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Chapter 929: Third Level

In the Dark world’s Durance of Hate’s second level, Abel carefully led his summons forward. They were not in a game, so safety was his priority.

He would rarely move in a flash in this place. With his experience, he knew how scary this place could be–just like the time he ran into those Undead Stygian Dolls or the King of Darkness. One was a creature with extremely physical speed, and the other was something with a meteoroid fire spell attack. He would not underestimate any of them.

It had been a while since he came across another h.e.l.l creature, so he had a feeling that he was about to enter the 3rd level.

Just as expected, he came across a golden pa.s.sage on the wall. Its dark gold color against the eerie atmosphere added a strong, intimidating pressure. Some scary things must be lurking within.

Abel replenished his energy s.h.i.+eld and strengthened his ice armor, bone armor, and wind armor. He also summoned the Oak Sage to increase the life force of his summons. The 9 spirit guardian knights and 9 spirit guardian wizards entered first. After they made sure the path was clear, Abel entered.

The night pearl on his waist illuminated the dark tunnel. The walls were plastered with paintings. This place used to be an underground church, but now it had become the playground of h.e.l.l creatures.

An intense smell of blood jostled Abel the moment he stepped out of the tunnel. Afterward, he saw a gutter filled with blood.

As his eyes were fixed, 10 meteoroids poured down from the sky. It was like the doomsday had reached this underground s.p.a.ce.

There was no time to think. He flashed with his summons and appeared next to 50 black cloaked King of Darkness with magic staff on their hands.

Abel quickly scanned those King of Darkness and made sure there was not a Dark Gold level one amongst them. Although they were all elite level, Abel knew exactly how to deal with them after so many encounters.

He unleashed 9 spirit guardian knights, 9 spirit guardian wizards, the mud monster, 5 immortal ravens, and 3 mad wolves.

The spirit guardian wizards were ordered to make close body attacks since those King of Darkness couldn’t match their physical strength. Also, Abel had a potion for recovery, and the king of Darkness didn’t.

Abel finally drowned out a ‘damage increase curse’ pattern, and a red cloud of curse appeared above. As the cursed raindrops poured down, a red glow of curse emerged from the King of Darkness.

He quickly switched into his wizard mode and threw out a chain of lightning. Since his summons surrounded those King of Darkness, he could cast his spells without worrying.

Screams of agony emerged one by one, but none of them could escape Abel’s lighting.

When the first King of Darkness dropped dead, his soul was sucked into Abel’s Horadric cube, and he stopped his spell.

He ignited the priests’ exploding corpse spell and aimed it at that dead King of Darkness on the ground.

Bang! The body exploded. The law of the Dark World protected his summons, but the other King of Darkness was not as lucky.

The exploding corpse was a magical spell. Since every person was filled with anger before they died, this spell could unleash the anger within them and turn it into a destructive blast.

Half of the damage came from the corpse’s fire element and the other from the blast’s shockwave. They were both physical attacks.

The damage increase curse had lowered his enemy’s resistance to physical attacks by 100%, which was basically making them helpless against it.

The exploding corpse set off a domino effect. Since the other Kings of Darkness were already badly hurt by the lightning, and the blast soon began to take their lives away.

Abel kept using the exploding corpse on each dead King of Darkness, ma.s.sacring them.

When the explosions ended, Abel checked his mana. The endless spell casting had taken a big chunk of it away.

50 dead was not a bad result, but Abel was not happy. A problem remained. His summons could only do one thing, drag his enemies down.

Not a single King of Darkness was killed by his summon in the battle. Even with the damage increase curse, his summons were still no match to his spells.

Still, there was a positive side. His diverse fighting skills were finally paying off and allowed him to do something much more powerful than a single skill.

For example, he used his wizard spells to create dead bodies and use a priest spell to explode them and achieve a ma.s.sacre. Not to mention, the countless defense spell on him almost made him impenetrable.

He shook his head and regained his focus. There were more violent battles waiting for him. He scanned the magic staff left over by the King of Darkness. He was no longer interested in white magic staff. What he needed was a special magic staff with the ability to level up his spells. They were the ingredients to make a rune word.

There was a pa.s.sage leading to the abyss in the center of that gutter of blood. When the first spirit guardian knight entered the pa.s.sage, Abel heard some screams, and soon, meteoroids and 9 headed serpent spells flew towards that spirit guardian knight.

“Back!” Abel commanded through the power of the will without a thought. At the same time, purple light flashed on the spirit guardian knight. His druid soil used a full recovery potion.

