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Chapter 369: a.s.sessment with One Move (Part One)

The 5 of Diamonds and Bei Shan were both speechless.

Especially the 5 of Diamonds, he murmured in his heart, These idiots, I’m agreeing to spar with you so you guys don’t feel despair after getting stomped. I’m here to give you all more hope.

As the azz-kisser of the new division master and also considering the ident.i.ty of the new division master, he was also against it. After all, Xu Cheng was the new Division Master, although it hadn’t been made public yet, he obviously shouldn’t lower his position that much and spar with these noobs, right?

He looked towards the 5 of Diamonds, and the latter nodded, came out, and said, “I think everyone already knows that the Dragon Division lost about 10 cards. The Diamond Division lost 4, and we will be recruiting from you guys. The other group also lost people, and they will be coming over to pick tomorrow or the day after. Today, it will be our group that comes to pick. Let me introduce him to you guys, this is the big senior brother of our Diamond division, Bei Shan, the Ace of Diamonds!”

Bei Shan nodded.

The 20 or so trainees were all surprised as they all looked over to Bei Shan with supreme respect.

That kind of look made Xu Cheng feel his nuts ache.

Bei Shan coughed once and said, “Just like your Senior Brother 5 of Diamonds said, the Diamond division lost 3, 4, 6, and 8. So, your Senior Brother 7 will be moved up to 8, your Senior Brother 5 will be moved up to 7, and that leaves you guys with 3, 4, 5, and 6. As for whether you can join the ranks or not, it will be up to your capabilities.”

Those trainees were all super excited. They had been hearing that the Dragon Division was doing a ma.s.sive enlistment soon, but they didn’t expect it to be this soon.

The 5 of Diamonds who was now raised to the 7 of Diamonds said, “Then, as the one that will a.s.sess you guys, you will fight me one by one, and whoever I see is fit will receive the admission notice.”

The trainees all looked at each other, hesitating on who would go first.

At this time, someone quietly said, “Senior Brother 7 of Diamonds, wouldn’t it be a bit inappropriate for you to a.s.sess us? You are number 7, no one can win against you, and if everyone loses, how would we be able to prove which one can be admitted? What I’m saying is, why not find someone that’s closer to our skill level? I think the a.s.sessment result will be more obvious.”

The other trainees all nodded. “Yeah, since Senior Brother 2 of Diamonds is here, he’s the closest to us. Why not let him a.s.sess us?”

The 7 of Diamonds and Bei Shan were both speechless.

Xu Cheng sighed. “Since the Dragon Division is short on people right now, I will just do the a.s.sessment.”

The trainees were all pretty delighted, but they didn’t see the 7 of Diamonds and Bei Shan looking at them like they were looking at a bunch of idiots.

On the training ground, the trainees all spread out and sat down in a circle. Xu Cheng stood in the center and looked around. He smiled and said, “Who’s going first?”

Luo Yi stood up first. He smiled and said, “Let me go first then, Big Brother Cheng. I know your moves the best.”

Xu Cheng smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

Then, he announced, “My a.s.sessment is really simple. I will only make one move, and that move will be used to a.s.sess your reflex speed and ability to defend. When I strike, I will only check on two things. First, if you can react in time and then defend, that’s one point. Those that can react in time and then dodge, that’s two points. Those with two points will directly join the official rankings!”

The trainees all looked at each other and they couldn’t be more excited.


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