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Chapter 340: Dragon Division Fully Dispatched (Part Two)

Just like that, so silently, Xu Cheng took out 13 guards that weren’t killed by the mines.

When the two guest masters brought 30 guards and came over, Xu Cheng had already pa.s.sed by them in the pitch-black night.

Very well, among the team of 200 guards, 50 have been drawn here. Xu Cheng hurriedly made his way towards the manor.

The giant Ryong Manor over thousands of acres in size only had one gate to enter and exit from, and there were 5 guards guarding that gate.

Xu Cheng hid behind a tree and tossed the dagger over, catching the five guards’ attention. Since Xu Cheng was invisible right now, he slowly walked over and held it up with his hand.

The five guards all felt this was pretty creepy, the dagger was actually standing on the ground by itself.

One of the guards curiously and carefully walked over. When he squatted down and was about to pick up the dagger, he was only a few inches away from Xu Cheng. The invisible Xu Cheng directly covered his mouth with one hand and shoved the blade right at the guard’s heart.

The guard’s body shivered once before slowly falling to the ground.

The other four guards were all shocked and they immediately ran over, only to find their comrade with a big b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his chest. They immediately rang the alarm, but by this time, Xu Cheng had already quietly walked through the gates. Coming from the courtyard, about another 30 guards ran towards the gates, Xu Cheng did a rough estimate and thought that there should be only about 110 guards at the back now.

Going into the nearest villa and seeing that the window was open, Xu Cheng climbed in and saw two young men watching a movie being projected onto the wall.

From the intel on Ryong Family he viewed earlier, he remembered these two to be important family members of the Ryong Family, potentially successors after Ryong Xiao.

Xu Cheng walked behind them like a ghost. One of them was slicing up an apple with a fruit knife, and when he poked the knife into a piece and was about to eat it, Xu Cheng smacked the back of his head, and the fruit knife went directly into mouth, into the throat, and the guy began crying miserably as blood gushed out.

The other one was shocked, and Xu Cheng grabbed his head and smacked it towards the gla.s.s coffee table as hard as he could. That guy’s forehead broke directly and he died. Confirming their deaths, Xu Cheng went into the kitchen and turned on the gas. Then, leaving the villa, he ignited his lighter and tossed it through the window.


With a loud explosion, the whole house went up in flames. All the gla.s.s windows and doors shattered, and the fire began devouring the whole place.

Immediately, more guards came this way.

Xu Cheng walked past these people and counted.

That left about 90 guards in the back. Still too many. If they were to fight, he would still be exhausted by the number of opponents, so he might as well try to divert most of the guards away. That way, he would be more confident in killing Ryong Xiao, the guy that killed his father!

The two guest masters and 30 guards all heard the explosion back at the manor as well.

“Fack! We were baited! He baited us to come here on purpose! We have to go back!” one of the guest masters immediately realized what was happening.

Just as they turned around and were about to head back, a group of masters appeared from all sides. There were 4 people on each guest master, and the remaining 12 were on the 30 guards.

After the fight began, the two guest masters noticed that they couldn’t defeat those four at all. They were all in tight combat clothing, and there was an obvious dragon mark on their uniforms.

Each of their uniforms had a flying dragon mark, and the dragon claw on each of them had one of four different symbols, the Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clovers, and Ace of Diamonds!


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