”

“But…” Snow Moon’s eyes immediately got all teary and red, “she is her and I am I, I won’t let something like that happen. Please, I beg you, please stay until Tigerly is back to normal….”

In the end, the plea finally moved the tiger princess. Stepping forward again, Huang Xiaoying speaks with intelligence for once: “Let’s do this then, I will look after your Three Stripe Tiger for the next hour until the effects wear off since we won’t be staying. I don’t want to stay at this crummy place either so everyone wins, how about that?”

Perhaps the way of describing her home as crummy hit a sore spot for Snow Moon. Without delay, the younger miss of the Snow Clan began to let the tears roll down those cheeks until her existence shrunk into a insignificant pea size shape.

Murmuring in her tiny voice, “Okay, I will have Tigerly follow you, please take care of him for me…. I’ll come pick him up in an hour.”

Chu Yi Yi didn’t have any objection to the tigress’s idea of taking the feline with them. As long as they don’t meet that foul-mouthed Snow Lotus then it’s all good.

“Let’s go.” Readying to leave for the third time now after giving both girls the signal, Chu Yi Yi had just swung around when she overheard a banshee like scream from the inner courtyard of the estate.

“Ah! You a.s.shole, you actually dare to undress before me! I already knew you were coming with bad intentions but I didn’t think you would be a pervert as well!”

Naturally the annoyed Holy Land princess didn’t want to stop again after so much back and forth, but the familiar voice that replied in the next second stopped her in her track….

“Scram!” The sound was cold and heartless, but with the youthful greenness of someone they knew.

Towards this voice, Lan Xiaoyun was equally as familiar because its someone they’ve been wanting to meet as well. Exchanging a look with Chu Yi Yi, both of these human ladies were making shocked faces like they didn’t expect this at all. But of the most rash and tactless of the two, Chu Yi Yi had to take the lead when she bolted for the inside in a hasty run.


Inside a room.

The Snow Clan’s chief and Wen Yi had just barged into this room when they saw Lotus angrily las.h.i.+ng out at the occupant inside.

“Lotus, what happened?” The girl’s father asks with a frown on his face.

“Father!” Lotus saw who had arrived and immediately flew into a grievance cry. Pointing accusingly at the half naked teen, her face flared with rage.


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