Afterward, the spirit guardian knight flashed away.

Abel saw 5 King of Darkness and 3 councilors running towards him from the pa.s.sage. Abel let out a breath of relief.

He did not attract all the h.e.l.l creatures from the other side, so he could kill them off with the least amount of sacrifice.

Unlike the last battle, he didn’t need to use his summons to hold those h.e.l.l creatures down with their number.

However, he did not let his guard down. He knew those were servant-level king of Darkness, so there must be a dark gold level King of Darkness from the other side. Not to mention, those councilors were servant level as well.

Although servant-level h.e.l.l creatures were not as powerful as a dark gold level one, their power was close.

First, the spirit guardian wizards cast their chain of lightning and sent those h.e.l.l creatures into shock. Countless resources altered those spirit guardian wizards from Abel. Although their lightning spells were not ideal, the numbing effect was still very affecting those h.e.l.l creatures.

The 3 councilors had a lightning rebound ability, so 3 red lights shot out from their hands and turned into 3 nine-headed serpents.

However, these 9 headed serpents soon became their last attack. Abel cast an aging curse and turned those h.e.l.l creatures into slow motion.

Through those spells, Abel realized those councilors were resistant to lightning damage, and those King of Darkness were resistant to ice damage.

So he cast his 2 most powerful fire spells, ‘Firewall’ and ‘meteoroid.’ A painful white glow of curse emerged from those h.e.l.l creatures’ bodies as they screamed in the burning in flames. Soon, their voices added.

After obtaining 8 more souls, Abel commanded a spirit guardian knight to move forward again.

However, this time he was not as lucky. This spirit guardian knight was not attacked immediately, so it kept moving forward. Suddenly, frost appeared on its body.

It slowed down its reaction, and a councilor appeared beside it and stuck down with its magic staff like a ghost before it got the chance to flash away.

Although a councilor’s physical attack was weak and it didn’t do much damage, the spirit guardian knight’s move in a flash was broken.

Afterward, red light shot out from that councilor and turned into a nine-headed serpent as a giant meteorite landed on that spirit guardian knight.

Abel’s druid soul wanted to use the full recovery potion, but it was too late. The spirit guardian knight was killed.

Abel saw this King of Darkness wrapped in frost. It was a dark gold level King of Darkness enchanted by the Holy Freeze Aura.

The councilor who just approached the spirit guardian knight was also Dark Gold level, and Abel could clearly see the name Bremm Sparkfist.

It was the h.e.l.l creature leader of the Zakarum’s Church council, and 2 other councilors were standing by its side.

The dark gold King of Darkness and Bremen Sparkfist noticed Abel. And they began to charge.

Abel quickly ignited the World Stone ability. In the face of 2 Dark Gold level h.e.l.l creatures, he could not relax a single bit. He had gone all out.

The world began to slow down under his gaze, and he could see a red light emerging from Bremm Sparkfist as it was charging. Soon, the red light left its magic staff and flew towards him.

Abel ordered a spirit guardian knight with his power of the will to flash in mid-air and block. The red light heavily smashed on its s.h.i.+eld.

The spirit guardian knight was tossed, but a purple glow soon flashed on its body. By the time it landed, it was already fully recovered.

That red light was supposed to be a nine-headed serpent, but it exploded before it reached its strongest form.

The 2 councilors behind Bremm Sparkfist also threw out a red beam of light, so Abel ordered 2 more spirit guardian knights to block in mid-air again.

That Dark Gold King of Darkness, on the other hand, was surrounded by 3 of Abel’s most powerful spirit guardian knights.

Duriel and the spirit guardian knight captain arrived in front of that King of Darkness and crazily struck down with their weapons. Duriel was naturally very powerful in defense, and the Spirit guardian knight captain was also a lot more powerful than normal spirit guardian knights after using so many potions.

Naga, on the other hand, hid behind the 2 powerful spirit guardian knights and attacked the King of Darkness with its poison b.a.l.l.s.

But of course, a Dark-Gold level h.e.l.l creature was not that easy to deal with. Although its close body attacks were not strong, the Holy Freeze Aura was a thing of power. It began to flash, and each time, the spirit guardian knights were hit with ice damage and slowed down.

Luckily they could flash away even being slowed down, but they could only keep this Dark Gold King of Darkness busy at most. Purple lights kept flas.h.i.+ng on their bodies. They were not in for an easy battle.


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