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Chapter 1025 “Refinement Success (4)”

Tsing Yi wasn’t like the gullible Little Rice, she could easily see through the princess’s intent. Smiling there: “Alright.”

With the two leading general of their horde gone, the remainders had also stopped in their tearing of the dead bodies and came before Di Xiao Wan for further instruction.

“As for you all…” stroking her chin in a contemplative manner, “go patrol the area around the Holy Land. We’ve captured the young master of the Spirit Realm so that side wouldn’t do nothing. If any of you find sighting of the enemy, come inform me immediately!”

“Yes!” The horde answers in unison, causing an instantaneous shockwave to rock this land.

Fortunately the crowds of demonic beasts were willing to leave right after giving their reply, otherwise the residences here would be quite afraid for their own lives. Furthermore, it appears this other side of the demon princess has won over many of the male disciples present. Their eyes showed admiration and a sense of love towards the girl.

“Princess.” Finally, a handsome young man decides to muster up his courage to come forward. Shy in his voice: “Thank you today for the help, may I invite you for a meal tonight?”

Sparkling in her eyes now, Di Xiao Wan didn’t think anything wrong of this idea and responded in kind: “What would you like to eat?”

The young lad gives a shy nod to act all gentlemen like: “There is a restaurant outside the Holy Land in the city below, we can try their medicinal stewed chicken. I heard its very delicious and is often crowded with patrons. I know the owner so I can help us skip the line and directly take you inside.”

Now the princess’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning like the sun. She has always been a victim of delicious food so its her one irresistible weakness.

“So when are we leaving?” She had on a look of urgency and antic.i.p.ation, which brought hope to the lad’s face.

Others who had similar ideas were quite envious of their peer right now. If they had known it would be this easy to invite the girl out for a date then they too would’ve stepped forward. In the end its cowardice that caused them to miss this opportunity.

“Feng Xiao Ling, what are you trying to do?” Chu Yi Yi saw how easily the sweet dumbaclutz was being kidnapped away and decides to step in. “I warn you, don’t hit on her or I’ll let my father know and kick you out of the Holy Land right now!”

That warning worked as expected and stopped the one known as Feng Xiao Ling in his tracks. The poor lad was trembling and didn’t dare to speak another word.

“And you, Di Xiao Wan!”

Chu Yi Yi had wanted to start reprimanding her friend when Lord Chu Ran suddenly tugged at his own daughter’s sleeve. Making a dry cough: “Yi Yi, she is the princess of the Demon Realm, and Bai Yan’s her sister-in-law, you….”

But before the Holy Lord could even finish his sentence, the heated girl had brushed the hand away and continued to stare angrily at her friend. It’s the look of someone being harsh and disappointed.

“Just because he asked you doesn’t mean you should say yes! Do you know what he intends to do? When strange men come near you the first thing you should do is to distance yourself lest they kidnap you with some food.” Giving a harrumph, the one known as the Little Witch just turned into the protective mother hen of their group.

That comment completely scared the daylights out of Lord Chu Ran. If he didn’t know the ident.i.ty of this sweet dumbaclutz then it would still be fine, but he did and that meant precaution was of the upmost importance here!

Shame though, if only the man knew of the past, then he would’ve pa.s.sed out right then and there. The reasoning? Back when the two girls met, they had fought against each other….

“What are you being angry with?” Staring blankly at her old man’s steaming face, the girl apparently didn’t understand what she did wrong and went back to her friend. “I’ll go with you instead, what do you want to eat? Don’t forget, we’re the Earth Shattering Triple Three. If you’re going anywhere then it’s with us.”

Earth Shattering Triple Three?

Chu Ran shot a disbelieving stare at his own daughter’s back, Why does this t.i.tle sound so appalling?

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