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Yang Yun has been away from the Capital City from almost two weeks before he chose to return. During the few days, he had stayed around the place where his wife, Mingyue, had vanished and hoped that he could find some clues on how she went missing.

As he spent a few days in the mountain, Yang Yun thought a lot about Mingyue. The moment where her hand slipped away from his replayed on his mind. Yang Yun would often wake up in the middle of the night as he dreamt about that moment. He could not stop blaming himself for letting her go.

However, he knew that nothing would change if he decided to live his life in agony. After a few days of self-reflection, Yang Yun had decided that he will not give up to find Mingyue and bring her back home. It doesn’t matter whether if he had to spend a lifetime to look for her. To search for Mingyue, he will need ways to gather more information. If he wanted to do that, there was no better way then to return to the army.

After he had made his decision, Yang Yun returned to the Capital City before two weeks pa.s.sed.

When he arrived, Yang Yun did not return immediately to Yang’s residence but went straight to the army camp to find Jiang Xiao Xian. Fei Liu was the one who received Yang Yun. However, instead of meeting Jiang Xiao Xian as he plan, Fei Liu informed Yang Yun that the young general was not around and will not be in the camp for a few days.

After knowing Fei Liu years, Yang Yun could detect that something was going on with the Jiang’s family. Once Yang Yun stepped outside the camp, he went to find a few of his comrade to find out matters regarding the Jiang’s family. In the end, Yang Yun could not find anything else.

Yang Yun walked out of the camp and went straight to Jiang’s residence.

The Jiang’s steward immediately greeted Yang Yun and announced that other than both his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law went away for a trip a few days. Only the male members of the Jiang family was present. Yang Yun asked to meet Jiang Xiao Xian and was then escorted inside a hall.

After a few minutes of waiting, Jiang Xiao Xian showed up.

“General,” Yang Yun stood up and greeted the young general.

Jiang Xiao Xian watched Yang Yun with a questioning gaze. “Why are you here?”

Yang Yun did not answer the general’s question immediately. “I heard that both the mother and the young madame were out of the city. Did something happened?”

The young general heaved a long sigh. He motioned for Yang Yun to sit down before he did the same. “It has been a while since my wife gave birth. Mother thought it would be a good idea for them to visit the in-law.”

Although Yang Yun did not believe his brother-in-law’s words, he did not pursue the matter. Jiang Xiao Xian must have hidden some issues from him for a reason. Yang Yun then went back to the reason he came to find the young general. “General Jiang, tell me what can I do to be back on duty.”

Jiang Xiao Xian gave Yang Yun a look over. He then recalled that the second brother, Jiang Xiao Tian, told him how he met with Yang Yun during his mission to escort Prince Lu Wei back to Qian Rong. According to him, Yang Yun had played a significant role in helping Jiang Xiao Tian to rescue the Prince.

“You think you’re ready to come back to the squad?” the young general asked.

Yang Yun straightened his posture and nodded. “Yes.”

The general continued to look at Yang Yun, studying his expression and judging his sincerity. After a while, he lowered his gaze and played with the jade pendant before he spoke up. “Alright. Then you should come and report back to the camp next week.”

Yang Yun’s expression brightened at Jiang Xiao Xian’s words. He thanked the general and got an earful of warning and advised before he was allowed to return home.

Jiang Xiao Xian was about to turn to his room when he noticed the third brother, Jiang Xiao Liang stood behind a pillar. He raised a brow, and Jiang Xiao Liang swiftly walked out of his hiding place.

“Elder brother, you are too lenient against Yang Yun,” Jiang Xiao Liang complained.

“Then what? Should I beat him as you did?”

Jiang Xiao Liang laughed sheepishly at his brother’s question. He did not think that his brother would find out about that matter.

“Is it fun? To beat someone when they’re down?”

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Hearing the accusation tone from his elder brother, Jiang Xiao Liang looked up with dissatisfaction on his face. Back then, it was not his intention to beat Yang Yun. But, he did not know what had happened. He could not say what he wanted to say, and instead, he started to throw a punch to Yang Yun due to his frustration.

“What do you mean beating him when he’s down? Clearly, that person had beat me black and blue, alright?” Jiang Xiao Liang said. He heaved a long sigh and said. “Elder brother, I’m only here to deliver a message from the second brother. He said that mother and sister-in-law have departed from the sister-in-law’s place. They should arrive in the capital in three days.”

Jiang Xiao Xian’s expression softened as his thought were on the family members he had to sent away due to fear for their safety. Now that there was nothing wrong with the Crown Princess’ body after the treatment from Chief Ye, it was time to bring them back home.

“I understand,” Jiang Xiao Xian said. “You can go now.”

Jiang Xiao Liang turned around and paused after a while. “Elder brother, won’t you tell me what is going on with the second brother? What is it that you guys been doing secretly? Why can’t you tell me?”

Jiang Xiao Xian thought for a while. He patted his brother on the shoulder and spoke. “It’s enough for you to know that it has something to do with the Crown Princess. I cannot say more than that.”


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