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Chapter 1101 “Declaration of War (1)”

It’s then Di Xiao Wan (demon princess) came running from the rear. Right as the girl’s about to throw herself into Bai Yan’s arm, Di Cang had already stepped in to stop her with a holding hand.

Black in the face: “Don’t you see your sister-in-law is pregnant? How can you be so reckless?”

Staring wide eye now over that knowledge, the demon princess’s gaze slowly locked onto her sister-in-law’s belly before popping them eyeb.a.l.l.s out in surprising glee.

“Sister-in-law, are you pregnant? Am I going to have another nephew?” Due to how emotional she was, Di Xiao Wan’s voice was trembling with excitement, causing her to go back and forth between giving a hug or staying back due to the threatening face of the man next to herself.

“Auntie,” Bai Xiachen sounded very displeased, “it’s a little sister, a little sister!”

Puckering her lips in a childish manner, Di Xiao Wan began poking at that logic: “And how do you know it’s a little sister?”

“My sister told me personally so it will be a sister.”

Saying the unborn baby was a boy has now become a taboo for the kid because he immediately got all defensive.

It’s clearly a beautiful and good little sister, why does Auntie say it’s a boy?

“Okay, okay, it’s a little sister as you say.” Rubbing her nephew’s head, the demon princess didn’t want to argue on the subject, which promptly earned her a happy grin from the boy.

“I will be a good big brother, I will protect my little sister.”

The little steambun’s comment completely wins over the demon princess and made her give him a peck on the cheek. It’s just too cute….

“Sister-in-law,” letting go after her act, Di Xiao Wan finally returns her attention to why she’s here, “Can I come with you?”

“No.” Bai Yan didn’t need to think on the matter and refused right away. “Your strength is too weak so you can’t go to that battlefield.”

“Sister-in-law!” Pleading by swinging Bai Yan’s arm, the demon princess appears all pitiful with that puckered lip, “I really won’t be a baggage, really….”

“When you break into the Celestial Rank then I’ll take you.” Bai Yan wasn’t going to budge on the decision so her answer remains firm.

Hanging that head in a depressed manner: “Okay, but my strength is sealed away and Brother won’t help me lift it.” That said, the princess then s.h.i.+fted her sight onto the demon king like it’s his fault.

“State Teacher is already out looking for the materials to help lift your seal, bear with it for now.”

“Really?” Di Xiao Wan’s eyes lit up with an cheeky smile of huffiness, “Don’t think I will forgive him just like that. If it wasn’t for him, Sister-in-law wouldn’t have run away from home.”

Anyway, it’s all his fault. If he didn’t secretly make a subst.i.tute for Brother behind everyone’s back then none of that would’ve happened. He won’t get forgiveness so easily.

“You stay here and wait for State Teacher to come back,” Bai Yan pats the girl on the head to settle the matter. Turning to the rest of the elders, “It’s about time, we’re leaving now.”

“Yes, Queen.” They respond with resonating unity.

“Mother,” it’s then the little steambun tugged at the woman’s sleeve, “are you not going to bring me?”

“Xiachen, you wait at home for me too.”

“Why?” getting teary red in the eye, “I went into the secret domain so that I can protect you Mother, why won’t you let me follow?”

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